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Why do online shoppers prefer Live Chat over email or phone support?

Updated on March 4, 2013

In the era of increased preference in online shopping, retailers have to be savvier than ever before in order to provide the most convenient shopping environment for all online shoppers and convert more website visitors into costumers. It stands to reason that a growing number of retailers tend to use live support systems as their primary customer support tool in preference over email or phone support.

Recent studies showed that well over a half of U.S. shoppers tend to use Live Chat support prior to making their final purchase decisions in order to obtain important information about the product or simply get help in comparing between a couple of items. A considerable number of online consumers also find Live Chat more convenient whenever they need quick assistance during checkout or just want to inquire about the purchase already made.

Here are the basic reasons why today's consumers choose to chat with retailers:

1. Live Chat is a fast communication tool

Due to the 'real time' nature of the Live Chat service, it allows online consumers to get their questions answered immediately. Whenever shoppers need to get additional information regarding the product, compare similar items, decide between two or more products, a Live Chat in real time with a knowledgeable customer support representative helps in making their choice quicker, easier and prevents shoppers from having to return the wrongly purchased item later.

2. From simple to complex issues Live Chat allows serving customers better

Apart from pre-order benefits provided by the live help service, more complex issues such as promotion code faults, order processing challenges, checkout errors, post-order support or returns can also be resolved faster and more conveniently for shoppers through the Live Chat.

3. Online shoppers can multi-task while chatting

Live Chat is a handy technology for busy online shoppers as it allows them to multi-task while getting the live support. In this way, they can still focus on other tasks while chatting which is exceptionally convenient especially in the working environment.

4. Live Chat allows shoppers to avoid inconvenient support methods

Some online consumers simply don't like talking on the phone or find it too annoying being put on hold while trying to get immediate help. Live Chat is a preferred choice for online shoppers that are not willing to wait for delayed email response that might take hours or even days just to find out that the response didn't even provide the sufficient information they needed.

5. Live Chat creates a positive shopping experience

Live chat customer service creates an overall positive shopping experience for online shoppers making them feel empowered knowing that their questions and problems actually matter and that there is a live person always available to help and provide them with any information whenever needed like a personal shopping assistant.


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    • profile image

      mug 4 years ago

      that's all true, but here in Brazil it still doesn't exist

    • georgescifo profile image

      georgescifo 4 years ago from India

      Whenever I do online shopping and have any queries, I search for live chats rather than their contact address or numbers. Live chat makes things easier for you and will fetch you answers instantly from the representatives.