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Updated on March 26, 2009

My Branding Article

Personal Branding as a Personal Business Web page

Brought about as a concept by Tom Peters with others in 1997, personal branding is the process whereby people and their interests, and products / services converge into a personalized branding concept.

Personal branding often involves the application of one's name to various products and services and can be personal or partner-based. At the highest level, personalized branding can be a conglomerate. An example is Tiger Woods, and what I call the “Tiger Woods principle.” As he is a golfer who pitches Buick, Nike, Gatorade, etc. For many of us that means distributorships. These personal offerings could be Real Estate, Bookkeeping, Travel, and Mortgage.

Personal business web pages are an adaptive niche of this branding thought.  This started out of the need for small business owners to advertise themselves online in a personable and professional manner whereby they could show a stake hold or interest in all their businesses, distributorships, interests, etc.

The Personal / Business Web Portal are for People Who:

1)      Rep one or more distributorship

2)      Own more than one business

3)      Have a “Significant Other” who reps or owns a business

4)      From time to time change affiliations

5)      May have a combination of any number the above reasons

What are Personal / Business Web Portals?

Personal / Business web portal are for individual users/couples who want to take advantage of a stand-alone (whereby the user owns/controls) place (web page) to send potential clients for the purposes of promoting their personal qualities. Many business web pages contain product/service information, price lists, order forms and contact information and links to distributorships, franchisors and/or business websites and other interests.

But they also include information personal information such as favorite links, interests, hobbies, friends, family, projects, community service, networking groups and so on. The possibilities are many!

Sponsoring Business or Personal web pages

Do not have their own domain name; they reside within the sponsoring website such as

Do not have a personalized or vanity email included so owner’s would have to use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.

The website is not owned by the user, it is owned by the sponsor

The website is not portable (graphics-emails-verbiage, are not yours!)

Details on Personal / Business web portals:

  • Web page, domain name and content (graphics-emails-verbiage) is owned by the user, not leased
  • Is a cost effective tactic for small businesses and individual users
  • Email can be personalized based on domain name that you own
  • The web page is owned by the user all content portable (and sometimes customizable)
  • Are MUCH more search engine friendly as they adhere to flat file construction
  • Create a point of contact that is much more manageable by the user
  • Great for creating mailing lists
  • More!!!


InSiteful Solutions helps, in a grass-roots way business owner’s create and maintain a personal business web page. In this manner our clients will be able to reach a broad audience that is looking specifically for their service(s) and product(s) by providing the following:


·         Domain Names (you own it, you keep it)

·         Emails (who you are, who you are!)

·         Hosting (yours, not theirs)

·         Blogs (keep it fresh,  Google loves you)

·         Contact form (collect emails)

·         Website creation (your hub for the wagon wheel)

·         Content (pages)

·         Newsletters

·         Graphic Design

·         Content Management

·         Socializing Networking


And so Much More!!! Please click on the following article...


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