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No Fee Work At Home Jobs

Updated on April 30, 2013

You Really Do Not Need To Pay Anyone To Be Able To Work

Working at home is no different then working anywhere else. So why would you pay someone a fee with an application? If you would not slip a tip to someone when applying for an office job then you do not need a pay-pal account to apply for a job online. Accept for of course if that is how they are going to pay you.

This is a word of advice that I wish I would have taken when I first started looking for a work at home job many years ago in early 2005. They always caught with me the line of this is a fee for applying. I thought okay sure I will pay five dollars for an application fee if it will get me a job, maybe it really does cost more for employers to find suitable employee online. But really what was I thinking.

Are There Really Jobs That I Can Do From Home?

There really has always been jobs that can be done from home. The internet did not invent the home based job, but it did make it easier than ever before. Seamstresses, farmers and childcare workers is some of the most well known home based professions that have been around for a very long time.

While you still do not have to pay to work and there really is no fees for real work at home jobs, technology really has opened up the possibilities greatly. The types of jobs are much more varied then before.

No Fee Work At Jobs
No Fee Work At Jobs

How Has The Home Based Job Market Changed In The Past Few Years?

In the past few years I am thankful that the job market for home base jobs has greatly increased. While eight years ago there was just a few online jobs out there and so many scams, today there are very many employees working at home by telecommuting even with large companies and many very well known brick and mortar businesses.

Add a little technology, phone based sales and customer service workers for telecommunications companies came in to place. Data entry and photography jobs also grew in this job area when technology got cheaper and more common.

In to days world, many more jobs can be done at home with the right equipment then ever before. Even high paying jobs that does not have anything to do with computers and technology like nurses and counselors can find employment in a company offering positions that can telecommute for.

How Do I Find A Telecommuting Job?

There is no one way, fastest or even easiest way about getting a job that will allow you to telecommute. As to that there is also many ways to telecommute. When applying for a job you can always look for jobs on employment boards like for job postings with that particular requirement. Although, if you just needed to do that you probably would not need any further help and you could already have a job working from your own desk at home.

It is just not always that simple, not only are there scams to avoid from postings but there is also jobs you would be missing that does not advertize that they would be okay with telecommuting. Watch the video below to learn more about how to find a home based job, how to apply without paying fees and where to look for hidden jobs that will allow you to work from home.

How Do I Avoid The Scams?

What has not changed is that there is a scam for everything. The scammers can seem like they are getting better but really they can typically be uncovered before they get what they are wanting.

First of all never paying a fee to work at home will keep out of many such scams. To avoid scams on job postings look at the ad closely. Remember you are wanting to be paid to do a job. Anything that looks to good is usually not true. If it does not make sense then it is best to pass.

Avoid giving job leads to much information at first if applying for jobs that you are unsure of the company. Also it is best to use a separate e-mail account that is different from what you would use to link to personal things online such as facebook and other social websites.

To learn more about avoiding work at home scams watch video below:

The Freelance Option

Freelancing is nothing to be scared over. Many individuals use freelancing as a way to start their own business or to make it financially in between jobs. Although, many times freelancing can be the perfect type of non typical job for someone that wants the freedom of working from home.

While many companies are jumping on board to hire telecommuters to save on their bottom line, many companies use freelancers to avoid risk of hiring the unknown or when they only need part time help. This can be a great in to a company for long term employment as well as to gain experience in the employment area as well as working as a telecommuter. You will find that many companies are less hesitant of hiring an applicant that has successful telecommuting experiences when hiring for a telecommute position.

Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business
Creative, Inc.: The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business

A guide for those in creative professions start a successful path to a freelance career.


Work Online with Real Companies

Freelancing on your own, creating your own business, and getting hired by a large regular company is not the only option. There are many small business and websites that hire or contract with individuals to do jobs such as writing, blogging, social networking, graphic designers and photography.

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    • mcajaclyn profile image

      mcajaclyn 4 years ago

      Nice lens but I disagree about it automatically being a scam if you have to pay. I work from home with MCA and its free to become an associate but inorder to qualify yourself you need to purchase your own membership(memberships are for benefits the company offers). Even though you don't need a degree or experience you do need to qualify yourself b/c your job is to promote the benefits and how can you possibly say something is top knotch or recommend the service/product if you don't have it yourself. Like I said great lens I just disagree with automatically assuming something is a scam if you need to pay something. Instead people should do their research before jumping into anything:)

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Nice lens.