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What can Narendra Modi do for Muslim community in India?

Updated on October 23, 2016

Narendra Modi on Muslims, CNN interview

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India told today to Mr. Jakharia of CNN that there is no question on the integrity of Indian Muslims. He added that Muslim community of India live and die for India. There is no scope in India for Al-Qaeda or ISIS or any other international terrorist organizations. Indian Muslims are as a patriot as other communities and they will not be misguided by any such organizations. Indian Muslims will live and die for India.

Narendra Modi was in an interview with CNN channel organized prior to his visit to the US. Most of the Muslim leaders including Shahi Imam of Zama Masjid praised Modi.s opinion.

Breaking news September 19, 2014

Introduction and Background

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India want to take the country to its heights in the economic sector. He expressed his views on his Independence Day speech from Red fort, Delhi on August 15, 2014. He wants India to be a world leader in the manufacturing sector. Narendra Modi has clearly told that he wants India to be an exporting country from an importer of consumable and other goods. He likes to promote brand India and have given slogan “Made in India”. He invited investors both indigenous and overseas to “Make in India”.

Most of the Muslim community members in India are very good workers and involved in manufacturing in almost all sectors. They are skilled and unskilled workforce. However, most of them are uneducated and devoid of modern training. They have a rich tradition of acquiring skills in their homes or from some other traditional sources. Instead of their skills, they don’t have any certificate from a recognized technical institute. Lack of education, training, and a technical degree compel them to be low paid.

The Muslim community in India has about 15% share in the population. However, most of them are facing challenges of poverty and contribute much less percentage (looking into their population) in National GDP. A country like India cannot progress ignoring such large population.

Lack of proper education and poverty, while amalgamated, many times pave the road to criminal activities. They are vulnerable to organized criminals and terrorist groups who can easily trap them to fulfill their evil objectives. This is an unwanted situation in whole Indian sub-continent.

Image of Narendra Modi was painted as anti-Muslim by his political opponents. Though he obtained clean chit from all commissions and courts in India his political opponents are still propagating him as anti-Muslim. He has been promoted to hold the office of Indian Premiere from a Gujrat Chief Minister and is trying to build his country as a developed nation. Bringing Muslim community to the mainstream economy may be a task for him.

Narendra Modi, PM of India

Narendra Modi is taking oath as Prime Minister of India in Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi
Narendra Modi is taking oath as Prime Minister of India in Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi

Made in India- Narendra Modi

Communal harmony and business

The majority of Indian population follows Vaidik Sanatan Hindu religion. Muslim, Buddhist, Jain, Christian, Sikh and Parsi are the minority communities notified in the Indian constitution. They live in communal harmony. Business plays an important role in keeping harmony among communities. All religious communities participate with a feeling of togetherness to grow and flourish a business and industry. Workforce from different communities works together to accomplish their jobs.

Minority communities produce and majority community consumes a greater portion of these products. It is also true that majority of businessmen comes from Hindu, Sikh, Jain and Parsi communities whereas Muslims have a larger share in skilled artisans.

This is true for almost all geographical regions in India. I am adding few from large numbers of such videos below to illustrate these features.

NB: Please do not leave. There are more to read in text capsules below the videos.

Narendra Modi-WEF

 Image of Narendra Modi at the World Economic Forum in India-
Image of Narendra Modi at the World Economic Forum in India- | Source

What can Narendra Modi do for Muslims

Narendra Modi can do a lot for the Muslim community living in India. The foremost thing is to educate and train them. Literacy rate among Muslims is very low in comparison to other communities in India. It is more measurable in the case of Muslim women. Both Muslim boys and girls are far behind the other Indian communities in higher education technical/ professional education. Fundamentalism in the community and its leaders make the situation worse. The lower educational background is the basic reason for their unemployment and underemployment.

If we can read the writing on the walls we can see that the community is squirming for a change. Especially the new generation youth want to come out of the grip of traditional fundamentalist leaders. They want to read in modern schools and colleges rather than to in Madrasa.

Narendra Modi and his government can contribute to accelerating social reforms in the Muslim community that may lead to willingness for modern education. The government can facilitate them by opening opportunities in technical and professional educational for Muslim youth. This will help in upbringing and be mainstreaming of the community.

