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21 Must Watch Motivational Movies- For Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Why

Updated on August 8, 2014

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride, sometimes you feel high like nothing can stop you from your goals whereas there are times when you feel low and start doubting you confidence. Fear of failure can hit any body even an entrepreneur.

To keep yourself motivated you often need to exercise, visualizing goals, reading success stories and watching motivational movies. Being a big movie addict myself, I love watching moves, especially if it's inspirational.

Therefore based on my experience and hints for discuss groups like Quora, Reddit etc, I have made a list of Top 21 inspirational movies for young entrepreneur.

Before we began, please note that there is no particular order followed in this list, every movie is equally weighted. I have divide this list into two parts Popular movies and less know documentaries. So Enjoy.

Popular movies

1. Social Network

This is the story of how Mark a geek student dropout from Harvard college to discover the next big thing-Facebook. The movie teaches us to how to start company at a young age without failure and it's not bad to be stubborn if you know what you are capable of.

However don't fall for "based on a true story" - tag line, after doing my research I can say that this movie is more frictional than a documentary but still a must watch for every entrepreneur.

2. Pursuit of Happyness

After spending his lifetime saving, in bone density scanners machine the character (will smith) find himself bankrupted. In this process he lost his wife , his home and everyone and forced to lived homeless with his 5 year old child.But there is one things that he never lost --His hope for better life.

If you like movies that how people struggling in life and yet against all odds making it in the end, then this is best movie to go for.

3. Office space

It sends the message that you are not crazy or alone when you see these mindless idiots in the office and even a middle class worker should have the courage of quitting his job.

A must watch if you are thinking of quitting your day job to start your own business

4. The Shawshank redemption

The film made by a first-time director in 1994 still holds the no. 1 place in Imdb.

  1. I found 2 messages for entrepreneurs to learn
  2. Life is not always fair. An innocent man is sentenced to life imprisonment

It took Andy almost 20 years to escape which teaches us importance of Determination and perseverance in life.

5. Catch Me if You Can

Tough the concept illegal, I find it quite interesting, based on a true story of 18 your boy who manage to successfully conned millions of dollars' worth of checks as a Pan Am pilot, doctor, and legal prosecutor.

A message to entrepreneur, be creative in your work and play it smart.

6. Forrest gump

Inspirational yet breathtaking story of simple-minded character (called forrest gump) born physically weaker than others yet becomes multimillionaire.

You don't have to smartest boy/girl in your class or go to best university to become successful in life all you need is optimism and perseverance.

7. Rudy

A good motivational, uplifting movie for sports fans. It depicts the Story of boy from a humble background who was always told that he was too small to play college football. But he is determine, to overcome the odds and fulfill his dream of playing for Notre Dame

Lesson for entrepreneur - determination.

8. Braveheart

Story of how a common man, overthrown English empire after his love of life got killed for assaulting an English soldier who tried to rape her. This movie sends the message, if you have a strong reason to do what you are doing then there exist no force that can stop you.

9. Schindler's List

Based on the sad yet true story of the Holocaust it shows how a greedy German businessman seize an opportunity and become one of the powerful person in the country. But later becomes concerned for Jews after witnessing their persecution by the Nazis

From this movie, I find two hidden message for entrepreneurs.

  1. First seize an opportunity, when you see it.
  2. Second once you have the power, be humble and never forget to help the society, They need you. ( Best example Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)

[One of the few movie that can make you cry]

10. Blow

Another based on true story with a negative concept, but I really like the uprising part. In the story the character (George), struggles in his childhood as his family goes bankrupt. But he does not want the same thing to happen to his children, he decided to become rich and powerful by selling cocaine.

This movie will teach you to be proactive by changing your odds to your favor.

11. Limitless

This is the story of writer, who fail himself in his personal life and carrier discover a drug (NZT-48) which changes his life forever. Although the concept of this movie is hypothetical, an entrepreneur can still learn how to manage time especially when it's not limitless.

There will be ups and downs in your entrepreneurship journey but the moment you come to power don't start enjoying like everyone but take start preparing yourself for the downs.

12. The Aviator

A story of a young millionaire in his 20's , comes to Hollywood with an interest in getting into the picture business.

From this movie an entrepreneur can learn how to build a company, develop relations with employee and most important think BIG.

13. Jerry Maguire

Tom cruize playing the character of big-firm sports agent is fired from his job because of his recently gained moral epiphany. But instead of giving up, he decides and succeed to start a sport agency of his own

From this movie you will realize not to run a rat race because you will be more happy to start a business of your own based on your values.

[Less know motivational movies]


A documentary to real-life entrepreneurs to the journey of raising capital and generating funds for their start-up. A must watch for every tech entrepreneur.

15. Objectified

This movie is in my "watch it later " list. From what I know this movie showcases of the best industrial design practices

16. Download The True Story of the Internet

Divided into 4 parts this documentary reveals the history behind the internet, when it was at its amateur state. If you are like me, who is obsesses about the internet then a must watch for you.

17. Running the Sahara

The film is about the three runners who become the first humans to run coast to coast across the Sahara Desert

Entrepreneurship is like a never-ending race, this movie teaches you how to do impossible with sheer persistence and dedication.

18. Warren Buffet Revealed

Starting at the age of 11 and now the richest man on the earth. How can we miss his documentary.

19. pirates of silicon valley

Want to know how the computer that you are using now come into existences ?

This movie captures the early age rivalry between Apple and Microsoft and can teach a valuable lesson to entrepreneur - Competition is good for business

20. Something Ventured

Another awesome video documentary covering a ups and downs of building a company. With some big names of venture capitalist this movies featured early life of Gordon Moore (co-founder of Intel) John Morgridge (early CEO of Cisco) and many others.

21. Ctrl-alt-compete

This is my favorite tech documentary showing how young entrepreneurs handles the problem and mistake they made after tasting the first scope of success.

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Before You Go !

This list is incomplete without your feedback. Tell me your favorite motivational movie and one movie that I missed.


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