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Upwork Cover Letter Tips | How To Write A Perfect Upwork Cover Letter

Updated on September 6, 2015
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Roberto has been writing online for 4 years now. He graduated in engineering in 2013 and has passion for technology and gadgets.

Cover Letter To Get Your First Job on Upwork

You might already know that cover letters are extremely important while applying for any freelance jobs at (now Upwork). A unique cover letter is what separates and distinguishes you from the rest of the job bidders. A cover letter should be detailed, to the point, and understandable; and short-n-sweet at the same time.

Popular and high demanding jobs on Upwork:

  1. Website Designers
  2. Logo Designers
  3. Article Writers, Content Writers, Copywriters
  4. Virtual Assistants
  5. Developers—Facebook, Twitter, iPhone apps
  6. Translators, Proofreaders, Transcription

To all of you who don't know what I'm talking about, just sneak a peek into, it is a marketplace which connects employers with freelancers—yes, this is one of the websites where you can work from home online.

Just like for any day job, a cover letter is also important in Upwork. Please note that these are NOT the official rules to writing a perfect Upwork cover letter, these are just the guidelines which I have learned, seen and experienced at Upwork for over 4 years (both as an employer and a contractor). All the tips I give here are well within the terms of Upwork, but should not be taken as the official rule.

oDesk Cover Letter Tips for Freelance Work

oDesk Readiness Test

oDesk Readiness Test is your passport to getting jobs.

Before applying for any job at oDesk or before writing the cover letter for your first Upwork job, make sure you have your profile filled completely and the mandatory tests passed. The Upwork Readiness Test for individual contractors OR for staffing managers (whichever applies for you) is a must, because most of the employers and job posters on Upwork won’t even click on your profile without you having the test passed.

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Effective Upwork Cover Letter Tips To Get Jobs

To write an effective cover letter on Upwork that generates returns, read the job description carefully and follow accordingly.

1. Greet the job poster effectively.

Most of the employers in Upwork will have their company name written in the right sidebar of the job. And in some jobs, they write their name as well. This is your chance to show that you have read the job description carefully and also their name. So, a greeting saying “Dear (Company Name Here)” or “Dear (Job poster’s name)” is great. This will show that you know the company you are going to work for, and even the employer’s name. In case you see no names, the oDesk blog suggests that you write “Dear Hiring Manager”, which is okay.

2. Read the requirements of the job.

If the hiring manager or employer only asks for North American native and if you are not, then don’t bother to apply. Employers spend their hard-earned money to get their job done, so they want it to be perfect. They will not hire an Asian or African for doing that job – simply because they don’t have native North American skills.

If you are the employer who wants native Spanish translation, would you hire an African, or an Indian or Japanese? No, right!? So why do you want them to hire you? P.S. if the employer has already set the requirement, your credentials would appear in RED in your application. (Red = Danger)

3. Open your file and show your certificates, but with a twist.

Just like in a typical day job interview, you want to show your certificates. But, in case of Upwork, you don’t need to do that (unless the employer asks for the relevant certificates or CV). Just write about your expertise in the job and relevant experiences if any. Make sure your profile is ready with a portfolio of your past jobs (whether on Upworkor off-Upwork). And if you are new to the job, you might want to add a few lines extra saying something like:

“Although my portfolio may seem empty for this job, I assure that I can do this job perfectly as I have been practicing this for over xxx months. I am also ready for any test you might want to give me prior to getting hired.”

4. Be credible, be humanly.

What if you run away without doing the job or doing only half the work? Remember, they are humans, they spend money and they have 100% full right to contact you and be worried about the job. A REAL picture of yours increases trust, get them to invite you to the interview and ask for your contact information. (Note: Don’t give away your contact information in the cover letter or put any contactable address in your profile – it’s against oDesk’s TOS). You can only give your contact info in the interview phase or after getting hired. And if they ask for one, don’t hesitate to give away your phone number or Skype ID. This makes you credible and humanly (fake and spam accounts are a big trouble these days).

All pictures are taken from Pixabay


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    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 16 months ago from Cicero, New York

      Hello Roberto Fascinating, excellently written and such an amazing, informative hub, gained so much. Nice meeting you. Happy to be following you. Linda

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