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Passing a Job Interview: My Personal Experience

Updated on September 11, 2015

We live in a world, where the job title really matters. It does not mean, of course, that if you do not occupy a decent position, you will be disregarded or treated in another, worse way. No, what I intend to say is that having a job that satisfies all your needs and requirements (including financial issues, of course) and helps you express yourself in the preferable way, is extremely important. Those people who are lucky to get jobs of that kind should really feel happy, because this does not happen quite often.

You should like your job and do everything possible to express yourself in the best way. But… before you manage to find such a job, you will have to face challenges that will take your time and effort. In most cases, you will have to pass a job interview and this is what puzzles and confuses most applicants. And I’m not an exception, unfortunately.

Mistakes I Made

To tell the truth, the very thought of the fact that I would need to pass the job interview in a day or so, made me so excited that I couldn’t sleep peacefully at night. I tried to think about the possible interview questions over and over again until I made sure I couldn’t find proper answers to them and I started panicking even more than before. I don’t mention the people who would interview me, because they frightened me even more than the interview itself.

Having made a few vague attempts to find a good job I would like and value and having felt all those emotions I described above each time, I decided that there is something I should do to change the situation. Otherwise, I will not manage to find the position I dream of for years – the one of a web-designer. So, I asked myself the following questions: “Are other applicants better than me? What makes them feel more confident? Are there any secrets they know that can help them find the job?” And this is what came to my mind: I’m not worse than others. On the opposite, I have a certain experience, a nice portfolio I created myself and sufficient knowledge to succeed in my attempts. I’m just a bit unconfident and too worried during the interview. Luckily, these things are easy to handle, so here is what I did to manage the problem:

Step 1

I created an account at - the website that could give me the sufficient information about the specifications of jobs needed today and the list of vacant positions with regard to the locations and personal requirements needed for this or that job. Now, I could be aware of the fact what exactly interviewers may expect from me and what I can do to satisfy the needs of potential employers.

Step 2

The next step of mine was connected with the realization of my weak and strong points. Of course, there are no people who can know the subject at the highest level. is another official resource that helped me understand what characteristics are important for people who wish to avail jobs in Federal establishments. The website proved extremely useful to me just because it told about the categories of people they looked for, important traits of character an employee should possess to be recruited for a dream-job and other vital aspects. I thought that if the site could manage to find people to work in the Federal government of the country and make them the future of the US, I will hardly face problems when looking for a job in my own location. You can’t, probably, agree with that as well, can you?

Step 3

You may be surprised, but I really felt better and more confident having found out the above mentioned info. What I realized is that there are hundreds (if not thousands) of young people who need a decent job. This means that the competition rate is extremely high in all areas. So, if I continue behaving the way I did before, I will hardly gain success.

I decided to be goal-oriented, aware of the widely-asked questions during job interviews (there are plenty of them on the web as well, by the way), to look confident, but not too self-asserting (these are two different things) and to be aware of the most popular vacancies that exist in my location (especially those connected with web-design, of course). A friend of my, who has recently found a job, recommended me to browse The site appealed to me a lot, because I did not only get a chance to look through the list of jobs by industry and location there, but also published my resume, subscribed to new job letters and looked through informative articles on how to find the job of my dreams. I have also printed out the copies of my resume to have them at hand.

What was the result of my efforts? Well, I managed to find the vacant position of a web-designer, even though this profession is not widely spread in my location yet. So, now I’m sure that there is nothing impossible when you really wish something! Good luck to you as well!

What Are Your Secrets of Passing a Job Interview Successfully?

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    • bravewarrior profile image

      Shauna L Bowling 23 months ago from Central Florida

      I recently went through the interview process myself. After three years of working for myself, I found I needed a steady income and resigned myself to the fact that I needed to seek employment beyond the comfort of my home.

      I registered with, posted my resume and scheduled daily alerts for the types of jobs I was interested in and qualified for.

      After applying with several companies online, I was scheduled for an in-person interview with a company that was seeking qualified accounting personnel, preferably with experience in the software they use. My interview lasted three hours and I was pretty much hired on the spot. This was on a Friday. Monday my drug test was set up and background check put in place. Two days later I was asked when I could start.

      I did no preparation for the interview, other than research the company. I'm confident in my skills, so what really mattered (to me) was the environment and the personalities of the people I'd be working with. I felt comfortable during my interview and got along great with everyone. I was able to be myself, which is extremely important.

      I think that's what's most important when looking for a job. It's got to be a good fit in every aspect. Be yourself and be confident in what you have to bring to the table.