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Non Profit Insurance

Updated on November 13, 2013

Insurance For Non Profit Organizations

Are you a Non-Profit Organization looking for Insurance in Georgia? Many recognize that not-profit organizations are incredibly important in building and supporting our community strive and we enjoy dealing with people who are busy making the world a better place - so we've made this area of insurance one of our specialities.

directors and officers insurance non profit
directors and officers insurance non profit

Non Profit Liability Insurance

As a non-profit group, you may be almost entirely funded by donations and grants but unfortunately, just like a for-profit business, you can suffer losses brought on by a variety of events. For example:

Even if your vehicles have been donated, you still face the risk of one of your vehicles being involved in an accident, or being stolen or otherwise damaged.

If your organization owns property, it's as vulnerable as most other properties to fire, storm damage and even burglary.

If volunteers and members of the public enter your property, you also have the risk of a liability claim arising from an injury that occurs on your property.

Fundraising activities also carry risks. A fundraising dinner function where food and alcohol is served also carries liability risks.

If you have employees, it's likely you'll need workers' compensation insurance too.

In some cases goods and services are even sold by non profit organizations with a portion if not all of the proceeds going to the operations. These type of funding can have its own issues. Depending on the state and classification of your non profit you may even be limited to how much you can sell as a product or service.

We fully appreciate that you're in the business of helping others - so we'd like to assist you by making sure you get the best value non-profit organization insurance in Georgia. Speak to us today and let us help you.

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