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MLM is a Bad Business

Updated on August 29, 2011

The Fox, the Scorpion and the Weasel

A sequel and continuation of the tale we left behind.

After getting stung from the scorpion, the fox, whose strength is waning, is washed ashore on the other side. The scorpion is nowhere to be seen, most likely, he is washed underneath a wave of bankruptcy. He has drowned to death. The fox on the other hand is lying helplessly on the beachhead. He feels death is near, but at the very least, he has a moment of peace and freedom.

Then, he is startled by the presence of an unexpected guest. A weasel emerges before him wielding what appears to be a bottled elixir in his paws.

"What? What is that you're holding?" asks the fox, who is gasping desperately for air.

"It's the elixir of life," enthusiastically announces the weasel, "one drop of this, and all your woes will come to an end! You'll no longer be wounded and dying! You'll live a life of health and abundance!"

The fox hands the weasel a skeptical look. "How?" questions the fox, "will this elixir save my life? Care to explain?"

"No need to explain," charismatically says the weasel, "this elixir is fool proof! Anyone can drink it and become a charming and healthy bear of the forest! You no longer need to be a pathetic fox anymore!"

"I don't know about this . . . " timidly says the fox, who is still lying helplessly along the beach sand.

"What do you have to lose?" says the weasel.

"I suppose you're right," reluctantly says the fox, "I'll drink a drop of your elixir."

"Very well then," says the weasel as he digs up a pair of clippers and places them in his left paw, "I'll be handing you over a drop of the elixir in a few minutes."

"What are the clippers for?" asks the concerned fox.

"Oh," says the weasel, "I forgot to mention, in order to procure a drop of this elixir, you'll be parting with your fur. I need a nice fur coat."

"But if I lose my fur," laments the fox, "I'll become cold and bare. My chances of being healed from my poisonous wounds will diminish. I'll become less attractive. I'll lose my dignity."

"And if you don't hand over your fur to me," demands the weasel, "you'll die here without the elixir of life. The choice is yours."

"Ok," says a defeated fox, "clip away."

The weasel starts to meticulously clip away at the fox's fur. Leaving him skinned, bare, and ashamed. He then hands the fox a single drop of the elixir of life. Already, the fox can feel life force entering his body. He energetically finds himself back on his four legs. All smiles, he begins to dance.

"Now," says the weasel, "I have another proposition for you. I'll hand you over this elixir if you can meet other animals and ask for their furs. The first animal you meet, I'll have their fur, but the second animal you meet, you can have their furs. Meaning, you can get your fur back and actually have the benefit of helping other animals."

"Hmm," says the fox as he ponders the proposition, "but if I did that? Would someone still be left with no furs to protect them during the cold hard winter?"

"Nonsense," exclaims the weasel, "that's when you offer that animal the same proposition I made to you. He can get his furs back from another animal. Of course, he can only get his furs back once he hands you over fur's from another animal first. It's a genius system. Animals help animals by paying it forward."

"I see," says the fox, "I better get started then."

So the fox, happy to be alive, follows the weasel's advice. By the time he reaches winter's season. He has collected many animals furs. He is lying comfortably in his cave den. He is reminiscing over the lives of all the animals he helped save. However, his perceived fortune was not to last. He smells an unbearable stench outside. Curious, he vacates his den to investigate where the smell is coming from. It's a dead animal that has frozen to death, succumbing to the harsh realities of winter. The corpse lies with all his fur shaven. At a distance, the fox spots yet another animal. This animal is also dead, his fur completely shaven. As the fox continues to trot further down the country side, he stumbles across a horde of angry wolves and jackals. They're shivering in the cold. Their hides are pelted.

"There he is," shouts the wolf ring leader, "he is the one who came up with this stupid idea! Boys, we're having some meat tonight!"

Before the fox could even flinch, the horde of wolves and jackals pounces on him. The fox is devoured completely in the most brutal of fashion. It's not a pretty sight. Our fox becomes nothing but mincemeat.

