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Modeling Conventions-Maximum Exposure For Aspiring Models

Updated on April 10, 2013

Meet Agents and Model Agency Reps

Attending modeling conventions can be a good way for aspiring models to find an agent. Conventions usually draw more participants than model searches( 1,000 to 6,000 contestants is not uncommon at conventions, whereas usually no more than several hundred girls participate in a search). Conventions generally last from 2 to 4 days, are held in hotels in cities around the country, and have more sizeable entrance fees ( sometimes from $3,000 to $5,000 ). Some of the better known model conventions include IMTA and Model Search America.

As an aspiring model, you might want to consider attending a convention because agents and scouts from many different agencies will be in attendance, increasing your chances of catching someone's eye. Conventions offer a great opportunity to meet agents from the big New York agencies without having to travel to New York. Also many agents from around the world-Paris, Milan, London, and even Tokyo-attend conventions looking for models

Conventions also provide a great crash course in modeling. You'll gain experience working with hairstylist, makeup artists, and clothing stylists (at conventions where they're provided); at thevery least, you'll learn how to do your own hair and makeup for a runway show. You'll find out what it's like to walk the runway and get used to people looking at you. Finally, you'll gain a lot of knowledge and information from talking to the agents present.

How can you tell if a convention is not a rip-off? Before you sign up or pull out your credit card, find out who the sponsors are or whether it's linked to a major modeling agency. Some of the judges should also be from a major magazine, such as Seventeen, or advertiser, such as Cover Girl or Keds. Also ask the convention representatives what well-known models have gone on to successful careers after participating in these conventions.

If the brochure is not clear about exactly what the fee includes, ask. Many charge extra for basics that you may assume is included (like the right of your parents to attend the events). Sometimes a young aspiring model's desire to launch her career may overshadow her judgement, or she may find herself in a situation she is'nt equipped to deal with. Thats when it's key to have a parent or guardian along who can scrutinize the circumstances, ask questions, be objective, and read between the lines.


The fisrt order of business at a convention is "registration". Then there's usually a short interview, called a "meet and greet". Also on the first day are rehearsals for a runway fashion show and then the show itself. On the second day of the convention, a callback sheet is posted. The callback sheet list all the agents names, followed by the names of the girls in whom they are interested. The agents all have their own tables, and models line up to meet with the different agents.

At a convention, it's possible you could get a callback from six different agencies, in which case you would meet with each one at its designated table. Making it onto the callback list does'nt mean the agency definitey wants to represent you, just that it's interested in seeing you and meeting you again. Sometimes girls are signed on the spot, other times, they're told the agency will be intouch.

Even if no one is interested in signing you, approach a couple agents and ask for their advice on how you can improve (but don't yell at them for not picking you).

Interviewing and interpersonal skills are even more essential at a convention than at a search because the agent interviews at a convention are longer and more involved. Showing some personality is key, so even if you're nervous, try to avoid giving one word, yes/no anwsers. Agents look for a good personality because it's a key element in a successful modeling career. If you shine at the interview with the judges at the convention, they'll know you can handle yourself on a go and see with a client. An enthusiastic, personable girl will also stand out from the crowd.

Top Modeling Accessories

Launching a modeling career requires tools and accessories to be competitive in the field of modeling. One tool that every aspiring model should consider are compacards that acts as a models "calling card" and are distrubuted to industry professionals so that they may have a visual record of your photographic style and modeling expertise, i.e (Fashion models compcards emphazies clothing and accessories while a Glamour or Swimwear model photos shows her physical attributes and natural photogenic qualities).

Modeling Conventions: - Meet industry professionals from New York, Paris, Milan and London

Before you invest a large sum of your parents sure that you have a made an honest accessment of your physical attributes. If your interest is fashion modeling then having a minimum height of 5' 9" is the requirement. Be sure to ask the sponsors plenty of questions. A legitimate convention will be happy to answer all of your questions

A Model Life
A Model Life

A behind the scene look at the reality of the modeling world.



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    • TransplantedSoul profile image

      TransplantedSoul 5 years ago

      It is good to see that there is a search for new talent, but it must be important to guard yourself against rip-offs and scams too.

    • Phillyfreeze profile image

      Ronald Tucker 5 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

      @anonymous: SereneSea, the business model for an agency and its talent that there are lucrative contracts for products to be advertised in cities as diverse as London, Paris, Milan, New York, Mumbai, and Instanbul.

      The top model agencies have offices in most major international capitals and do rely on "talent scouts" to discover new talent.

      Technology has enable thousands of aspiring models to get "exposure" to help launch their career choice. Thanks for the insightful comment and visit...I appreciate it. Have a great week.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Modeling is such a lucrative career, no wonder you find so many contestants in the modeling conventions. One needs to use all the tips and recommendations to get noticed and then the struggle to retain the top position begins.

      However, with the technology, media and the openings - modeling is certainly a great way to begin one's career.