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Niche Profit Classroom Review

Updated on May 4, 2011

Niche Profit Classroom Review

Hello and welcome to my Niche Profit Classroom Review. There are a lot of interesting features that are found in Niche Profit Classroom and by the end of this Niche Profit Classroom Review you will be able to decide whether this new product is for you and if the price is worth the investment. 

But before anything else, how much are you willing to spend every month for you to learn how to build a profitable business?

Niche Profit Classroom Review

How much are you willing to spend for a monthly membership that will show you how to build a profitable online business?

See results

Niche Profit Classroom Review

A lot of products claim that it can teach you how to build businesses online that runs on autopilot, but Niche Profit Classroom helps you do that ...

- without spending a fortune creating your own products, writing the sales letters, and creating the web sites

- without paying a single cent for traffic

- without having an army of affiliates

- and without having a monster sized list

Niche Profit Classroom will teach you a simple, yet brutally effective method for making money online. It's something that most people don't have a clue about (and probably never will).

Niche Profit Classroom Review

If you are willing to spend $67... $87... or even more than a hundred bucks every month as many other people do, you will be surprised with the immense value Niche Profit Classroom will give you for only $47 a month.

So what do you get? 

Niche Profit Classroom Review

Here is what you will get with your Niche Profit Classroom

* Niche Marketing 2.0 Training: It does not get any more comprehensive than this, a 158 video and 8 module course that walks you through the process of setting up an unending income stream online selling your own products, or affiliate products.

* Niche Profit Center: Niche Profit Classroom offers an additional 650 exclusive videos on Internet marketing. The videos cover a wide array of topics from basic concepts to advanced Internet marketing techniques and strategies. Just click a video title to view the video course.

* Exclusive Software & Tools: Members get instant access to a powerful array of exclusive and never before seen software and tools that the guys behind Niche Profit Classroom have personally developed to use in their own online businesses which include the Moneyword Matrix Keyword Tool, Market Profiler, Market Checklist Tool, and 15 Minute Sales Letter Wizard.

* Teleseminars & Webinars: As a member of Niche Profit Classroom, you are entitled to join live tele seminars which discuss the latest cutting edge tactics, techniques, and strategies for starting, building, and growing a succesful online business.

* Monthly Interviews: Get access to interviews with some of the most successfull internet marketers who reveal their closely guarded secrets and let you in on what works and what does not. 

* NPC Premier Web Hosting: All Niche Profit Classroom members get free Premier Web Hosting, where you can host all of your profit producing web sites.

* Ready Made Niche Busniesses: Every month, Niche Profit Classroom members will receive two profit producing niche businesses that are profit ready and comewith:

- Professionally Written eBooks

- Ready Recorded Audio Upsells 

- Professional Web Site Templates 

- Proven Sales Letters 

- List Building Opt In Forms 

- 10 Day Mini Course 

- SEO Optimized Articles 

- Keyword Research

- 21 Day Traffic Blueprint

* One-On-One Support & Coaching: Members get a personal coach that will fastrack your progress.

* Niche Profit Community: Be a part of one of the most successfull and exclusive Internet marketing communities on the Internet, and also get to hang out and communicate first hand with some of the most successfull Internet marketers in the world.

* Niche Profit Control Panel: The Niche Profit Control Panel allows you to organize an unlimited amount of projects and keep track of where you are with each project.

Niche Profit Classroom Review


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    • profile image

      Tesa007 5 years ago

      I saw Roy's comment from NPC saying that the negative review were fake. Well I have to say that I feel the negative review because I experienced the same. I joined NPC and although the training videos are good, the support group were not. My objective was to get started with NPC, use a different platform so I will be independent later on. The support has no answe in how to do this. Although the videos are saying you can do this, they have no actual video on how to do this using a different platform. You basically have to use the NPC . there's also no way you can get hold of Adam short. Overall, I was not happy and yes I spent the money to try them but if you just want to keep plugging in with them and pay their monthly fee of $65 then this might be or you.

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      NPC is totally awesome. Ignore these clowns and losers that say they cannot get in touch with customer service - they will never make any money online anywhere and are looking to blame someone else. Who cares???

      (if they did have customer service like this idiots say, how could they have so many thousand members and be around so many years. THINK ABOUT IT???)

      It is so feature reach with hours and hours of videos in their archive - take it for what it is, a video archive interactive training course. NOBODY releases the tips and tricks that they do in one place like this!!! It will show you the REAL way to make money online. AAA+++

      One reason I joined in that Yaro Starak (a mentor I have followed since the beginning of his career) recommended it and he is very honest. He is even featured on one of the interviews.

