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My Online Shopping Mall

Updated on November 29, 2014

Building a Mall

It was one of the easiest things I have done. Building a mall from scratch might not have occurred to many who seek ways of making money online but after reading this lens you might change your mind.

When you walk through a mall you have layers and many shops on every floor. You can purchase just about anything you need but the effort of walking around from merchant to merchant is tiring. Then you need to compare prices between competitors. When you are done looking and buying your car might be anything up to half a kilometer or more away. Parcels are heavy and even if you are pushing them around a trolley the effort is beyond many.

In my mall online you can go from shop to shop, see everything on offer with the click of a mouse and learn all you can about products, prices, delivery and quality of goods. The merchants set out their guarantees and return information in case something is not quite what you ordered. This is service at its best and is the reason many malls are bginning to fail.

Shopping Online

The convenience of online shopping cannot be emphasied enough. Relaxing in a chair and selecting your required products is also fun. It is without risk of being booked, fighting to find a car space, breathing in fumes from the exhausts, or paying for the petrol to get there and that is appealing to many who want to do their shopping without hassles.

My mall is right at your finger tips and it has over 750 merchants and millions of products to choose from. You can even book seats to your favorite shows or sporting venues. Travel agents, fashion houses, bargain outlets, and service agents are alkl listed here,

Unlike an auction site this one is colorful and you are led immediately into the merchants shop where the goods are beautifully displayed simply by clicking on their ads. That is why the site is called A1-adsonline,com. It is an advertising site that possibly resembles a huge brochure you might get in your mail box. Only instead of hundreds of those a week click over to my site to see the range for all you need without wasted paper, junk mail and other nasties.

Avoid using your Credit Card Online

Online merhants pay no rent, have few overheads, wages or other expenses. Their goods are brand new, not handled by fussy customers, clothes have never been tried on and you get the best possible deal.

Have You Shopped Online?

If so were you happy with your purchases?

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Navigation Bar

Down the left of my mall's home page is a list of products so that you can go straight to the right place. Some pages lead to a shop's display while others have ads to take you onto a merchant's web site.

The difference between them is that some Companies allow me to build their shop into one of my pages. That means that all their goods are displayed without the need for you to go chasing after them. Small businesses don't have that option and only supply banners or links to their own web url. But the results are much the same. You get to see what you are buying and to test the product against competitors.

Online shopping has really come into it own in the last couple of years and now many retail shops in local physical malls are struggling or have closed down and gone online to sell their products. These people will gain a lot from the examples given in this lens.

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Watch Out for Online Specials

The front page of my mall has an invitation to fill in so that you get up to date bargain offers from any of the Companies advertising here. They often have end of season sales as well as specials for events such as Halloween, Mother's or Father's Day and so on, You don't want to miss these so make sure you subscribe to the newsletter.

Companies offering specials usually do much better because customers will visit more often. The clue to successful selling is to keep them coming back and also capturing their email address and sending updates. These things are appreciated by folk looking for your type of merchandise.

Who doesn't love a bargain and many will buy even if they don't really need the goods. They love to brag that they have saved money and this is where the online specials come into their own.

Send a Gift

For a birthday or other occasion it is so convenient to shop online and have your special trinute delivered in perfect condition, beautifully presented and at the right time.

People love getting a delivery of a present, be it flowers, chocolates or something a lot more personal. Get into the swing and make your friends and relatives extra happy when you shop online in my mall and send some great surprises their way.

Online retailers must be able to present gifts in such a way that they look special. Even if they are sent to the one who ordered them the better they look the more repeat business can be had. Everything one receives from the supplier must have adequate instructions on how to return the goods if unsatisfied with anything about them. This is a minor expense as the better the supplier is at ensuring people have good support the more business they will gain and the word of mouth aspect is better than advertising.

When it's time for love then the Internet can provide the romance. Just send a gift to be delivered to the door of your special person and watch their reaction

Do you prefer to hand deliver your gifts or send them special delivery?

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When You Need to Shop

You have a special invitation to look over my mall and go shopping. You will never be exhausted like this lady when you tap away and see the hundreds of products listed here.

It was sheer pleasure to create this site and to deal with the wonderful merchants who take pride in their customer service and who offer extemely good quality products from manufacturers who are usually not China based. When you buy from them you have the quarantees of all the affiliates who work on their behalf and from the agency with whom they are listed for that purpose. Every one of them is checked out and their standing from years of doing business online is unsurpassable.

Happy shopping!

Still images from Dreamstime - click here

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    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I like sites where I can use my Paypal and don't have to get the credit card out. Sure wish Amazon took Paypal.