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STAYING a Stay At Home Mom

Updated on April 30, 2012
The reason I love being a Stay at Home Mom
The reason I love being a Stay at Home Mom

Who would be so low as to scam a Stay at Home Mom?

They're out there....., lurking....., prowling around...., ready to POUNCE on their next unsuspecting prey with their entrapping malicious snares. Who are they? Where do they come from and how do they do it? What do we need to be on the look out for?

My main objective here is that I realize I'm not alone in the troubles I go through as a SAHM. I know there are thousands or more women out there in the same boat or worse (financially).

My goal is to help other women find ways to supplement their income and relieve the financial burdens their husbands are bearing or those single Moms out there who carry the burden on their own. Yes I realize that there are Dad's out there who are also Stay at Home Dads and I commend them, however this is where my experience lies so that's what I'll stick with. I also know a lot of women who have to work because financially they would be drowning if they didn't. Well if we could help bring those women home to be with their kids wouldn't that be something?

What you should be aware of when searching for work online.

I have personally spent countless hours on the internet scouring page after page of sites only to discover that there are more scams luring us SAHM than actual legitimate jobs. Now if your idea of a job is like mine it should involve doing work in exchange for pay and in some cases benefits such as insurance, 401K etc. I have never worked for a company that I was asked to pay a startup cost for a training manual or software or anything like that so why should I do the same working from home?

I wasted almost two months to make a measly $30 doing surveys and reading emails for inbox dollars. What a joke! At least it was free. I paid a membership fee to do mystery shopping and the amount of paperwork they wanted filled out for the small amount of money they paid was a complete waste of time. Don't even get me started on MLM's. I've lost more money in MLM's than I care to admit. No matter how great anyone tries to convince me their company is, I will never do MLM's again. I'm not saying nobody should do MLM's, just simply put, it's not for me. End of story.

Examples of scams I've come across to name a few(I don't think you want to read a novel)

You want me to pay how much for a "job"?!

First of all just because we are Stay at Home Moms doesn't automatically qualify us for dimwitted ignoramuses. I just don't understand why we have been made the targets for what seems like an enormous, if not overwhelming amount of scams out there.

Here's one I've come across several times in Craig's list in the job section under ETC. The ad says to email them for more info but since its rather lengthy I'll summarize it. Essentially they state that you could make upwards of $350-$700 weekly here's a sample of their wording:

You must have a computer with internet access, a working email account, and basic typing skills. You can choose to work full or part time and the hours are set by you. You will be processing responses from advertisements; this will be explained to you in the training materials.

They than advise you that you must pay a fee of between $8-$15 depending on which con artist you got that day. This payment must be sent via paypal to their paypal account. This fee covers the cost of the "training manual" Here's my favorite line of bull.... No business can cover administrative cost, wasted time or provide costly materials to everyone who inquires about this position. Oh really? I can't even BEGIN to add up the amount of money the major phone companies I worked for would spend on training alone and not one DIME of that came out of my pocket whether I stayed with the company or not. In fact many people don't even make it through the extensive training that the company pays hundreds if not thousands PER person! Well I responded to a few of them and only one had the guts to respond to my question below:

First of all how do I know who you are or who you represent? How do I know you haven't just set up some paypal account and are sending out emails to people telling them you will send them a training manual when all you have to do is get enough people to send to $15 and you've just made yourself a nice bundle of money. Why not have a website where you can download the information online and have a valid way of verifying that your company is legit? There is nothing in this email that tells me who you are or your company for that matter.

Their response:

This is an independent business venture so there is no specific name or website I can direct you to. This is not a get rich quick scam but simply a wonderful way to make some good extra money on the side and on your own timing. If you feel this is suitable for you, your materials will promptly be sent to you. Thank you

Yeah.....okay. First of all I don't think anybody can have a legitimate business without registering their business name, if nothing else but for tax purposes.

I wouldn't be surprised if this one came from Nigeria. I don't know what Nigerians have against Americans but they are well known for targeting us "greedy Americans" as they have been known to refer us as. They even have their own music video bragging about how they enjoy scamming the "greedy Americans". Their scams usually fall under the cashier check frauds you may have heard about.

Here is a link to a website unveiling many more work from home scams:

Okay, now that I've warned you about all the bad guys out to get us Stay at Home Mom's now what?

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to discourage you all together from finding a way to work from home. This info is not meant to scare you away, it's meant to inform you, I prefer the word EMPOWER really. That is truly what we as women need to do is empower ourselves to improve our lives for the better, for ourselves, for our children and their children. If you want it bad enough you WILL find a way. I know I will. Failure is not an option for me at this point. To quote Napoleon Hill.... "Anything you can conceive and believe you can achieve" That quote has got me through some pretty rough patches in my life.

Ultimately here's my advice. You will get tired of the long hours of endless scouring on the internet searching for that ONE job/opportunity that's right for you. And only YOU will know what that is. Don't let anyone tell you different. BUT at the end of the day when you look at your children and spouse and realize how important it is to them for you to be home, you will know its worth it.

Well here's where I need your help. I'm calling out to everyone out there whose reading this to give your suggestions to the Mom's out there like me on what they can do to improve their financial situations. Please be honest and abide by the following:

  • With each suggestion please state the company name of the business or job in your comment. LEGITIMATE BUSINESSES/JOBS only.
  • If your company is an MLM, survey or mystery shopping please reveal that upfront.


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    • recoveringredneck profile image

      Tonia L. Clark 9 years ago from Idaho

    • Moon Daisy profile image

      Moon Daisy 9 years ago from London

      This is a really good hub! And I can completely relate to it, as I've also spent hours and hours trawling the web in the hope of finding a genuine stay-at-home job. I haven't come up with anything yet. I also did surveys for a while, but gave up as they were too infuriating, and it took sooo long to reach payout!

      When I get a moment I'm going to look into freelancing from home. There are lots of sites out there such as and, and I've heard from others that they are genuine, but I haven't got round to trying them out yet.

      Good luck with your search!

    • profile image

      MOmmagus 10 years ago

      Thank you, I hate being scammed!

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 10 years ago from Northern California

      What a good idea for a hub to write :)