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Mini Saga

Updated on July 6, 2011

Mini Saga - stories in exactly 50 words

50 words is not a lot. With some discipline and creativity, you can say a lot in 50 words. A mini saga is a story that is told in exactly 50 words - not 49 or 51 but exactly 50 words.

I was first introduced to the concept of a Mini Saga by Daniel Pink via his book "A Whole New Mind". I wrote my first mini saga in the same year and have not stopped since then. Over these years, I wrote a few hundred mini sagas and published a small subset of them.

Every mini saga I have chosen to publish has an underlying message that is the focus of the mini saga.

This lens is a collection of links to my mini sagas on my blog.

Benefits of Writing a Mini Saga

I hope this lens inspires you to write your own mini saga. Here are a few benefits of writing a mini saga:

Benefit #1: Writing a mini saga expands your creativity. Constraints typically expand creativity or induce flight. When you have to put everything in 50 words, you have to 'leave behind' a lot. That's where the creative juices start flowing.

Benefit #2: Writing a mini saga stretches your thinking. What will you write about? You have to think about topics that will fit in 50 words or squeeze them to fit in 50 words. That puts thinking on overdrive mode.

Benefit #3: Writing a mini saga enhances your discipline. Deciding what to write about, deciding what to leave behind and putting it in 50 words requires discipline throughout."

MIni Saga Workshop

The Art and Craft of Writing a Mini Saga

If you are thinking about writing a mini saga, here is a quick article where I explain how I write a mini saga. Think of it like a "mini" Mini Saga Workshop. Here is the link:

Mini Saga Workshop


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