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How to make money online

Updated on February 28, 2010

So you want to make money online?

There are literally hundreds of different ways to make money online in this day and age. You can sell things on eBay, start up a small business, blog or just write content. By far I believe the easiest one and best starting online business is writing content for niche marketing sites. Here are step by step instructions on how you can begin making money online today.

Before we begin I must mention that you will not be making 1000$ a day like many advertisments promise, you might not even break 10$ a day for a long time. But like most things in life, if you stick with it, it will pay off in the end.

Step 1 Get an email address

There are many free email providers out there, the bigger ones and more reliable are -

Google gmail -

Yahoo mail -

Step 2. Pick a niche marketing website

Here are some of my favorites

Hub pages -

Squidoo -

Weebly -

3. Pick a topic you are interested in

Here are some to help you out

- Business

- Sports

- Women

- Fitness

- Love

- Travel

- Health

- Alternative health

- Alternative medicines

Narrow your topics

Alternative medicines ->>>>>> Herbal remedies ->>>>>>> Marijuana ->>>>> Different kinds of Marijuana ->>>>>>> How to use safely and responsibly->>>>>>> How to tell if your son or daughter is using marijuana etc

4. Sign up for the site in step 2

5. Write about your topic

Write whatever you want (as long as its legal and ethical), whenever you want, as much as you want.

6. Login to your affiliate page

An affiliate is a webpage (you) that displays other sites products or ads on your page. The above niche marketing sites have steps to help with this process.

7. Watch your money come in

How does following the steps above make me money?

Well to explain that we are going to have to look at 3 different perspectives, the consumer, the merchant and the middleman (you and google).

The consumer

Imagine the consumer is looking to buy a guitar online, so they begin searching up guitars online. Eventually the consumer ends up on your page (lets say "the history of guitars"). On this page there is information about a guitar that the consumer finds interesting. Along with this information various ads appear on your page from google displaying anything from guitar lessons to instruments. This makes the consumer happy as they begin to find great deals and such.

The merchant

The merchant is the person selling the guitar or guitar related product. That person paid good money to google to have there ads displayed on the web. (ex: they paid 5$ for every 1000 ads displayed). The merchant is happy because his product is getting advertised and ultimately sold to the consumer he/she wishes to reach.

You and Google

Now you and google are the middlemen between these transactions. The 5$ that google received from the merchant is split between itself and you for having the ads displayed on your page. You and Google are happy.

You, Google, and Niche marketing site

Step 2 said to pick a niche marketing site, this is purely optional although recommended. The Niche Marketing site allows for you easily manage affiliates, easily create pages and easily access its group of viewers. However the site does take its share from you also in exchange for these services. As you get more experienced it is wise to start up your own site to cut out one of the middlemen. But until then.......

The consumer, the merchant, Google, Niche Marketing Site and YOU are happy.


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