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MyOpinions - Great way to earn money online through paid survey

Updated on May 21, 2013

What is MyOpinions?

My personal review about My Opinions - Online Survey Site

Similar as RewardsCentral, My Opinions is a great survey site to make some extra cash. My Opinions is part of Rewards Central, however, it is mainly about answering surveys and quick surveys. When you first join My Opinions, you will need to complete the basic profile & interest details and you will start getting surveys on your account. It is one of the best online paid survey in Australia

My Opinions will only send you surveys when your profile matches that required by the market research companies. So it's very important to keep your profile up-to-date so you won't miss out.

I usually receive at least 5 surveys per month and because I don't have kids yet, I never qualify in any of the kids-related surveys. However, when I do qualify, I got minimum of 150 points per survey.

My personal experience with MyOpinions

Here is an example of my account:

I currently have 48points and I have one 300 points survey waiting.

So I click on the survey and here comes the next page:

Basically that page tells us that the maximum rewards of the survey is up to 300points plus up to 20 entries to win $5000. If we are screened out from the survey (do not qualify), we will get 20 points and 1 entry. The length of the survey is 20 minutes and it's about financial products. The survey is available until 4 November 2010.

Every time you respond to a survey, you'll need to enter your login information (I guess this is for security issue). And you are reminded to answer the survey honestly and thoughtfully because the market research company need to compile the research data for their clients, so it's very important for us to read each question completely and answer it honestly.

If you are qualify for the survey, then have fun answering the questions. Most questions usually are in multiple choice, but obviously it depends on the survey itself. Sometimes I need to watch a video and then answer the questions based on the video I watched, or sometimes it's an interactive survey in which you'll need to drag and drop the answers to the shopping bag (this is a fun survey) or sometimes you'll need to memorize a picture and answer the question based on the picture.

If you are not qualified, you'll see the screen like this below:

It advised you that you're screened out and you got 20 points.

Another way to get a point in My Opinions is through their instant click game. Every week, you can play this fun game by choosing a single square and click on it. The price list is pretty random, I never get their highest prize yet, but I know I will. :-) The highest prize I got was 200 points.

You cannot redeem any cash from My Opinions, and the only way to redeem it is through RewardsCentral. For every 100 points you have in MyOpinions, you can transfer it to your RewardsCentral account. It's an instant transfer, as soon as you transfer, it will be added straightaway into your RewardsCentral account.

And if you see the screenshot below, I've transferred 400points in one month.

MyOpinions is a fun way to earn a bit of extra cash. If you like answering surveys and questions; check it out and join My Opinions now.

Image Copyright: All images above are the screenshot from My Opinions personal account.


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    anonymous 5 years ago

    Thanks for the info! I have been looking for new paid surveys sites to do work. It can be hard finding legit sites. I will have to check these guys out. Thanks for the great lens!

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    taylorgang4life 6 years ago

    you should also check out swag bucks it's a free online survey site that also pays you for watching videos using their search engine and playing games they give out payments in gift cards like amazon or paypal it is a real user friendly site check it out and please help me by using my referral link:

  • profile image

    mdb1321 6 years ago

    I have heard of MyOpinions, but have not tried it. I use a site that pays cash and pays for referrals. See my lens for my first check I recevied :)

  • profile image

    anonymous 7 years ago

    This is a great and detailed walk through about myopinions. I will have a look.