      The real gems are in his interviews with all the top players in the business, like email list management millionaires, blog leaders, etc.

      Read between the line. The best resource ion line. DO IT and don't give a crap what the other losers say. They will still be wining about some unanswered email while you are counting your cash all the way to the bank.

      Good luck... And god bless you NPC!!! :-)

    • profile image

      Aditya 6 years ago

      After all these negative comments can someone advice if its worth joining

    • profile image

      Paul 6 years ago

      The customer service has been terrible!!! I totally agree with the negative comments on this blog. I am a totally geniune person who just wants the truth to be out there.

      They also try to make you build all your websites with their software. This means that you have to stay a member for as long as you want your websites online.

      It is a very simplistic website building software anyway. You will soon grow beyond it and then have to rebuild your websites if you want to leave npc.

      I have built my websites with external hosting and wordpress themes. I would never want my business based on such poor support.

      The hosting company I use respondes to my questions within 2 minutes 24/7/365. They are awesome. This is the complete opposite to NPC. You are lucky, I mean lucky if you get a response within 1 week! Even then they are not helpful responses.

      Adam comes accross as a very sincere, helpful and genuine person in the videos. I would say he is an excellent actor.

      Always test out the customer support of any program you are considering to buy before you buy. Even if you know the answers to the questions. I have found this method to be very helpful.

    • profile image

      goldy 6 years ago

      hey, guys, I am on the trial period of 14 days for 1$ on NPC and, I can say the tools and software they offer are amazing.I's ridiculously cheap considering how much information you get.I have one question: If I cance my subscription before the end of the 2 weeks trial, can I still keep the 2 niche websites hosted on their server or do I have to find another hosting service?Please, let me know if you have any information.Thank you so much!

    • john35 profile image

      john35 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      I joined NPC about a year ago and although I haven't created many of the Niche sites they provide, I have used the ideas taught there to create my own sites as well as boost the effectiveness of the websites I already own.

    • jonathanmcshane profile image

      jonathanmcshane 6 years ago from San Diego, CA

      I love NPC - it has been slow going, but that has been mainly my own fault (not dedicating enough time to it) - but joining was one of the best things I ever did to make money online.

    • profile image

      Adam 7 years ago

      You can trial NPC for a $1, can anyone really not afford a dollar. Of course they can!

    • profile image

      Nic 7 years ago

      Great post, clear, frank and informative. Sounds like a good course to get on... When I'm less overloaded with current tasks... I'll be back!

    • profile image

      Barbra 7 years ago

      btw, the url in my previous comment is not a typo - the extension is .co not .com

    • profile image

      Barbra 7 years ago

      From what I can see, most of what is taught in NPC is the same as what is taught for free at

    • profile image

      James 7 years ago

      I read Nick's review (above)... pretty good review. very informative and detailed.


    • profile image

      nick 7 years ago

      I have bought niche profit classroom 3.0, read my review here -

    • profile image

      Rob 8 years ago

      I've been interested in purchasing Niche Profit Classroom but after reading so many negative comments I really am quite hesitant to buy. I still may check it out. Hopefully you can buy through PayPal. Sounds like there's a ton of content in the course. Are there any other courses that it's comparable to?

    • profile image

      Disappointed 8 years ago

      I'm currently a member at NPC and support the claims of many people in this forum that NPC's support of their existing customers is terrible. Here are a few examples:

      1. They frequently miss deadlines for webinar recording releases and the monthly Niche Pack products. They were supposed to release the latest one on January 8th, and it still isn't available.

      2. Adam and Alen do not interact in the forums, or at least haven't since Aug / Sep 2009, except when they want to make a general announcement about some new product. They do not provide any advice or support in the forums.

      3. There are very few success stories with the program. If you don't believe me, just get a trial membership or sign up for 30 days and have a look in the forums. Make sure you cancel before your trial period or 30 days are up.

    • profile image

      frantic 8 years ago

      I'm always surpised people can actually buy stuff like this... If it was so great why would he sell it... think people, think...

    • profile image

      Tay Hing Pong 8 years ago

      I just got my refund. I guess they are not too bad though.

    • profile image

      Tay Hing Pong 8 years ago

      I just got my refund. I guess they are not too bad though.

