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What not to do at the workplace! You will be surprised at some of the things people do!

Updated on July 16, 2012

Are you sometimes wondering why people do weird or inappropriate things at work? I have listed several things that people should never do at work. I believe this list is common sense. The workplace is a serious and professional environment that people should at least try to be productive. I know there are lots of temptations everywhere. But certain things should not be done at work no matter how tempting they are. You might be surprised to find out what people do at the office!

Dating publicly at the workplace – You should care about your image at the workplace. Your co-workers have eyes and have a pretty good hutch of what's going on. There are people at the office that made their romance or fling public (not announcing it but everyone knows)! It is very disturbing when you walk in the coffee room and see two people hugging tightly. People will talk to others about what they observed on the premises. A gossip about a guy zipping up his pants with his female co-worker spreads around the workplace very quickly. Besides, why can't you do these things outside of work? Dating at the workplace openly is very damaging to your reputation and should be avoided at all costs.

Wear inappropriate clothing / makeup – At the office, everyone should look professional. Tight, see through, very short clothing should be avoided. Again, you are there to work not show off your body to others. It is also important to wear something age appropriate. If you are over fifty years old, Forever 21 and other youth oriented stores are not for you. Super tight skinny pants on a fifty years old woman is not the most pleasant sight. When the workplace do not have a specific dress code, you should use your own best judgments to determine what to wear. Since the office is a professional place, ladies should not pile on so much makeup that you look like you are ready to hit the night clubs any time. There was a young woman at my workplace that had the most ridiculous outfit and makeup I have ever seen. Her typical outfit is a sheer blouse, tight fitting skinny jeans, super long hair that is not tied up and makeup that is super heavy. Coincidentally, this person's work habits are terrible. Many co-workers remembered her as someone unreliable and lazy.

Searching for jobs at your work computer – The work computer is monitored by IT continuously. What you are doing is being watched and possibly reported to your supervisor. Even if you don't like the work or don't plan to work there long term, it is always better to search for jobs at home.

Gossip – Gossip is one of the most common things at work. People like to talk about other people and speculate what's going on in their personal lives. For most people, gossiping is very interesting and juicy. However, if you participate in spreading information about others, it can come back to hurt you. Work is a professional place where productivity should be high. Last thing you want to do is build a negative reputation for yourself at work. Upward mobility can be hindered by your love of gossip.

Bring your bad mood to work – There are things that can happen in our personal lives that will make us upset. However, your co-workers are not the ones that should endure your bad mood. I have one co-worker that is particularly bad when it comes to the moody problem. She seems to release her frustration on her fellow co-workers. This behavior is absolutely horrible.

Come to work when you are sick with the flu – Most people accumulate sick hours at their jobs. Those hours are meant to be used when you are not feeling well. However, there are plenty of people that do not like to take advantage of those sick days. I have seen people coming in to work with a flu and coughs at others. Yuck, you should not spread those germs.


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    • Emeraldgreen21 profile image

      Atell Rohlandt 

      6 years ago from South Africa

      Great hub. I've not worked outside the home in some time, but I still remember seeing some of the things you mentioned! Spreading flu and cold germs is just I'm totally with you on that one!


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