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The Art and Science of Your Business Cards

Updated on July 6, 2011

Your Business Cards Are the First Thing Clients See

Business cards are one of the most important but often overlooked elements of your business. It is one of the first thing that your clients see when they first meet your staff & yourself.

Like all important things in life, there's a art and science to having the right business card that can boost your business. The goal is to showcase the unique qualities of your company and standout from the crowd.

For my own home internet business, I was pleasantly surprise how a simple clean design with a clearly worded business value preposition brought its fair share of business collaboration opportunities.

How Great is Your Business Card?

Some things just doesn't change

Check out this 1895 namecard of an attorney.
Check out this 1895 namecard of an attorney.

The Perfect Professional Look

Maybe we could learn a thing or too from these aggressive high powered executives in the movies. For a professional look the attention to detail is important from the fonts, paper, shape, size. Unique paper texture and letter embossing might also help you to stand out.

However its also important to know the type of people you're trying to impress and tailor your card to strike a memorable and resonating chord in them.  

Beat the Compettition with the Perfect Business Card

The Art of Business Card Etiquette

Now that you have the perfect card. Do you know how to use them properly?

Learn some essentials on the right way to use this powerful business tool from the video. There's also some great business books to round out your business education.

Show How Innovative & Creative You Are

There are many innovative and sometimes over the edge card designs out there. The key is to steer the fine line between looking professional and creative aesthetics. It is crucial for businesses to project and coherent image. Which is why your business card must match the overall company culture and brand marketing of your products and services.

Its better to be on the safe side by innovating on some essential elements that match your business theme and not try to stack too much creativity on top of one another.

Look at the videos and you'll see some great examples of striking unique design motifs. For example, the clear plastic card design to look like a nostalgic cassette tape that will make a memorable impression for a music business related company or even a rap artiste. Another great example is the business card with the paper gears which will be perfect for an engineering or consultancy related company.

Cool & Thin Plastic Cards

Business Card with Cool Gears

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