    • profile image

      Tay Hing Pong 8 years ago

      Hi, I have also cancelled my NPC membership and got confirmation from someone named Teresa but they still charged me for the normal account USD67 and Pro account USD 27.10. I wrote them few emails to ask for refund but noone attend to me....hmmmm....what should i do??

      my username for my NPC account was: tong

      See their email confirmation:

      Hi Tay Hing Pong,

      We have closed your account as requested. Thank you for trying NPC. We hope to see you here again in the future.


      NPC Support Team

      Ticket Details


      Ticket ID: TYZ-164394

      Department: NPC Accounts & Billing

      Priority: Low

      Status: Open

    • profile image

      Roy 8 years ago

      Eric... Niche Profit Classroom is not being sold on ClickBank... so contacting ClickBank will really not help.

      As an NPC member, you probably have the contact / support email that all members have. Try sending it again just to be sure.

    • profile image

      Eric 8 years ago

      I just cancelled my membership to NPC classroom have not gotten a confirmation email of cancellation and refund of $67.00 dollars. I cannot locate a phone number or email can some one help me here. I did not think that the product was for me due to the time it took to create a ebook and all the marketing. I work long hours on my job. Thanks for your info can some just please give me the email or phone to get my credit of my payment or should I just go through clickbank.

      Thank you

    • profile image

      Randy Beckett 8 years ago

      Man, looks like a great membership. I am going to go check it our right now.Free Keyword Builder

    • profile image

      Anthony 8 years ago

      Hello everyone,

      This will be the first time I have ever posted a comment about a product or service, so here we go..... I have been a member of NPC since 02/09 and I will be fair enough to say that the NPC concept works well for beginners to introduce them to internet marketing. I currently make money using these methods. The problem is not only obvious but correctable. YOU MUST RESPOND TO THE PEOPLE WHO PAY YOU.

      I have sent emails and support tickets that are completely

      ignored. The customer service is HORRIBLE. Alan and Adam I challenge you to dispute my claims. I will offer proof right here, including every email and ticket that I have sent(unanswered).

      Please keep in mind that some of the people that have posted here actually have free accounts at NPC, so they don't experience the same pathetic level of customer service.

      With all that said.... please take this criticism and become rich. Fix whats wrong and you may have a chance to do something special. Thank you, Anthony

    • RoySencio profile image

      RoySencio 8 years ago from CA, USA

      Hi Tim.. that link was posted by another commenter and that was a link to a promo that is already over. To avoid confusion I will remove that comment since I cannot moderate the comment and remove the link, I would need to remove the entire comment, so don't be surprised to see that link gone.

      To visit site, click here

    • profile image

      Tim 8 years ago

      I clicked on the link above to purchase and all I see on the pages are $67/month. But your site says I can get in for $47/month. So, how do I get the $47/month deal?

    • profile image

      Yehiel Carter 8 years ago

      This hub is about comprehensive training which covers a wide array of topics ranging from A to Z of making money online. The strategy to get ranked on Google’s immediate search and maximize productivity of our website is obtained through eBooks and software tools sold by them.

    • profile image

      bill 8 years ago

      That was a typo above, I meant$47/mo

    • profile image

      bill 8 years ago

      I have found these comments to be disconcerting. The membership seemed to be potentially valuable at $7/mo, but with all the negative comments, one has to conclude that at least some of it is true. Think I'll pass!

    • profile image

      Kathy 8 years ago

      I am taking a look at this now.. I am finding a $47.00 mo

      and a $67.00 mo. I need a link to the $47.00 w/$1 trial.

      Can any one help me?

    • profile image

      Robert 8 years ago

      NPC is absolutly SCAM, it is so bad, most of the online class room supposed to be with ton of refunds, but NPC method puts passive income on my NICHE promotions, this had to be scam because it works too darn good.

      Remember, with clickbank product refund rate running at at least 3% and that is normal and when you get only few people whine, complain... that has nothing to do with NPC, they are just too busy making excuses instead making money.

      I highly recommend not to join NPC if you are looking for money back guarantee, if you are going in with already losing the game mindset, then get out of the internet marketing game period.

      All Leaders with blinders and focus is only welcome here. and whiners and complainers, you got the wrong hub buddy! Try complain and grow rich hub.

      Making money online is a war, if you snooze, you lose!

      if you are not watching your back, people will steal!

      if you come in the niche half ass, you will get run over!

      if you not sure what you are after, you are lost from the beginning!

      if you multitasking, you will lose every time by the one who is focused.

      I am fully responsible for my reality! The winner is me! for I do not compete with no one, I compete with me! I am the only enemy that might take me down and I always evict the wussy out of me!

      I appreciate this hub. Roy!

