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my B I G dream

Updated on December 24, 2014



My big dream is to start a business, develop it into a fast growth company, and become another successful entrepreneur. My big dream is to eventually become a billionairess.

I have never started a business before and so I need some things. Study business in school and at small business workshops, check. Join business and entrepreneur groups, check. Network, check. Read biographies of self-made millionaires, check. Read success books for self-improvement, motivation and inspiration; check. Scrimp and use coupons, check. Build up nest egg by saving earnings and investing and doing extra paying work on the side, check. Look for investors (none so far), check. Look for business partner (easier said than done), check. Investigate franchises as an alternative to starting from scratch, check. Look into buying a business or a small company, check. Read how to get rich books, check. Find family members who were or are in business, check. Write down ideas and plan, check. Move or commute to pro-business city, check.

I must have overlooked something.

Many others have become successful entrepreneurs and so can I. Financial success is rather routine whether as small business person, corporate executive, investor, entrepreneur, banker, Realtor, or venture capitalist. How modest or great that success is depends on how well one applies oneself. At least, that it what I have read and heard from those who have done it. My own family offers only one role model. The rest of them were employees. That lone role model owned a small janitorial business. Don't laugh, janitors get rich too. Tony Robbins was a janitor. And Wayne Huizenga never stopped being a garbage collector. He just scaled it up to owning Waste Management Inc. He is a billionaire garbage collector and not the only one either. John W. Casella is chairman of Casella Waste Systems which is traded on the NASDAQ. Since I am not a maid, I must seek my fortune another way. As for role model, perhaps I can read the life story of successful businesswomen. Or businessmen, I don't care about the gender of my role model. I only care if they provide example, inspiration, and practical lessons I can learn from reading their biography.

my _BIG_ dream

Money. Lots of money. That's my dream.

Before you put me down for chasing after filthy lucre, you should know that I know that money is not an end in itself. For me it is a means to an end. And you already know what my ends are: IGT and immortality. I make no secret of those dreams. And if you are a regular reader of my stuff, then you already knew about those goals.

Money will enable me to be a contributing member of society. And, again, you already know the contributions that I plan to make to humanity.

Gee, I guess I can skip everything else since I wrapped up everything in the introductory paragraph. Good night everybody !!!

Defining the dream

It is necessary to define my dream. I have to an extent. I want to start a business. What kind of business to start?

I am interested in space. So perhaps a space business. Problem there is that almost by definition a space business requires huge capitalization to get to space. Now there are ground-based space companies. All of them, one hundred percent, at present have their offices on terra firma. So we are talking about making less expensive products and providing less expensive services than making billion dollar rocket or providing launch services for those high-ticket items. Perhaps a product like a tiny widget I could make in my home workshop (NASA does have SBIR money to spend on contracts but less and less) or perhaps a service like outplacement of space workers laid off at the Cape. I'm not an engineer (yet) but I did once do placement work but laid off NASA employees can go to my Guide to Space Careers for free and find out what space companies are hiring. Unlike the rest of the economy, the private space sector is booming (which proves that government space programs were holding us back). So on my list of possible businesses to start, maybe a little hole-in-wall space company.

I was interested in the Sarah Connor Chronicles. When the franchise came up for sale, I tried to make more of a bid than Joss Whedon (his bid was insultingly low). But the firm doing the auction did not even acknowledge my email. Forget them. I have written pretty good fan fiction about SCC and my Squidoo lenses on the Sarah Connor Chronicles still draw steady traffic so I think I know a little about the franchise. But I cannot force anyone to talk to me. So on my list of possible businesses to start, rebooting the Sarah Connor Chronicles is not on the list.

I even tried to find out how to acquire the rights to reboot Firefly. The original cast is receptive to the idea but I discovered that there are things behind the scenes that the general public does not know about. And Firefly fans are not supportive of efforts to bring back that series. They say that they are but are nowhere to be seen when a would-be producer asks a few simple questions. Who do I talk to? Does Whedon own the rights? Would he either license a new producer or co-produce with a new producer? Are there conflicting rights still held by Fox? I was the last person on the planet to get around to seeing the episodes and seeing what people were raving about. Good series. Great even but I need people who want to talk and deal. So on my list of possible businesses to start, rebooting Firefly/Serenity is not on the list.

