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Can I make money from online surveys? The truth is yes

Updated on August 11, 2015

Can you make money for surveys? How to avoid the scams and earn from home

I have done many online surveys in my time for various different companies so read here first before trying to work out the sometimes complicated and misinformed information that there is all over the internet.

5 minutes here could save you a lot of time and effort and help you to avoid the scams, that unfortunately exist.

This is not a survey site. Just my guide from personal experience.

So, can you make money by taking free questionnaires? Yes you can, not a lot but you can.

I'll tell you the facts about the paid online survey sites, the things to do, and not to do, and some starter tips and a selection of some of my top rated free sites.

So we will start of with the first all important question before we go into more detail. How to make money on these free websites.

Photo published under Creative Commons Licence - Online Surveys. Free website questions and answers

Are people making money by taking surveys?

Yes they are is the quick answer.

I just make some pocket money from them, but I find it a great way to save up, add some money to your Paypal account, or receive Amazon vouchers etc.

For me, it comes in really handy for buying Christmas or Birthday presents.

This can be considered as real work, however taking surveys shouldn't be thought of as a full time job or home based business.Remember, all earnings should be declared for tax.

Follow this free guide and you will make some money..

This is not a get rich quick opportunity.

Are survey sites a scam? Find out which ones are not

In my experience unfortunately scam websites are in existence but can be easily avoided with a little common sense.

NEVER pay to join a paid online survey site.

These sites will promise that you can make hundreds of pounds and dollars per day, which is not true. If you do come across these sites,

don't be tempted by their incredible offers. The only websites that should be considered are free ones to join.

Only join FREE sites

What is survey site? How do I and those companies make money?

The concept of a paid online survey site is a simple one. They offer real work at home jobs.

Corporate companies, businesses, healthcare and governing bodies pay the survey sites for feedback on products or product lines, new technologies, personal opinions and competitors.

If you match the required specifications to complete a questionnaire, you get paid a small amount of the companies revenue for that questionnaire.

They will also make their money by advertising on their websites, affiliate programs and email spamming.

Surveys can be very varied, for example, one might be about what advertising you have noticed during the 2012 Olympic games and another about your thoughts for a new concept of television.

So basically they are market research collection companies.

For this reason you will not qualify for all surveys as many will be looking for a certain type of person in a certain area.

How much money for surveys can I expect to earn?

If I join a free site?

This will depend upon how much time you are willing to spend answering questionnaires, how many sites you join, and how many online questionnaires you are offered and accepted for.

Most survey sites will realistically offer you between 1 and 3 surveys per day. Some websites will offer you points instead of cash that are equaled to a cash alternative, for example 600 points may be worth a £5.00 for Paypal. If qualified, each survey should take between about 5 and 20 minutes.

Most of these will offer to pay you in various different ways but in nearly all you will have to reach a minimum amount before you can get paid. This depends on each site.

How do I get paid for answering questions?

Once the minimum amount is reached most online survey sites will offer you the following options to get paid:

Money can be transferred into your Paypal account. You can receive shopping vouchers for mainline retail stores or companies like Amazon, or some also give you another opportunity of donating this money to a charity.

When will you get paid by the free sites?

This is where patience comes into play. If a minimum amount is required. It may for example require that you reach $20.00, consider how many questionnaires realistically will have to be taken and accepted to reach this target.

Some companies will only offer you a few questionnaires per week or month. Each questionnaire is hosted by a third party or the organization requiring the survey. Once you have been accepted to take a online questionnaire, and completed it, this will then have to be accepted to pay into your account.

This will normally take between 1 day and two weeks per survey. After this, once you have reached the threshold amount, a transfer to Paypal will normally take between 5 and 30 days.

Other ways of making money when you join free sites

Some free websites will offer you an online money premium just for signing up. They will offer you cash for joining other websites and for referring friends.

Some also offer higher paying jobs such as product testing, writing reviews, and getting quotes.

Many survey sites will also enter you into weekly and monthly prize draws.

Important tips to consider before signing up

Use a separate email address

If you are going to join several paid online survey sites to increase your revenue I would advise setting up a separate email account just these sites. Survey sites will generate a certain amount of spam and junk mail if you sign up for many offers.

Giving out your personal information on free sites

You will be asked for personal information to join paid online survey sites. For some you can opt to give more information or less. If you are uncomfortable with certain information being asked for read the sites privacy policies and find out how this information will be used.

Answer the questions honestly

Try to answer all the questions honestly and keep your qualifying data the same. Don't just claim that you are a 40 year old housewife with 2 children and a smart phone if it's not true to increase your chances of qualifying for a survey. A lot of survey companies will collaborate information, and you may be penalized or not receive the reward for giving misleading information.

Online Surveys for dummies 5 Star Book

Online Surveys for Dummies 5 Amazon Stars Rating

Answer the questions carefully or you may lose your free membership

Your free membership is taken seriously

Most online surveys have multiple choice answers, don't just speed click through these, as some free websites may refer back to previous questions in that questionnaire. Some will ask you to click a certain answer to prove you are paying attention.

Considering which surveys to take

How to make the most of your free time

Make a note of the amount the paid online survey offers and the estimated time of completion to check if you are happy to spend the amount of time for the reward offered.

Keep track of your free sites and passwords

Most of the free websites will email you surveys that they think you might qualify for. It can get confusing for which company you are taking questionnaires for, so keep track of the URL's of the free survey sites and your passwords.

