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Most common Accidents at work

Updated on February 19, 2013

Accidents at Work

Accidents at work are very common and no matter what your work place or you do to stop or prevent them sometimes they simply cannot be helped and you will have a personal injury as a result of your accident at work. While all employers have a legal obligation to ensure you work within a safe area some work places will always have a direct threat of causing you an injury.

Allot of accidents at work are more likely to happen within more industrial type roles but again they can happen anywhere from a small office to a large distribution plant, accidents at work are becoming more and more common because people are not paying enough attention to the health and safety plans which are in place by the company.

Highlighting Accidents at work

Report any Accidents

By highlighting some of the most common types of accidents at work you will be able to take appropriate action to ensure they do not happen again and you can prevent from yourself from having an accident at work which might cause a personal injury. By reducing the risk of you having an accident at work it will allow you to continue working without any sort of problems which in today's day and age is very important. All of the accidents at work which are highlighted below can happen in any industry so make sure you pay attention to them all.

Slipping Accidents

The first and most common type of accident you might have at work will be a slip these types of accidents are so common and can happen in any industry in any sort of working environment. Allot of the time the slip will be caused by a wet surface which hasn't been labelled properly which will then lead to an accident at work. The employer who you work for should always ensure all wet surface are properly labelled ensuring all employees know there is a wet surface and to take care not to cause an accident at work.

if a wet surface is found within your working environment then it should be quickly dealt with weather this means you put the appropriate signs up to prevent people from having an accident or if you call a cleaner to ensure the wet area is dried and cleaned. The most common areas which can become we very quickly are kitchens, toilet areas, wet tiles and pavements all of these are the most common areas you might have an accident at work as a result of a wet surface.

Tripping Accidents

This accident is very similar to having a slip at work but can be as a result of wires left on the floor to boxes been left from a delivery having a trip at work is very common and can happen within any working environment. Your employer has a duty to ensure they cover all lose wires or label them to ensure people know they are there failing to do this could result in someone having an accident at work. Ensuring your work place has the correct signs and protection on the flooring will help prevent you from having a tripping accident at work.

The most common types of tripping accidents at work are when people within warehouse environments leave packaging materials on the floor which can result in people slipping over or tripping on the loose packaging this can be prevented by ensuring all warehouse flooring is kept clean with appropriate bins in place to collect rubbish.

Lighting Accidents

This type of accident can be very serious and if not dealt with can result in your company been fined for not providing your employers with the appropriate working environment. Having poor lighting in any environment is never a good combination but when you have poor lighting down stairs it can become a disaster zone and can result in you having a serious accident at work. When you have to carry boxes and other work materials up and down the stairs at work it is vital you have the correct lighting to ensure you can do this without causing injury to yourself or others.

Other types of stairs and climbing accidents at work might include in correct ladders for people who have to work up high or scaffolding which has been put together in correctly. All of these accidents can cause serious injury but can be avoided by ensuring you have the correct signs and labels around your working environment to ensure people know the dangers.

Burn Accidents

The next accident is mainly caused within kitchen environments and is very common to chiefs and kitchen assistants, burns can be very painful and sometimes even life threatening allot of the times these types of accidents are caused by spitting flames and cannot be helped but sometimes they can be caused by incorrect working areas or tools as an employer you have an obligation to ensure you have correctly working equipment which will ensure you are not at danger during working hours.

Ensuring all employees have the correct clothing can also heavily reduce the amount of accidents at work and ensure all of your staff are properly protected from these types of accidents. Un-like allot of other accidents at work burns can be very long term and will never heal which is why it is so important to ensure you provide a good working environment for all of your staff. If your company works with various fluids or chemicals which could be flammable you should ensure they are put away and locked in a cabinet to help reduce the risk of been burnt.

