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Mobile SEO Tips: The Secrets of Optimizing Your Website for Smartphones and Tablets

Updated on May 25, 2014

Is Your Website Mobile-Friendly?

The number of people using mobile devices to access websites is growing all the time. This means that the rules of the search engine optimization (SEO) game are changing, as well. Good professionals in the niche should be ready to accept new challenges. Mobile SEO is one of those. Do you know how to address the needs of a mobile crowd? The following guide will help you learn the basics.



Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the manner in which people access internet and explore websites. This amazing revolution has led to new practices in the web development and optimization world.

A mobile audience has highly specific needs when it comes to website design and content. Having responsive design is just the first part of the mobile website optimization process. You will need to familiarize yourself with a range of additional techniques that will be determining for the success of your mobile SEO efforts.

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Mobile Design

The first thing you need to do is make sure that your website design is mobile-friendly.

There are two possibilities you can try – having responsive design or creating a completely unique website version for mobile devices.

Responsive design, as its name suggests, responds in accordance to the screen that the website is being viewed on. Many templates available for purchase have the responsive function. They change for smaller screens, becoming much simpler and cleaner.

The appearance of your website should please the mobile crowd. If people need to scroll a lot and to try different options to navigate from page to page, they will simply leave your website and move on to the next opportunity.


Website Load Speed

The load speed of your website is an important SEO factor. When it comes to mobile optimization, it becomes even more crucial.

According to Google officials, the load speed is a factor that affects optimization. Most mobile websites today require approximately seven seconds to load. This is considered slow and you should aim at much better results.

People that use a smartphone to browse usually have limited time to look at websites. Having to wait for multiple page elements that fail loading will simply annoy the visitors and make them look for some other opportunity.

Content, Content, Content!

One thing remains the same in all aspects of SEO – content is king.

When it comes to mobile SEO, your website needs to have high quality texts that are formatted to increase readability. A catchy title and a well-written first paragraph are the keys to getting the audience interested and involved.

Think about the keywords that people use to search for information on mobile devices. These keywords will often include geographical terms. Instead of choosing keywords like “organic skincare,” go for geographically-specific concepts like “organic skincare in New York.”


Local Listings and Mobile SEO

The local aspect of optimization does affect your mobile attempts to achieve good positioning for your website.

Google has put a lot of emphasis on local precisely because of the manner in which smartphone users look for information. What can you do to boost this aspect of your campaign? Creating local listings for your website will be highly beneficial.

Use websites and directories like Google Places, Foursquare and Yelp. Apart from the fact these will affect your optimization efforts, the local listings will enable your customers to write reviews about your brand. These reviews can do miracles for your brand and reputation establishment efforts.


A successful website requires hard work and search engine optimization is an essential part of the process. Take your time to acquaint yourself with the newest trends and the techniques that will deliver the best results.

The mobile audience is a significant one and you simply cannot underestimate its importance. The content you write, the design of your website, the amount of time that all elements require to load and the local aspects of your SEO efforts will all affect the positioning of your website among search engine results. A little bit of hard work will pay off in the long-run – make use of such opportunities!


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