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Office Supplies and Stationery

Updated on September 4, 2014

News, Offers and Articles all about Office Supplies

Office Allsorts Ltd is an on-line only supplier of office supplies and Printer Cartridges to the UK offering a huge range of over 20,000 items at discounted prices, free next day delivery, 30-Day credit facilities for businesses and friendly, efficient customer service.

A Guide to Envelopes

Envelopes come in many different shapes and sizes with the most common being C4, C5, C6 and DL which are suitable respectively for paper sizes A4, A5, A6 and 1/3 of A4 or compliment slip size. As well as the standard type of envelope there are also Padded Bags, Protective Envelopes, Gusset Envelopes and Machine Envelopes available.

Envelope Types

C4 Size Envelopes

C4 envelopes are suitable for an unfolded piece of A4 paper. C4 envelope dimensions are 229mm à 324mm. The C4 envelope is a very common piece of stationery and can be found in most offices throughout the UK. C4 envelopes are commonly used for sending contracts, reports and brochures.

C5 Size Envelopes

C5 envelopes are suitable for an unfolded piece of A5 paper or an A4 sheet folded in half. C5 dimensions are 162mm x 229mm. C5 Envelopes are commonly used for mail shots or business letters.

C6 Size Envelopes

C6 envelopes are suitable for and unfolded piece of A6 paper or an A5 sheet folded in half. C6 dimensions are 114mm x 162mm. C6 envelopes are popular for personal use and fit postcards or greetings cards.

DL Size Envelopes

DL envelopes are suitable for a sheet of A4 paper folded twice. DL envelope dimensions are 110mm x 220mm. DL envelopes are commonly used for sending single page letters.

Board backed Envelopes

Board backed envelopes offer extra protection to important documents. They are typically made using stiff, heavy duty manila board which forms the back of the envelope. This board offers rigid protection for the paperwork inside. Board backed envelopes are used for sending Photo's, employment documents, contracts and exam certificates.

Gusset Envelopes

Gusset envelopes are used for sending oversized items through the postal system. They come with either a 'Block Bottom' or 'V-Shaped Bottom' which allows the envelope to expand as required. As Gusset Envelopes typically hold larger items they are generally constructed out of heavyweight paper to help prevent tearing and damage in transit. Some uses for Gusset Envelopes are for the sending of Books, Magazines and Manuals.

Padded Envelopes and Bubble Bags

Padded bags and Bubble bags provide extra protection for delicate, valuable, bulky or heavy items. They are made of an outer layer of strong tear resistant paper and a bubble lined interior. Potential uses for padded bags and bubble bags are almost endless, however some common uses are for the mailing of CD's, Books and Jewellery.

Media Mailers

Media mailers are envelope style products used for storing and posting CD's and DVD's. They can range from a simple envelope sleeve which is ideal for storage and protects against dust and static to corrugated cardboard which provides protection for postal transit.

Other Points to Consider

Envelope Styles


Pocket envelopes have the opening flap along the shortest edge.


Wallet envelopes have the opening flap along the long edge.

Envelope Seals

Peal and Seal

Peal and Seal is the easiest way of sealing an envelope. Simply pull away the covering strip to reveal a strong adhesive that seals instantly with a very strong bond.

Press Seal

Press seal envelopes have two strips of adhesive, one on the flap and one on the body of the envelope. These are pressed together to form a strong bond.

Gummed Seal

Gummed seal envelopes have a strip of adhesive on the flap of the envelope that becomes sticky when moistened.

Envelope Weight

Envelope paper weight ranges from 80gsm to 130gsm. Heavier weighted envelopes provide extra protection for the contents and are better suited to heavy items. They also present a better appearance to the recipient as they have a more substantial feel to them. If you are looking to make an impression opt for 100gsm or more.

Envelope Colour

A nice and simple choice of either White or Manilla (brown). Manilla are generally slightly cheaper than white and are ideal as a day to day envelope. White envelopes present a more professional image and are best used for important correspondence.

Windowed and Plain Envelopes

Widowed envelopes are generally more expensive than plain envelopes and allow you to display the address printed on the letter contained inside. Widowed envelopes present a better image so for important correspondence go with this option.

The Benefits of Buying Office Supplies Online

The hidden budget hole

Many different activities both in business and at home require products that fall under the umbrella of Office Supplies and virtually everybody will at some point need to visit the local stationery shop or superstore to purchase what they need. There is another way however, rather than spend time driving to the shops, paying for parking, walking around the store trying to find what you need, queuing to pay and then realising when you get home that you've forgotten the one thing you really needed. Why not just put the kettle on, grab a digestive (other biscuits are available), switch on the computer and shop online.

To Read the full Article on 'The Benefits of Buying Office Supplies

Online' please follow the link.

The Benefits of Buying Office Supplies Online

Controlling Your Office Supplies Spend

Out of all of the things that one would think of to save money on for a business, office supplies is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. However, numerous business owners and managers are beginning to realise that office supplies are quickly becoming something they have to keep an eye on.

To the average employee things like office supplies and stationery seem to just always be there. They don't give a thought about how it got there or who paid for it. The employee will not worry about how much paper or how many pens they use because they know that a short walk to the stationery cupboard can easily replenish their supply. If you are in the position of owning or operating a business though, you need to consider changing this mindset.

Padded Bags

Choose from our range of padded bag envelopes. We supply all the top brands including Jiffy, New Guardian, Mailmiser and Versapak. Start saving money today and choose our economy 5 Star brand.

Top Office Health Tips

You’ve spent the last 4 hours sat at your desk staring at a spreadsheet and rushing to meet a tight deadline. You’ve forgotten to take your morning break or even wander over to the water cooler to grab a drink. You do have a half drunk cup of coffee on your desk but you can’t remember making it so can only assume it is from last night when you were working late. Although you fancy a drink, you’re not yet that desperate. Ok, so this may be a little extreme but does any of it sound familiar?

If you work in an office chances are that at some point you’ve found yourself feeling drained and tired, even though all you’ve done all day is sit at your desk. Here you’ll find some great tips to help you stay alert and working to maximum capacity.

To Read the full Article on ‘Top Office Health Tips’ please follow the link.

Top Office Health Tips

Does Green Matter?

All companies use stationery of some description, with paper products being the most heavily used in most businesses. When it comes to purchasing these supplies do you look for products which are environmentally friendly or are you simply focused on keeping costs down and buy based on which office supplies offer you the best value for money.

When buying office supplies do you actively look to purchase 'Enviromentally Friendly' products?

See results

Computer Keyboard Covers

New Range Launched

Did you know that 80% of us now share computer equipment in the office and 40% of computer keyboards are used by more than one person. With the move towards 'Hot Desking' in many larger organisations this multiple usage is only set to increase. A shared keyboard can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, especially with 90% of office workers eating lunch at their desk and dropping food particles into their keyboard.

To keep you keyboard clean and in tip top shape Office Allsorts have just launched a range of Computer Keyboard covers. Each cover is precision molded to fit the contours of your keyboard perfectly. They are wipe clean and are virtually indestructible.



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