I am interested in producing but you already know that from the above paragraphs. I am working as a go-fer to learn show biz preparatory to starting my own production company. I will have to create original characters and stories so that I own it lock, stock and barrel. I am much further along in this than I am letting on. So on my list of possible businesses to start, producing new TV series in definitely on the list. [The biggest drawback I foresee is getting constructive criticism. Any one can get criticism. Just go to YouTube and trolls curse at people who have uploaded videos because apparently they were born haters. I don't need hate mail because that is destructive criticism. I need constructive criticism so that I can get better at my craft of storytelling.]

I am interested in writing. This is something of an understatement since I was practically born with a pen in my hand. My mother even screamed: "Who gave a fetus a Bic pen? No wonder labor was so painful with that thing poking me in the liver!" But God bless her, she did not snatch the bloody pen from my little hand. She just smiled and said: "She's a born writer." My father, who was in the delivery room, looked aghast at the sight of an armed and dangerous newborn. That phrase: "the pen is mightier than the sword" must have flashed through his mind. Most fathers pass out cigars (cancer sticks) or toast the child with champagne (cirrhosis of the liver). My father, a practical man through and through, immediately took decisive action. Instead of spending money on cigars and champagne and useless celebration that he had a daughter, he took the money and set up a college fund for me. Picked out the college even. All through my early years he would whisper MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in my tender ears. My first birthday present was a library card. My cradle was a bookshelf. And I have absolutely no complaints about how my parents raised me.

Except one tiny thing.

Turning me into a brainiac had a side effect in my case. I have super-ambition. I think bigger than anyone else I have ever heard of. I want to make the world a better place. Seems an obvious thing to do. Obvious at least to me. I want an end to war. I want an end to pollution. I want the human race doing more productive things. Like researching and developing immortality and intergalactic travel. Lots of space for everyone. Okay. So I have ambition. I also want money. If I could reboot my life, I would go into business instead of writing. One can do both of course. But I would have been running a lemonade stand before I was in kindergarten. My first act after taking my first steps would have been to walk to a bank and open an account. Instead of writing. Deliver newspapers like the newsies. Run errands. Babysit as soon as I was old enough to not be considered a baby myself needing babysitting. Learn poker so that I could win the other kids lunch money. Invest in the stock market and buy Microsoft when it was a penny stock and buy Google before it went public. And like Lucy in Peanuts, real estate. This is how I would reboot my life if I could do it all over again. Writers get paid peanuts. And with Google and Amazon getting rid of hard copy, an author cannot look forward to book sales any more. The death of ideas. The money is not in writing. The money is in business. Ideas can affect people and cause small positive changes in the world. But money can make massive changes. Bill Gates learned that with his foundation and has no regrets about walking away from active management of Microsoft. Detroit started with electric cars and then sold their souls to the oil industry when they switched to infernal internal combustion engines. They still are fighting the return of electrics. So it had to be the "PayPal mafia" Elon Musk and Google with the automated car, to think outside the box. Money made it happen. Elon is also into space. Money made it happen. You want to do good in this world? Then you need a ton of money. On my list of possible businesses to start, I rule out political consulting or professional lobbying. I'd be good at it but I prefer to keep my soul.


I am interested in biotechnology. Today, a landlord asked me what sorts of projects I want to pursue. I mentioned biotech as an interest. I guess I assumed that everyone knew that biotechnology was based on molecular biology and genetics. He didn't know that and asked me to explain exactly what biotechnology was in laymen's terms that he could understand. I compared high school chemistry and high school biology. I mentioned the difference in tools. I also said that the knowledge of science was applied to engineering. This is the technology part of biotechnology. Biotech entrepreneurs market the products and services provided by bioengineers. Those products are biologicals by contrast with the chemicals produced by the drug industry. It is a subtle distinction more meaningful to a hippie than a person who does not care about natural or organic purity. Agricultural biotechnology can enable organic farming to produce good yields without neurotoxic chemicals used to kill insects and weeds but which also kill humans. Some agtech companies design chemicals into the seeds (and give all agricultural biotech companies a bad name). Besides agriculture, biotechnology can be applied to clothing, architecture, green building, veterinary animal care, human health care, energy, computing, germ warfare (fortunately banned), biometrics (which needs to be banned), police work (all that CSI stuff), paternity tests, detecting bioterrorists, reproductive choice (if you are pro-choice), alternatives to abortion (if you are pro-life), and sports medicine. This does not exhaust the possibilities. Certainly life extension is one. So biotechnology is on my list of possible businesses to start.

