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Updated on February 2, 2010


“Money Does Not Flow To Hard Work, It Flows To Value”

Though you may have to work hard to create the value, it is not your hard work that attracts the money you earn. It is the value you create.

Why do Chief Executive Officers of companies and the staff with specialized knowledge earn the big “dough” while the operating hands that do the greater chunk of the work earn the “peanuts”? It is because they are seen as adding more value to the general running of the organization than others, thereby amplifying this theory of money flowing to value instead of hard work.

In an organizational setting, it is the value you are able to bring on board that determines the amount of money you can earn beyond the normal salaries being pain in the labour market.

The difference between a management consultant and a general management practitioner is the fact that the consultant is seen to possess some specialized knowledge or skill that can provide added value hence the consultant tends to attract more money by way of consultation fees and special charges.

It is expensive to hire the services of consultants because of the notion (which may or not always be true) that they possess specialised knowledge and skills.

The more value you create the more money you earn, and the richer you get.

The amount of money you earn depends on the following:

                                 i.            What you do

                              ii.            How well you do it

                           iii.            The difficulty of replacing you

How well you do what you are designate to do determines how easy or difficult it will be replacing you. The ease of replacing you is the direct measure of your value to any organization or system. People who are difficult to replace tend to have higher value and therefore attract very good money. An organization may be willing to sacrifice two employees with less value in order to keep one with high value.

With this revealing knowledge, I would rather work hard to create value for my life, skills, knowledge etc, rather than seeking to work hard either for myself or an organization.

If you want to survive and thrive in the modern day volatile labour market and general business environment, you need to have a well honed set of marketable talents and skills that are not dependent on any single employer or customer.

Earning Is Rooted In Learning, As Knowledge Is the Fertilizer That Makes Your Money Tree Blossom


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