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6 Quick Ways To Get A Dream Job

Updated on September 6, 2015

1. Your Job Reflects You

If you want to stop ending up with work that you hate or does not provide you with any kind of value then you need to really understand yourself. You need to identify what really interest and excites you. Ask yourself "What do i really want from a job"?

  • Some people want money and more money so they don't mind working the toughest job or the longest hours.
  • Some would want that promotion therefore they adapt and accept the politics in the workplace.
  • Others view work as a means to an end and hence work life balance plays a very important role.

What do you want? Do you seriously want to build the life you want at work? Understand that these traits define yourself and you use it to explore career choices and opportunities.

2. Do an online career assessment

If you are really unsure about which job that you should really go for, do an online career assessment. There are plenty of those tests available online. These are also called as career aptitude test. The best part about taking these tests is that not only will it narrow down your options to a best few possible job, you will also get a lot of insights about what you are really good at and how does your personality links to work preferences.

There are many free resources for you to take an online career aptitude test. Here are the top 5 recommended sites for you to try out.

3. What Do You Really Want In Life?

In order to live your life in your dream career, you need to ask yourself one fundamental question "what do i really want in life?" A career needs to complement your lifestyle. A career needs to energize you.To get that dream career, you need to make sure that what you want is exactly what you are getting into.

This may sound like a deep life changing decision but it rather a career defining question. If you are not on how to go about it, you might want to check out an article by Forbes : 35 Questions That Will Change Your Life.

Would you be more interested in status or a six figure salary? Do you want to make a difference in your community and the world or just on your company’s net worth?

4. Get Other People's Opinion About You

Often, one of the best ways to know which job would be suitable for you is through getting other people's opinion.The nearest resources that you can leverage on would be your friends ,family or your co-workers on your traits and skills. It is through their feedback that you would be able to perceive what they like and don’t like about you and what skills or traits need to be changed can be helpful in determining your professional profile.

If you are looking for more unbiased and professional feedback, a great way to get it is by engaging a career coach. Career coach are consultants who can help you to get from where you are to where you want to be. These people are change agents who will guide you in finding your own career answers to your own questions. Michael Feeley provides a great article for you to read about what actually is career counseling.

Career coaches also conduct career clinics which is usually free and this involves a basic overview of how you can benefit from such a service. One interesting place that you can look for is Martin Yate's Knock Em Dead consultancy which provides free career clinic.

5. Knowing Your Company

Knowing which company is right for you can be a big factor in helping you get that dream job you want. Big companies are not necessarily the best companies to work for. Depending on which industry that you are in and what is your priority in employment, doing a bit of research in the type of companies would be good.

Here are a few quick resources that you can look into

With the current changes in employee needs and company fit you need to consider the values and principles of the company and compare them with your own. It is important that you feel comfortable and fit in with company.

These are some great places to work for...seriously!

6. Free Your Mind

Have an open mind when you are searching for that dream career. The landscape of the career path you choose is constantly changing. It includes expansion and new opportunities. All of these changes require a desire to journey and discover those opportunities.

Now, sometimes you get lucky enough to find that dream career that you have always been searching for and sometimes you just need make do with what you've got and translate it into a 'dream career'.

Select your job carefully, if you find yourself not passionate about what you do then get out.

Check out the top 15 coolest job in the world.


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