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My Shopping Mall Online

Updated on December 9, 2014

An Online Shopping Mall Is Without Crowds, Frustrations and Hassles

Its winter, its snowing and shopping has just become all that much more difficult, unless you shop online. If you have never tried it now is the best time to forget those winter blues and get comfortable with your computer. Whatever you need just type it into the search engine and let it do the rest.

Visit a major shopping mall in any city and you face huge problems. Not only do you have to park sometimes far away from the shops and then walk half a mile to get to them but you also have to carry your goods and trek back again. That is if nothing happens to you on the way.

Aside from the threats of terrorism and robbers you also face the crowds. You don't know who is leaving behind their germs on things you touch or in the air you breath in. Recent revelations about the filth on shopping trolleys is enough to turn most people off entering shops in the local malls.

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Shopping Online Is a Bonus

Avoid all those problems and your goods get delivered on time and without damage. They can be sent direct to the recipient if you are buying a gift for someone. You are also not carrying money around to risk losing it or being robbed. Neither are you at risk of heavy traffic jams, parking fines or accidents. You can shop online at any time day or night as the mood takes you. You can also purchase one item or many in a few minutes.

You have not made a special trip that has used petrol, your time and your frustration. In fact shopping in an online mall is the 21st Century miracle. It eliminates high costs and the competition among merchants is such that bargains in clothing and all types of goods are an everyday event. The technology is such that you can virtually try on many personal type goods, such as glasses, through your browser.

When you next visit a mall note how long it takes you to go from start to finish. How much it has cost you to get there and how many times you queued up and waited to be served? The results might surprise you.

You Can Shop Safely Online

Your Mouse Can Shop For YOu

A real cyberspace experience with positive results

We often search through the phone book for addresses, which is called 'letting your fingers do the walking'. Now we can shop online and let the mouse do the walking and take the pain out of shopping for you.

With a few clicks you select goods which are then paid for through your bank card or other service like Paypal. These elected item(s) are placed in a cyberspace shopping cart and goods purchased online in this way are then delivered to your door. What could be easier?

It is fun searching on the Internet in this way, especially when there is multiple choice from a good web site, such as mine. It works much the same way as a regular mall with numerous shops and little niches where the unexpected bargains may lurk.

How much easier and cheaper it is to shop online. You are not paying for transport, stock loss from theft, spoiling or accidents, staff wages, advertising, utilities and so on. These costs that are normally borne by a business are passed on to you in the price of the goods. Without them the goods are cheaper.

A Sample of The Shops On My Site

Click text to see the shop

Whatever you need it may be here

The companies and products listed on my sites are specially selected by me to give the best range of quality goods that I have no problems in recommending. The Companies themselves are screened by the Agency who takes them on and by the thousands of affiliates and others who help sell their products. If anything is wrong with whatever they do or provide we would all know about it. Their business would suffer accordingly and probably be closed down.

You are not racing around from shop to shop and floor to floor to find what you want. Instead, you just click your mouse and there you are. Right inside the store.

The Range of Merchants and Goods is Unlimited

Whatever You Need You Can Find In My Online Mall

As you can see from the list above, a mere fraction of the over 500 stores and the millions of products in my malls, there is no limit to what you can find here. As well there is no limit to the size of merchandise on offer. Everything from houses, boats, factories, down to the minutest piece of jewelry, to a perfect bouquet of flowers to send worldwide as well as office stationary, furniture, toys, games, books magazines, perfume, watches, cleaning gear and the list goes on.

Aside from that every merchant is tested by expert Internet Marketing Companies and people who, like me, have been trading online for many years.

Because web sites are able to take as many pages as one likes to put on them there is very little cost associated with setting up a such a business. Even more so with the individual shops within it. This is all savings to you.

Its not Just the Snow - But shopping hours are cut

Don't put more stress on yourself than need be. Take it easy. Watch this video to see how things are at the local mall.

My Merchants May Have Their Own Factories/Premises

Many online merchants have little need for commercial premises, such as rented shops, and are, therefore, not passing on their overheads in the price of their goods. They also have a good reputation by trading for many years in areas that are local to you. They publish their addresses and stand by their products ensuring you receive only the best and delivered in the most convenient way.

This may restrict some of them to supplying goods only in certain areas. Other restrictions, such as tax laws and customs, may stop them exporting to overseas countries. That is why you need to shop around to find what suits you and what the shipping conditions are.

One Company, Dunwoody, whose Head Office is pictured here, supplies wrapping and packaging material of all shapes sizes, colors, patterns and for any occasion. Along with the wrappings they also do labels, ribbons, cards and so on.

An established business with a lot invested in premises and its good name is certainly not going to do the wrong thing. Be assured they offer the best in customer service and all their products are guaranteed.

Leave Frustrating Shopping Centers For Others

Go with the trend and shop online

How many times have you seen someone tearing their hair out as they go from shop to shop, parking, driving, walking, talking, and getting nowhere as they try to find the special gift or something they particularly need. People are usually quick to temper when it comes to shopping like this.

