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Money On My Mind-Beginners

Updated on November 3, 2014

Mind set of making money where ever possible

Earning even just a small amount of money used to mean having to work long hours at the office or beating your quota for number of condominium units sold. Although this is still prominent today, people are becoming more inclined to deviate from the traditional way of earning money.

This is because most need much more than the salary to support their needs, what more their wants. This resulted in people’s creativity towards gaining access to extra cash. Even though some may say that you should just get a real job and work in a real office, sometimes you just have to find a way to get yourself through no matter what. Earning money does not have to be constrained within a desk job; it all depends on what you are capable and willing to do to earn clean money.


With the advent of technology, making money now can be done anywhere you are and anytime you want to. Of course, the basic prerequisite is an Internet connection in order to keep you in tabs with the employer you are dealing with. Remember, you really do not need a website or a blog to be able to make money online.

There are a lot of other ways to do so. Probably one of the most famous ones are writing articles, editing reports, checking for errors, writing for a blogger, editing pictures, and the like. A few examples of such companies are ELance, Odesk, Writers Weekly, and EHow.

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These basically just require you to have some particular skill that suits the demand of the job. Most of the time, an online company who caters to both employers and employees mediate this type of work.

Employers, through these avenues, post what they need online and those who want the job would have to make a bid for it. Besides bidding, it is advisable for those applying to let the employers view their previous work, just to ensure them that you have the capability to perform the job and more importantly, meet their expectations. These online businesses would usually pay you through your bank account that makes the transactions even faster. Of course, bigger jobs would necessarily pay more.


If you feel like you have the skills and knowledge of website making then make sure to look for those who need them. There are actually big companies who dedicate a part of their budget just to make their website stand out. Imagine what your work could bring to the company; they may even hire you as a regular employee in the future.

Now, if you are the type who likes to write more than just an article then maybe writing an actual book is your best option. People now opt to write books and then post them online or through a site because of the high probability of earning more. When people read a synopsis through an online site, it increases the chances of selling that certain book. So imagine if you are to write a fictional book that depicts unrequited love like no other then you will probably be one of the high selling authors in the online world.

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Possibly an underrated way of earning money is through doing business online. Business is business; as long as you have the right market and with some hard work then you are almost always on the right track. On the other hand, doing business online is just another way of saying that you can sell anywhere and anytime, no matter how far your client is.

The beauty of online marketing is you get to cater to basically the greater population just because of how active people are in the networking world. The development of your online business would, of course, depend on how you deal and maintain a good relationship with your client, which is basically the most important thing.

With these in mind, there is basically no excuse to not try to earn money even just for that pair of loafers you’ve been eyeing or maybe go big with a trip to a foreign country. Like any other traditional work, you always have to put out your best work in order to build up your reputation to future clients. Always think long term and not just the money at hand. It is a given that there is no easy way to it but to the right people there are countless avenues to earn money.


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