I have looked at other interests. Ideas based on recipes I have. Ideas for new types of stores. Ideas for new types of industries. Quite a lengthy list.


the image is from NASA

[Probably from the 1950s when they were in the business of dreaming up new futures for us. In this case, families in space colonies with anti-gravity belts. No wonder the agency failed. Soviet-style plans with no way to make them real for the taxpayers who have to pay for them and unwilling to let the private sector try.]

Carlos Garcia

Carlos Garcia is an up and coming actor. A young man with big dreams from a small town. His parents were his heroes. Both parents born in Mexico came to the USA with nothing.

The photo was taken before prom by "MakeMeFamousNow"



My Big Dream

That is not me in the photo.

It is titled "daydreaming . . . "

© Michael Jastremski (MasterContributor)

Philadelphia, PA USA

My Big Dream

Homeownership is the American dream.

Other People's Big Dream

I want to have a big company. Lots of work. Lots of responsibility. A nightmare for most people. A dream come true for me.

I have seen videos of people whose dream is apparently cosplay. Some people are entering a contest. Good luck! Some people just want to be their personal best by getting into shape. For example, some women want abs of steel and some men want to look like a side of beef. That's where we girls get the term "beefcake". I left out these videos of women and men because they struck me as almost soft porn.

Other people want to be movie star or a famous athlete or have an adventure. This next video tells you a surprising way to have adventure simply by using correct grammar and speaking clearly.

My Big Dream - International Life of Adventure (AJ. Hoge)

Bigdreamgathering Precious

editor's note --

This gal has prepared by getting a couple of degrees (broadcasting and journalism) relevant to her dream of having a talk show.

She already has a local show but is moving to another city for more opportunities. She is already a success even if she does not know it.

My Big Dream

editor's note --

I am also working on developing a telly show like the dream of this gal but I like the enthusiasm. I'd be surprised if she did not succeed.

Ask Donna - "My Big Dream Got Stuck. Should I Keep Going?"

How Giving Up Your Big Dream Brings It To You Faster - Brent Smith

editor's note --

I never understood that "giving up to bring your big dream" stuff until this guy explained it. Or maybe I just like his take on it. Basically, not just fake it 'til you make it but do it. Stop daydreaming and take steps toward your goal every day.. Like that scene in The Empire Strikes Back when Yoda says: "No. Try not. Do... or do not. There is no try."

Starting a Business with Little or No Money

John Paul DeJoria: 2011 Entrepreneurship Conference Keynote

What is the easiest company to start?

You need 3 things for a successful startup: good people, make something customers want, and to spend as little money as possible.

I was listening to a sermon this Sunday and he said that you have and God has provided what you need to get started on your destiny. I substitute the word vision since it is more biblical and since the word vision is closer to my big dream.

Business brokers are pretty easy to find.

I review a relevant book

Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Own Business
Entrepreneurship: Starting Your Own Business

This is a textbook. The first chapter introduces a student to the world of entrepreneurs. The second chapter follows how it is now considered a career path separate in many ways form traditional business school training to be a corporate executive. The third chapter gets one started in thinking about what enterprise to start. The fourth chapter analyzes market research. The fifth chapter plans legal form, org chart and advisors. The sixth chapter presents marketing. The seventh chapter spends time on capitalization. The eighth chapter states financials. If you write in the workbook, then you should have a business plan written by the time you end.


Equipment Needed

Make a list of what equipment you will need. In my case, a laptop computer or tablet or notebook.

Buy a Business - (maybe)

I stumbled across this side of eBay by accident while doing this lens on my big dream. I had no idea that eBay sold businesses.

Best City to Start

best city in which to start a business -- Raleigh and Austin either #1 or are in many top ten lists

best place in which to start a company -- cities in Silicon Valley, Virginia is the best state, Britain is the best country

best city in which to start an Inc. 500 company -- Boulder

best city in which to start a production company -- Chicago and Atlanta

best city in which to start a biotech company -- it used to be Pittsburgh but perhaps now is San Diego

best city in which to start a space company -- Mojave CA



Conclusion - everything I'll need to fulfill my dream

1. Look for investors

2. Keeping looking for a small company to buy (I actually have a deal arranged if I can get a particular project sold)

3. Assemble team.

4. Optical character reader

5. Laptop


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