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Curious Surfer Finds Rewards

Updated on January 27, 2016
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Surfing up Rewards

I'm a curious Online Surfer and one of my online user names with is GypsyRhythm and I get to do campaign (#GotItFree) testing on great products. I'm also always looking for great deals, offers & Freebies! Not all of us have a lot of time on hand, but when we do I'd venture to say we spend a good portion of it online. I'm a bit fortunate because I work P/T at a few jobs & with one I have free time to seek & explore the world of online freebies, samples & consumer products. To say the least it has been interesting, fun and rewarding. There is some work involved, so weeding through and getting past initial questionnaires can be daunting. However, you'll recognize the online sites you'll love go back to over and over again. The shared here is I think one worth sharing.


Instead of giving myself reasons why I can't...

I give myself reasons why I can!

~Unknown Author~

BzzAgent Healthy & Tasty Campaign

Why it works for Me!
Why it works for Me!

Over a cup...

Passing on the Rewards

It's exciting to share with my family & friend over a hot beverage talking about, showing results and/or compare some of the products received and giving an honest realistic opinion about the real life experience in using consumer products.

Over all the purpose of sharing my personal experience with others is for those who would like to try something different and possible fill some part of the day where there is a lull, with something I know from experience is easy to do. Giving another individual a way to put something meaningful in their day.

I'm offering what I've experienced, learned, used and returning it by give back online, one on one, or in groups. Simply, I'd like to share with others a easy way to sign up to various sites (to which I've already had great experience with) so half the battle is already done.


#Johnsonville fullycook Turkey Sausages

A tasty Crowdtap Mission
A tasty Crowdtap Mission | Source

Seeing is Believing... A fun Mission Challenge

Love to hear your feedback!

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