    • profile image

      Darrell 8 years ago

      Roman, did you get your money back yet? This isn't sounding too good :|

    • profile image

      Roman 9 years ago

      Adam if you are reading these please responde!!!

    • profile image

      Roman 9 years ago


      First thay rejected my payment from my Visa card, and then after one month they billed me three payments at ones.


    • profile image

      Roman 9 years ago

      They still didnt give me a refund for three payments.Thats 141$ from my VISA acount. They dont responde to my emails. I belive now that thay scamed me for my money.

    • renee22093 profile image

      renee22093 9 years ago

      Thanks for the info! I hadn't heard of this before and I'm definitely going to check it out!

    • profile image

      Roman 9 years ago

      Its ok now they cancel payments. Thay are realy great.I apologize for my coment.

    • profile image

      Roman 9 years ago

      Hey there

      I was a member of NPC the site is great. But since I have no time to work on my online business I cancel. I got a refund. That was ower two months ago. But yesterday I recived a bill for three monts membershp, I was only a member for one or two weks, I have wrote them many times only one respond from them that they will chek. Thats 150$ from my credit card for nothing, and what is strange all three payment are on the same day. What can I do.

      p.s. sorry for my bad english

    • profile image

      Mark 9 years ago

      Great hub page Roy. I'm also a member of NPC and can verify that it is a solid, decent method of making money if applied with a good dose of hard work!

    • profile image

      iliad 9 years ago

      This is just my 2 cents worth. NPC is awesome, the best program on the internet because I have been marketing since 1994. I am not much of a techie and it is sometimes overwhelming to me. If you follow Adam and Alen's videos in order, you can be a success. On top of that, they give you two premade niches per month. If you just do the two premade niches you are still way ahead of the game.

    • ontheway profile image

      ontheway 9 years ago


      very good, I support you, come on , welcome to my hub!

    • profile image

      Theo Steward 9 years ago

      Slander, slander, nothing but slander concerning those negative comments!I'm a member and I'm perfectly happy with what Adam and Alen have on offer. It's a crying shame that people would use such tactics to discredit two people who have gone out of their way to create a service that has no equal on the Internet when it comes down to learning how to create an income from online activities.

    • Gin Delloway profile image

      Gin Delloway 9 years ago

      great hub! I like it!

    • profile image

      Teresa 9 years ago


      This is Teresa from Niche Profit Classroom. We checked and there is no record of a “Madelaine” in our database as ever being a customer. Where you an actual customer of NPC? If so, what was your name?

      I’d like to check our support desk and find out if indeed you had any tickets ever open, or if you were even a customer.

      Also, why are you emailing: ?

      That is not even an email address we give out, so I'm not sure how you got it.

      Our contact form is in plain sight and it's here:



    • RoySencio profile image

      RoySencio 9 years ago from CA, USA

      Hi Guys,

      As many of you might have noticed my review about Niche Profit Classroom has received a lot of attention and is getting a number of negative comments.

      My review and experience with the product has so far been positive so far, but since I want to present you with as much information, factss and opinions, all comments here have not been edited nor deleted, even the negative ones. This is in the hope of giving you the buyer, all that you need to make a well informed purchase decision.

      However since it is also so easy to leave comments, with no way to validate or verify these claims, I have also opted to contact the owners of the product to give them the opportunity to present their side and refute, if needed, any of the negative claims.

      I thought that this is only fair... and in the end, you be the judge.

      Here is the response from Niche Profit Classroom.


      Roy,It's Adam from NPC. Hope you're well.I'm writing about your page: done a lot of reading of that page...and I was flabbergasted by the negative comments.I've spoken with my partner Alen and we both believe that those comments are fake, and that we are being sabotaged by another marketer.First off, our support is great. We've never had a single complaint from a member. That's the first thing.The second thing is that I took the names of those people who left negative comments and I looked them up in our customer database, and couldn't find any of them!Very weird, and very fishy.I'd really appreciate if we could talk about this, and see if you'll consider removing those comments, and/or starting a new page altogether and taking that one down.Those comments are pure slander and I hate to see our business harmed by these lies.I'd like to talk to you by phone if possible, so feel free to call me at: (number withheld for privacy). That's my personal cell phone.Or, just respond to this email.I appreciate your attention to this matter.Adam

    • profile image

      David Frazier 9 years ago

      John ,I don't think these are aspects. I believe they are comments and/or observations from people like my self that have tried this service.

      If this worked for you, great. As for myself, I logged several support tickets and have never received a reply to any of them.

      It appears this is just another one of those sites that throws a ton of videos and products at you and it's up to you to figure out how to use them.