Now, what happened to the weasel? Rumour has it he was last seen on a tropical island, overlooking the beautiful pyramids of Egypt, lying comfortably on a mountain of animal pelts while drinking a martini.

So Who is the Weasel?

The weasel is a network marketer who runs a mlm (multi-level-marketing) business. Again, please take a moment to ponder the meaning of the satires and metaphors within the story.

This story was done in response to the numerous network marketing "artists" who spammed replies in my hub Absolute Pressure. Seemingly I made myself a perceptively vulnerable target to their advances with such an article. Rest assured, I will continue to delete their spam that is plaguing my articles, but one must ask, why me?

I'll tell you why . . . I have a sales background, and I recently wrote an article how I hate management pressure tactics. In network marketing, there are no managers, so this psychological issue is no longer a factor. The network marketers hope to take advantage of this situation.

What the network marketers fail to realize, either deliberately through the hope to con me or indeliberately through ignorance, is that they're comparing apples to oranges. There's a difference between horrible business people (the scorpion manager) and horrible business systems (the weasel). Horrible business people can be overcome. Indeed, our fox friend may have successfully reached the other side had the scorpion restrained from his impulses to control. Our fox friend could have possibly recovered from being stung by the scorpion had the weasel not interfered. However, the weasel set in motion a process that would assure everyone but he would inevitably fail. The weasel even guided the process as helping people, and indeed, from a short term perspective that seemed to be the case. Being the architectural designer of a corrupt system, the weasel was blessed with "foresight" of his own making. One way to beat a system is to create your own. By creating your own system and recruiting enough victims, your success is assured, because the future is your own imagination. You see, the weasel knew there will come a time his system would crash, so he had an exit strategy. The fox on the other hand, who seemed to be at first a primary beneficiary because he was early in the MLM pyramid downline, soon felt the consequences of his actions coming to bare. When the victims of the MLM pyramid couldn't find the weasel, they turned on who was left behind. Anyone who preaches their MLM success stories and hasn't founded "the company," I will tell you the following, your time will come. The people whom you have scammed, those who are desperate in this economy, don't have access to the CEO's and politicians, but they do have access to YOU.

When you scavenge wounded animals, hand them false hope and fill them up with unfounded energy. Don't be surprised if one day that adrenaline, and thus subsequent anger, comes baring down upon you. So I will not turn this into yet another article explaining the faulty business mechanics of network marketing. There are already enough such articles online for you to browse. Nor will I turn this into yet another article to demonize network marketers. Nor will this become a tale of woes on how I got scammed from network marketers. I have an I.Q. of more than 140, do you honestly think I fell for network marketing? Hell no. And if I wanted to create wealth unethically, I would be selling drugs, a far more profitable venture than founding a network marketing scam.

Instead, this article serves as a warning to the "middlemen" of the pyramid gaming scheme. I'm talking to the rooks, bishops, and knights. History has a way of repeating itself. The pawns will come for you, and you'll be left with nothing but a lie and death in the end. So no, I will not demonize network marketers. In fact, I would go on to say I pity network marketers.

-Donovan D. Westhaver 


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    • kschang profile image


      6 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      Cute anecdote. I've always thought there are six kinds of MLMers

      MLM Grunts -- the newbies who's joining, or looking for "the big thing", or as you say, the pawns

      MLM Stars -- like hermit crabs with a network, they move their group to one things after another, just making enough and recruiting enough to go for another. These are the other pieces (bishops, queens, knights, rooks, etc.)

      MLM Coaches -- they want to "train" you for success, the true "weasel" of the group, as they don't want to responsibility of actually joining, but want to profit from it

      MLM Attorneys -- people who actually know the laws governing MLM, but pro-MLM as they need MLM to exist

      MLM Opponents -- experts who studied MLM and declared them to be complete frauds and make tons of people lose money

      MLM Critics -- that'd be you and me


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