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Could It Be That Trouble Is an ASSET

Updated on January 30, 2018

If trouble is indeed an asset there are far more wealthy people than we imagined; maybe even you! How is that possible? Trouble is resistance to an issue, event or perception. When we don't understand, like or want something in our life we resist it, and call it trouble. Trouble makes everything it encounters stronger, tougher or transformed. A diamond is a lump of coal that resisted and made it through the challenge, emerging far tougher and more durable than the coal it was transformed from! It is far more valuable once the transformation is completed.

The evidence of this is all around us; rose petals and all the magnificent scents we love to enjoy must be pressed and pressured to evolve into the perfumes we love. Leaves must be pressed down and pounded into pulp to become paper. Everything that became something encountered trouble and resisted against the pressure, surviving the challenge to become something far more valuable. Encountering trouble, resisting it and surviving transforms you into something far more valuable. Trouble is the womb of greatness. Sometimes life crushes us into greatness.

Trouble means change and most people instinctively resist change. It is filled with unknowns and causes fear and apprehension as we approach things whose outcome is not certain. The challenge is to make it through and emerge better than even you may have thought possible! If there is trouble all around you there is an opportunity to experience greatness far beyond your expectations. Stopping running from it and shout with joy! Trouble is finally here, bringing enormous opportunities. Do what you do best; resist what can destroy you and make it through the challenges it presents.

How can you know this is true? Read, ask questions and learn the history of the people you believe are great. Inevitably their story will begin with a battering from life that bruised and crushed them. One they survived it they were able to re-emerge as a completely different person... the one you think is great.

God rides on the winds of trouble preparing the future before you arrive, encouraging you to hunker down and survive the challenge. Within the seeds of greatness lies trouble. It frequently arrives on the same moonbeam that was carrying your fervent desire for a change that can set you free, allow you to grow and become the very best that you can be. Unimaginable... trouble may be the answer to your prayers, the answer that forced you to do more than just dream.

Greatness requires perseverance and faith that you can make it through the challenge. Good ole' trouble; who knew it had such value! Trouble is and asset more valuable than the wealth of Babylon when properly applied.


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