Neck & Back Injuries

Neck and back injuries can be very common and sometimes might not result in long term injuries but for some people they will have to undergo long term treatment to help them combat the pain which is caused by back and neck injuries. Allot of these injuries are caused by people not correctly lifting or carrying boxes and heavy materials, all of these injuries can be prevented by giving all of your employees a training course in how to correctly carry and lift boxes also providing the correct tools to help lifting and carrying easier can reduce the risk of having an accident at work.

Other common causes of this type of accident at work can be caused by not having your chair or desk set to the right potion for your posture all of these things can have an impact on your back and neck and could cause you to have an accident at work.

Head Accidents

Head injuries are not very common thank fully but when they do happen they become one of the worst accidents at work. Resulting in people having various brain issues and long term treatment which can result in a massive personal injury claim, these types of injuries can happen in any working environment and can even happen from the smallest of slips at work.

As an employer you can help prevent these types of accidents at work by ensuring everyone has the correct work gear for the role your asking them to carry out weather this be protective clothing or signs to help ensure people know there is danger around. The most common cause of having a head injury at work can be from objects falling from the roofing of warehouses which hasn’t been secured properly.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries can happen from doing the smallest of task over and over again using the same area of your body this type of accident at work is so common but allot of the time the injury is so small people simply don’t notice they have had an accident at work. The accident can also cause some serious injuries depending on the area you are working on so you should make sure you have the correct signs in place to ensure you can help prevent this type of accident at work.

The most common causes of this type of accident at work can be caused from using the telephone for a long period of time or typing on a computer for a huge amount of time all of these things can cause you to have an accident at work and can be prevented by ensuring you take regular breaks to ensure your resting your body.

Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness in recent years has dropped down allot with employers ensuring people have the correct type of working gear to ensure they will not have this type of accident at work. Working around loud machinery will not help your hearing and can cause you to have a very serious accident at work.

These types of injuries can be prevented by having the correct working tools which will also include the correct clothing to ensure you are not affected by the loudness of your working environment. As an employer you can also look at various tools to help reduce the loudness of a machine to reduce the risk of having an accident at work.

Laceration Accidents

Been cut at work is so common allot of the time people will not report this type of accident at work because it is so minor but for some people they can have a very bad personal injury from a cut, the most common types of cuts are from paper but the more serious can come from working with heavy machinery which can result in very deep and painful lacerations which need to be properly treated to ensure they can recover.

These types of accidents can be avoided by having the correct guards in place around machinery and ensuring all staff know how to fully work with the machinery to prevent any accidents, failing to do this could result in people been left with a very serious injury.

Driving Accidents

For some people driving is part of the role and has to be done no matter what people think this might be anything from driving a company car to been a delivery driver all of these things can result in people having accidents at work. Allot of car crashes thankfully result in only very small injuries but for some people they can be allot more serious including whiplash and broken bones.

These types of accidents can only be reduced by giving all of your staff better training for the vehicle and also sending them on various driving courses to help improve all of the driving they are expected to do.

Types of Accidents at work

These types of accidents can be very common depending on how well you protect your employers working area. Allot of these accidents at work will likely result in you having to make a personal injury claim and some might not depending on how well your working environment is labelled and protected will determine if you can make a personal injury claim for an accident at work which you might have had. There are of course plenty of other accidents at work which can always occur and cause injury but the above are the most common which result in people having to make a personal injury claim.


Depending on the type of accident at work you have had you might have to visit various treatment sessions to help you gain full use of anything which might have been damaged as a result of having an accident at work allot of the time by contacting a personal injury lawyer they will be able to give you advice and information on the best route you should go down to find out how you can make a claim for any expenses which you might have had to pay out for when you had to undergo treatment.

Making an Accident Claim

The process of making a claim for any accident at work which you might have had can be very long and although some companies will try and make your claim run as smoothly as possible it can take a few years to have a good settlement figure which you are happy to take allot of the time your accident claim will not go to court but you should be prepared to go to court if needed.

We would love to hear any other accidents at work you might have had and how you went about making a personal injury claim for them. The process of how long it took or even if you didn't make and personal injury claim but you would simply want some advice on claim for an accident at work you might have had.


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