They queue up, wait in line, try things on, and by the time they do this half a dozen times they have possibly forgotten what the price of an item was, or how good it looked or something else about it. They then buy out of frustration and may find the exact product later and it is also much cheaper.

How many times have you done it?

This is the old snail shopping way of doing business. If you know what you want then go online and see it instantly. Companre prices between companies and have it delivered straight to your door.

Anyone Can Shop Online And Buy Anything They Want

When are you going to try it?

The sheer joy of being able to flick back and forth from store to store comparing prices, availability, delivery options and then having the goods delivered is hard to describe.

It doesn't matter whether you buy shoes, pants, hairspray or tonic, a vacation, or just pass the time window shopping there is no better place to do it than online. My shopping mall never closes, is never off the Internet and has everything you need to make your choice. It is readily navigable and many of the merchants now have their full range wonderfully displayed through their own feeds on my site.

That means that you have the very latest in stock items and, as mentioned above, the mall is expanding at an enormous rate as new products, new merchants and new releases are constant.

That is the other advantage of shopping online. As soon as a new product is available it is on display and ready for you to purchase. You do not have to wait for it arrive in your local malls to get it.

Specialty Shops When I first started marketing online in the early 1990s there was no such thing as an internet shop let alone a mall. Over the years, however, technology has improved and now specialty shops can display their wares online as clearly as those offline do.

How To Build a Website In Internet is a world wide phenomena and millions upon millions of web sites, emails and other things are circling the globe at the speed of light. That's why an email sent from the other side of the world can be in your box a second or so after it is sent. The same applies to web sites. So who sends them and how? That's what we are about to explore.

How To Do Internet marketing It can take many years for most people to learn everything they need to know about setting up a web business. The technology is moving so fast ahead that even when one feels they know it there is much more to learn. Unlike many other professions, however, this is becoming the equivalent of a university degree unless you are already up there with it.

How To Buy Bargain Wedding Clothes . . . . shopping online through a major supplier is the way to go. Not only will everything you select match perfectly with your dress and be everything you dreamed about but the same applies to members of your bridal party. They too can be completely outfitted for a fraction of the normal cost through a retailer.

How To Plan A Great Wedding Day Brides are wonderful from the time they get engaged until well after the wedding. Everyone is fascinated by their impending change of status and newly weds have the blessings of the community. So why not advertise your intentions and coming marriage.

bargain Shopping Online Shoppers want cheap and merchants want to sell their wares and this has made an interesting situation, particularly on Internet sites and Online Malls. Where need overrides thrift and pleasure loosens the purse strings the search for suitable goods goes on and none more so than in cyberspace.

Shop Til You Drop Shopping online is no different to shopping conventionally except it has huge advantages. Picture that the site you are entering is a mall without people. You are the only shopper around. You have the run of the place and you can go from shop to shop in an instant. Its like you have a fairy wand and when you think of something you have it before you. You really should try it out.

Online MerchantsThe big thing today is Internet marketing and companies of all types and size are rushing to get in and increase their sales. There is so much happening in the online shopping saga that new technology is highly focused and allows all types of innovations for making a sale.

How To Write Well Everybody who is literate can put words to paper and many will get published in some form. somewhere. But what does it take to write for a living? How do you overcome the barriers such as writers block, finding the right tools, expressing yourself in a way others can understand and having the confidence to allow someone else to read it?

Educating Young ChildrenThink of the channels as like creeks running into a river. They have their starting points higher up where clouds gather and moisture falls. The drops of water converge and become a stream and as they run fast downhill they form channels and gouge out a place for themselves. The clouds of our brain are the challenges that deposit experience, knowledge and awareness into the river of thought.

How To Protect Your ChildLulled into a sense of false security parents may be less protective because they are used to having time without the child so it becomes no big deal. A noisy child or two can drive a parent to distraction and sending them outside to play while mum or dad gets on with their own thing is quite normal. The problem is time passes and when the parent comes to his or her senses it may be too late. Suddenly the alarm bells are ringing. Its very quite out there and the offspring is nowhere in sight.

Still images from Dreamstime - click here

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    • norma-holt profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @RawBill1: The Internet has changed many things and working from home is just one of them,. Hugs

    • RawBill1 profile image


      6 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

      I love the fact that online shopping exists these days. I run an online store which allows me to work from home with the flexibility to work the hours that I want to. There is also no need for me to travel to work keeping my carbon footprint very low.

    • cynthiannleighton profile image


      6 years ago

      Enjoying this lens and others!

    • OrganicMom247 profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens! I enjoyed the tips and i wish you much success on this. Great job!

    • kathysart profile image


      7 years ago

      WOW.. lots of work went into this lens.. wonderful! THUMBS UP too!!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is very well done! Online shopping malls are becoming more popular.

      Best wishes with this and a Squid Angel blessing!


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I think online shopping is the way of the future and sites like yours and mine are providing people with some great connections with the physical world. Great lens and site :)


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