Log on regularly to your free sites

Instead of just waiting for questionnaires to be mailed to you, log into the website regularly to check for a new questionnaires and get ahead of the crowd. Most online surveys will have a limited amount that are required to be filled, so people that qualify are served on a first come first serve basis.

Be patient

Don't expect to make £100 per day. Taking surveys is a good way to fill in the odd twenty minutes that you have spare to make some pocket money over a period of time.

Expect some frustrations

Some qualifying questions can be very basic and quick before you find out if you have qualified, ie name, sex, age and location. Others however will ask some more in depth questions and rarely you may find that you spend 5 to 10 mins and then do not qualify for the survey.

Don't wait to withdraw

Once the minimum amount is achieved to withdraw I would advise withdrawing this amount as soon as possible. If the site was to close down etc your work may be lost so I wouldn't advise hoarding too much on them..

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    • profile image

      ChrisClark1 4 years ago

      nice lens keep it up!

    • profile image

      miaponzo 4 years ago

      Thanks for cluing people in on online surveys!

    • TonfaGuy profile image

      TonfaGuy 4 years ago

      good lens.

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @NibsyNell: I'm glad you found it helpful if you are going to take paid online surveys.

    • NibsyNell profile image

      NibsyNell 4 years ago

      This is so helpful. Thank you.

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @AdriatiX: Thanks, I know it's a long page but worth reading if you are going to do them.

    • profile image

      AdriatiX 4 years ago

      I never tried surveys yet, but I just might sometime soon. If so, then this lens should be quite helpful, so thanks. :)

    • Louidam1 LM profile image

      Louidam1 LM 4 years ago

      I love online surveys!! Best way to make extra money online!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Thanks for the info.

    • severssolutions profile image

      severssolutions 4 years ago

      Looks like with some persistence, it works out. ;)

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @Teapixie LM: Thank you Teapixie, know they are not everyones cup of tea (excuse the pun). All I can say is that I do make some extra pocket money from the sites I've listed. This week in my spare time I have earnt a 5 pounds love to shop voucher, £10 Amazon Vocher and £50 pounds into paypal, although some of that was from the week before. Vivatic have introduced a new task thing now where you get pennies for clicking etc, but there survey payouts have reduced. I've been paid money from all my recommended sites here, it's just slow and a shame there are scam sites out there. As for personal info, I never put in my full address, phone number etc. Just forget all the make $200 dollars a day sites.

    • mikes-cool-stuff profile image

      mikes-cool-stuff 4 years ago

      I have made some money doing surveys, but God how I hate doing them. The info you have here will help people looking into to this way of making online money. Also thanks for liking one of my lenses.

    • Teapixie LM profile image

      Tea Pixie 4 years ago

      Wow! This is the most honest lens I've seen on this topic. Excellent work here. I haven't tried the survey route because I just don't trust the companies.

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @mikes-cool-stuff: Yeah they can be quite repetitive, lot of consumer food surveys etc. I do get a few interesting ones now and again though, like what designs for a new tele / gaming system I like best blah de blah. I've found I get more interesting offers and better paid ones the longer I've been with the sites.

      Thanks for posting and liking.

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @aaron-tam-90: Yes I do which is why I advise to keep track of your different accounts, you might be doing a survey for say Tuluna, through Surveyhead. Of course the disadvantage with this is that they will be taking their cut and therefore you get less money per survey compared to doing it for them directly.

    • profile image

      aaron-tam-90 4 years ago

      no offense but you know that the theres websites that actually dirrect all those surveys to one place...

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @moneyhelponline: Good for you, good luck, hope you can make a little extra. At the time of your post I just had £25 from Valued Opinions, slowly slowly...

    • profile image

      moneyhelponline 4 years ago

      I have always been a bit sceptical about surveys but after reading your post I have changed my mind, I think i will try them out.

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @Zienna1: That's good. There are scam sites out there so that's a big reason I've made this lens. All the sites on my list are 100% free and I have received money and vouchers from all of them. Just takes some patience. Thank you for coming by and watch out for new site updates.

    • profile image

      Zienna1 4 years ago

      Hi.. I tried it before.. I thought its just a scam. I couldn't cope with all the surveys coming in so I just let it go. A few weeks ago they sent me my first $20 dollars i-tune voucher.. My son thought 'its cool'.

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @JenwithMisty: Hello, thank you and thanks for coming by. I'm not familiar with Opinion Outpost but will check it out. As you probably know it can take some time to evaluate if a site is worth joining, amount and quality of surveys etc. I'm happy that you made some money from it.

    • JenwithMisty profile image

      Jen withFlash 4 years ago

      Hi! The only survey site I've used is Opinion Outpost and I made some okay money there.

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      A new survey site has been added to the list. Global Test Market

    • profile image

      Dianeyp LM 4 years ago

      I tried doing surveys a few times. But a couple of sites let me join and do the survey and then let me know they didn't include Canada! so gave up! But might give some on your list a go. Great lens!

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @Dianeyp LM: Hi Dianeyp, Thanks for dropping by. That sounds very unfair that they would do that. These sites here are quite respected so I assume they wouldn't but I would check if I were you. If you would like me to check into it for you just let me know.

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @rawwwwwws lm: Thank you rawwwwwws (think that's the right amount of w's), thanks for visiting my lens

    • rawwwwwws lm profile image

      rawwwwwws lm 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing! Great lens!~

    • peterb6001 profile image

      Peter Badham 4 years ago from England

      @anonymous: yeah, they may not be scam sites but that doesn't guarantee they are going to be around forever.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I like your advice on withdrawing at the 1st opportunity.