      Just keep sending the money, but don't bug me with any questions.

      I say No Thanks.

    • linjingjing profile image

      linjingjing 9 years ago


      Writing good

    • profile image

      John 9 years ago


      I don't understand what your issues are, and why you're posting negative aspects about NPC. I've been a member for 2 months now, and I'm already making about $500 a month from the system itself, and it is by far the best system I have ever used.

      And I've spent quite a bit of money on other systems from other gurus, including a high end $2,000 DVD course from another "guru" - I won't say any names here - but Niche Profit Classroom is a steal for $47 a month, I would go as far as pay $97 for their service.

    • profile image

      Elaine 9 years ago


      These people nothing but crooks.

    • profile image

      Madelaine 9 years ago

      DO NOT TRUST NPC!You can NEVER get to their customer support and they don't live up to their Money Back guarantee! I was a member for 3 weeks and did not feel that it was for me. I still have not gotten a confirmation mail about my membership being closed , nor have I gotten my money back. They don't even reply to my emails. The email, comes back to me as: "This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail"I am a part of a few membership sites, but this one is by far the worst I have ever seen!please be ware! They want your money but not your emails!!Madelaine

    • profile image

      Henry 9 years ago

      Overkill with videos,etc. But you better have some IM experience because there is no support from the owners at all. Worst customer support and customer service I've ever seen.

      Henry E.

    • profile image

      Wayne 9 years ago

      I received a link for the first video from a membership I belong to. I watched it and registered for the next.Never got it. Tried several times.

      I have logged three tickets on the NPC site and haven't gotten a response yet.

      If this is the way they handle customer service and/or support. NO THANKS.


    • profile image

      Mary Float 9 years ago

      I purchased NPC March 4,2009. They took my CC and charged me . I never got so much as a thank you. I emailed support on the 6th. All I have is 10 bounced emails shown below. I guess support is out of business. I can't even cancel due to no support.Any one else having this problem? This is an automatically generated Delivery Status NotificationDelivery to the following recipient failed permanently: contact@nicheprofitsupport.comTechnical details of permanent failure:Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 451 451 Temporary local problem - please try later (state 14).

    • RoySencio profile image

      RoySencio 9 years ago from CA, USA

      Hey Rob, the biggest benefit that NPC delivers in general is the the depth and detail that go into the modules (lessons and videos).Personally it has helped me understand how to create my own products.

      While I am not an absolute newbie and have come across several niche marketing courses in the past, it always felt like there was something missing or something more to it that I was not learning.

      NPC helped me the most in the aspect of creating digital products which was the part where I felt other products were not concise enough or complete.

      When marketing online, it is very important to have your own digital product that is of value to its prospects. It all starts with a product, that you can sell to small niche markets.

    • profile image

      Rob 9 years ago

      Roy, Thanks for the review can you share how you have been able to use NPC and time investment required. I have not joined but I am considering it among the plethora of options out there.

    • profile image

      Roy Sencio 9 years ago

      Hey Shan...

      First of all.. the best advise I can give you (based on your remark about the number of videos) which can be a little overwhelming; would be to take it slow, watch each of them and give yourself time to really digest and process. The human mind can only take in so much. Do not rush yourself with too much information.... try not get overloaded.

      Go along with the course, don't rush or skip parts. Move on to the next once you are absolutely sure you fully understand the lessons in the module you are in.

    • profile image

      shan 9 years ago

      @elsie & @batman 71 > In 1 and 2 weeks and already selling? wow... could you post some helpful tips? I just joined yesterday. They have WAY TOO MUCH videos there. I can't imagine that within 1 or 2 weeks you could really go through them all and already cashing!???

    • profile image

      Roy Sencio 9 years ago

      Thanks for all your comments.. glad to have you visiting this hub. If you have any success stories to share please feel free to post.

    • profile image

      ELSIE 9 years ago



    • batman71 profile image

      batman71 9 years ago

      Great hub.

      I just joined the Niche Profit Classroom a week ago and have already made two clickbank sales using the tips found at NPC. Join the NPC you won't regret it.

    • RoySencio profile image

      RoySencio 9 years ago from CA, USA

      Thanks for the tip David.. I guess now I will add as a bonus my own tracking software.

    • profile image

      David 9 years ago

      Dont Spend time promoting niche classroom they have poor customer services and tracking system are not u never know how much leads / sales u generated !

      PR: wait... I: wait... L: wait... LD: wait... I: wait...wait... C: wait... SD: wait...

    • profile image

      FIONA 9 years ago




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