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online student jobs in kenya

Updated on August 6, 2011

as a student who is strugling to make ends meet as a result of the high cost of living you definitely need cash very badly. don't waste your time looking for a job that does not exist. in this hub i will share with you easy, simple and proven ways that have worked out well for me that you can use to make enough income from the internet right here in kenya as a student. forget about those fellows who lead you to scam online jobs that never exist. what i'm going to share with you here are legitimate ways of making money that are free to join and can be done from anywhere. no one will ask you to pay a cent. its all free to join and the challenge is for
you to take advantage of it and make as much money as you probably can. you can let me know if it has worked out for you in the coming days.

now lets say something about how the thousands of students in kenyan colleges and universities can make money online while at the same time studying. money that at least takes care of your food, accommodation and bus fare is what i am talking about here. you don't have to depend on your parents and sponsors while you can make easy money for yourself during your free times.

here are the things you need to have.

  • a basic understanding of english.

  • a basic understanding of how to operate a computer.

  • a computer with an internet connection.

  • two hours of your time per day.

if you don't have a computer you can ask for your friend to lend you his/hers or better still you can get a subsidised computer thanks to the ministry of information and communication. the wezesha laptop program enables every university student whether in public or private university to get a discount voucher of ksh 9600 for the purchase of a computer. simply visit the and find out more on how you can get that voucher.

once you have a computer with an internet connection you can get started in earning easy and legitimate money online from the comfort of your hostel.

where should you get started?

there are many legitimate things you can do to make money from the internet but here i will recommend you one of the easiest ways that can make you earn money within hours of starting,

writing articles. its simple. you write articles or how to guides explaining how to do things on any topic of your choice and you earn money in the process through google adsense and other ads when the readers of your articles click on ads that are displayed on your content pages. you simply write as many articles you like and submit them to free to join websites like HUBPAGES .Your articles are published, people read them and you earn money. it's as simple as that.

blogging, if you can get the time you can also start a blog and start writing articles about things you know and passionate about and in the process make money as you attract readership. you can either start a free blogspot blog or go for a self hosted wordpress blog like mine HERE.

freelancing, as a student you can also use freelance site to trade for money any skills you may have that people may be interested in hiring you. be it writing, graphic design e.t.c you can utilize your knowledge and expertise for pay.


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    • profile image

      fred peter paul 5 years ago

      I think this is our time especially for young like me to use our mind to find a work i believe Africa there is a lot of employment.see now you can see student has finished form six not yet she/he still at home they are waiting ugali for their parent.that's is no issue young remember there is today and tomorrow Now is time of you to using your futer about what you are going to do...0712166766

    • almasi profile image

      almasi 6 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. Voted useful.