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How to Run a Successful Motel Business

Updated on April 3, 2013

Many people who are experienced travelers and quite familiar with various well known motel chains would love to find a lodging experience that is unique less commercialized and more personalized to the individual.

Here are some tips to follow if you are interested in having a motel business of your own and want to create that environment:

● Those who operate motels for sale will tell you that their profit ratio can be very high and that having a good location is usually the key to its success. As a motel owner, you will also need to have some grasp of customer relations, employee relations and commercial financing matters. Ideally, in Australia, you will be working with a reliable professional consultant to ensure that these complex factors will all be handled correctly.

● To keep up with changes in the industry, review competitor motels and follow the latest trends as well, consider joining the Australia Hotel & Lodging Association. The seminars and conferences they provide to their members will be excellent opportunities for you to network with other motel owners and they offer a good deal of essential motel management training as well.

● Try to use the various skills and talents you have already developed to ensure your success in this new venture. Customer service, bookkeeping, maintenance and sales experience are especially helpful and you can also provide for whatever is lacking in your background through online courses in accounting and advertising and other training.

● Invest in a software program that will enable you to track every kind of business transaction including your payroll, laundry services, accounts receivable and guest registry without difficulty, on your computer.

● Be sure that the grounds surrounding your motel are kept clean and litter free, because this will appeal to those driving by and tourists as well, Your goal will be to have both your parking area and landscaping combine to form an enticing environment.

● You will also need a talented internet guru who can help create your website, keep it updated and think of ways to draw traffic to it, such as search engine optimization (SEO), which stresses keyword density and helps push you're website to the top of the search engines driving more traffic to you're website and business. You can also use tour videos of your motel to show potential guests a typical room, your pool area and any additional special features to convince them that they want to register with you.

● Make an effort to form a partnership with other tourist attractions in your area, including golf courses, shopping malls, ski resorts and spas. Provide these businesses with special deals that they can make available to the own clients and customers. By doing this, you will be showing your support for the local business community and helping your own business to expand at the same time.

● Be ready to perform every task related to running your motel, even if you have a staff of full-time, well-qualified employees. You will want to keep things running smoothly, and when someone is absent on a given day, you may have to fill in on short notice, just as substitute teachers do.

Once you have found a motel or hotel for sale that you are interested in investing in, following these important and useful points will definitely guide you in the right direction and hopefully give you some money making ideas in the motel industry.

This article was written by Peter Watson, CEO of, an Online Australian Business Classifieds Company.


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