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Make Money OnLine - One Hour Translation

Updated on June 16, 2012
Click on "Source URL" if You want to register for free, and start to earn money. ONEHOURTRANSLATION is an professional COMPANY, that's one of the leader in e-translation, with customers like "TechCrunch" , "CNN" , "Financial Times"...
Click on "Source URL" if You want to register for free, and start to earn money. ONEHOURTRANSLATION is an professional COMPANY, that's one of the leader in e-translation, with customers like "TechCrunch" , "CNN" , "Financial Times"... | Source

Making money online

- Making money online has been an "plan B" for earning money almost for every second user of Internet, who has an knowledge of using Internet, general knowledge in IT, and certified knowledge of foreign language.

Online TRANSLATING , earn with OneHourTrasnalation.COM

Online translation has started to gain popularity lately, within World Economic Crisis. People lost their jobs, desperate, have turned at less payed but a lot more comfort way of earning money. The only thing, that You need in this case - in real scenario - not a scam kind of money earning offers - You need :

  1. PC / Laptop - Computer
  2. Network Adapter connected to Internet
  3. General IT knowledge
  4. Recommended knowledge of networking
  5. An must is diploma or certificate of foreign language knowledge (for instance : You are native speaker of English, if You want to translate to Spanish - You will have to have an proof of knowledge / scanned or pictured certificate or diploma)
  6. And, in this case of, You will have to pass the exam of knowledge which will be evaluated by real professionals.
  7. NO "GOOGLE TRANSLATE" or other non-human kind of translation IS FORBIDDEN!

If You think that You meet these seven requirements - than, don't wait - register for free and start earning money!

Project Based Earning , is an serious company that deals with big customers like CNN, TechCrunch, Financial Times, Twitter, Facebook, and many, many others. If You have what it needs, upper-mentioned requirements, You are on really good way to start earning money.

By translating projects, that customers of OHT(OneHourTranslation) send, depending of language that it needs to be translated on - You will get an NOTIFICATION by e-mail.

Notifications : The Speed

E-mail notifications, about opened projects, are something that is the crucial part of informing over 8.000 translators of ongoing projects. What I would recommend You, after signing in on THIS LINK , is to install an e-mail client program (POP3, IMAP) that will check Your e-mail, on every 1 minute.

Microsoft LiveTM Mail is not offering the feature of checking e-mail on every minute. You have just several programs that CAN do that - and one of them is IncrediMailTM . My recommendation is to download this e-mail client program, connect it with Your e-mail account (GMail, Mail, Yahoo, or whatever... ) and You are ready to be the first one that will click on "TAKE PROJECT"

The Look of "CERTIFIED" Profile

The Affiliate Program

Also, there is an affiliate program included in those, "certified" profiles. With this program, You can earn some additional "bucks". You will get an unique link, which were will Internet users click on, and depending on way of their registration ( as an translator or customer ) You will get an revenue from it.

Of course, if You attract an new customer, You will get an certain percentage of it's translated projects.

In other case, I think that there is an fixed price of "bringing an new translator".

Also, You can apply for an "Sales Representative" and become their "Official Sales Representative" - depending on their needs and location of Yours.

The "Golden Rule" and process of verification and certification

OneHourTranslation.COM is really an professional company, that relies on human translation, and trust is based on Google detector, and non-human (in general) detector.

Many satisfied clients are the actual proof of satisfaction and good feedback of "OHT" translators work.

There are several "Golden Rules" that you MUST follow, in order to stay in program of translation. You can't just copy-and-paste the text, and just like that, without any sense - give/submit a translation. You will be low rated, and Your feedback of their customer will be low also. So, You have two kind of ratings - the "reviewer" one, and the "clients" one. Clients feedback is CRUCIAL and it's the most important!

You will have to work on INTERNAL and GENERAL rating, as the GENERAL RATING will decide will or not will You continue to translate for OHT. From 1 to 5, translators world wide will be rated. Everyone, lower than 3, will be automatically kicked out of "Translation" program, so the quality of translating would be saved.


-This is something, that every future "worker"/ translator MUST pass. These two procedures will determine, whether or not are You eligible for work at OHT.

The process of verification is something that company must to do, in order to identify You.

This, is mainly because of payment process. In order to "verify" Yourself, You will need to provide an quality picture or scanned copy of Your ID or passport. Be aware that Your privacy will be kept !

The verification process is understandable - for instance, would You give into hands of "anonymous" translator a project worth of couple hundred of dollars ? - No, most of You wont. Or, how would You pay to Your "workers", earned money on their bank accounts, when You don't know their real identity ? So, this is an really important - first - step.

The process of "certification" - is the process where OHT "certifies" You, as one of their translators. Don't think it's easy - because it's not, as they are REAL and PROFESSIONAL company, for online translation.

In this process, You will need to provide, by e-mail, again the quality picture or a good scanned copy of Your diploma or certificate about Your knowledge of foreign language. This will serve as an proof to them that they have, in they army of translators, only high quality translators as customers like CNN, Financial Times, and other major companies don't want some "in-certified" translators to translate their projects.

NOTE: All translations will be labeled as "projects" - from those with 4 to those with 4000 words.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I am an Arabic English & Vice-Versa Translator, so i am looking for jobs in this regards.

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      on the You can register if You have an certificate knowledge of knowing some foreign language.

      OHT has proven to me that they PAY for what I DO! I earned around 500$ until now... But, You have to TAKE PROJECT immediately when You get the notification mail.

    • glassvisage profile image


      6 years ago from Northern California

      I've never heard of this website or of this service. It sounds like what Babelfish and other translation services do. Have you tried this before? Thanks for sharing!


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