Narendra Modi at Employment Week

Narendra Modi addressing Youngsters at Vivekananda Youth Employment Week in Gujarat.
Narendra Modi addressing Youngsters at Vivekananda Youth Employment Week in Gujarat. | Source

Industry interfacing of education

Educationists, economists, and social reformers are continually raising their voices for system reform in education. India, more or less, is still following the same colonial system in education. There is a problem of unemployment and the industries in India are facing acute shortage of skilled workforce. Schools and colleges produce what Industries do not require; on the other hand, they are not producing that industries need. The country can come out of the dilemma only through a total educational reform.

India needs an open-ended education system and industry interfacing of the same. India needs more Industrial training institutes (ITI) than general colleges to produce a workforce for its manufacturing industry. We know that number of such institutes and number of courses in China are much more than India. It is also a well-known fact that China is reigning the manufacturing sector. India can take lead in the sector provided availability of large numbers of technical workforce.

The industrial interface is the most vital part of the implementation of the program. It will be better to provide freedom to educational institutes to prepare their curriculum based on local industrial needs. This will help in two ways. Industries will get required skilled manpower and Indian youth will get jobs. This will lead to growth in GDP as well as in solving problems unemployment and underemployment.

As I have argued earlier, most of the members of Muslim community in India are skilled in various trades. However, large numbers of them are not adequately qualified and trained. Hence, an initiative to train them for modern skills and technologies will immensely help them in earning more money for themselves and for the industries.

I urge the Modi government to take initiative for "Skill development" of the Muslim community in India for the overall economic growth of the community and the country at large.

Gemstone polishing in Jaipur

Plan for a radical change in education system

A radical change is required in the system and the government has to prepare an exhaustive plan with budgetary support to make it happen in the larger interest of the country. I have mentioned earlier in this article that there are large numbers of Muslim youth who are trained traditionally for one or another skill. I am giving an example from my experience in my own trade- Gemstones and jewelry. Everybody knows that Jaipur is a gemstone hub where I am personally involved in this trade. Large numbers of skilled labors are working to cut, shape and polish gemstones. Most of them are Muslims and illiterates. They are very good artisans, in fact, better than most of the workforces in the world. However, they earn lesser than the artisans from rest of the world.

The government has to bring in a change in routine education. It is advisable that they provide an opportunity to bring traditionally trained artisans and other skilled labors to mainstream education. Traditionally trained artisans have very good skills and practical knowledge. However, they lack in theoretical knowledge and are devoid of modern techniques. Moreover, they do not have a certificate from universities or recognized technical institutes.

It will be better if the government brings a simple change in the present education system and provide a learning environment to traditionally trained artisans and an exposure to modern technologies with some theoretical knowledge. Crash courses and/or sandwich courses can be a meaningful solution. This simple step can bring a significant positive change in the whole scenario. A small input of modern technology and scientific theories can enhance their skills manifolds and raise income level significantly. They can also become useful for modern industries. This will solve the problem of underemployment and provide the adequate workforce to serve the industries. It will be proven most important tool to make the Narendra Modi dream (Made in India and Make in India) true.

Narendra Modi with entrepreneur

Hina Shah, an entrepreneur  with Narendra Modi, CM, Gujarat
Hina Shah, an entrepreneur with Narendra Modi, CM, Gujarat | Source

Narendra Modi and Muslims quiz

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Tool for GDP growth in India

This single step can lead to a higher GDP growth. Let us see, how can it be possible? I have mentioned earlier that the Muslim community at large is facing problems of under-education and poverty. This step can raise their income at least by 30 to 40 percent. 30 to 40 percent growth of 15 percent population will sum up with an overall growth of 5 to 6 percent. This will be an additional bonus to normal GDP growth rate between 6 to 8 percent. This will be an amazing growth rate!

Moreover, manufacturing industries in India will grow at faster pace with an inflow of adequately trained, skilled workforce. Narendra Modi’s dream of branding “Made in India” will become true. Worldwide investors will be interested in investing more money in Indian manufacturing sector. Invitation for “Make in India” can be justified. Infusion of such money from worldwide investors will further accelerate growth.

The step will also increase purchasing power of large numbers of underprivileged people in India that will further raise demand for both manufacturing and service sectors. This will again help to move the wheels of the economy at a faster pace.

India can achieve an amazing GDP growth rate implementing these steps. I am hopeful that India will leave China behind in GDP growth rate.


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This article is about "What can Narendra Modi do for Muslims in India". India is a large country with about 15% Muslim population.

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      I think in India a great no.of people are illetrate and its government duty to make such plans that can give education not only to any particular community but whole country whether they are Hindu,Muslim, Christian or Sikh

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