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Online Direct Sales Parties

Updated on October 19, 2018
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Professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to make family memories into legacies for 20 years.

How To Hold A Successful Online Party

With the economy and the lack of time that folks have these days, hosting an online party for your direct sales program creates a whole new frontier for increased sales and customers.

Done correctly, your sales can increase dramatically. If worked correctly, you can get a base of customers that you never thought possible.

Online sales parties will help you meet your quotas and boost your sales If you have monthly parties introducing or featuring specific products, the attendance is going to be better than if you just have them at random

Make sure you have it on the same day every month (such as the 1st, 10th, 15th...something easy to remember).

The best way to begin online parties is to build a base of potential customers. You can do this with newsletters or blogs. Your subscribers are interested in what you have to say and will welcome your events. Promoting your events through these medias will increase your profit line.

Getting Started With Online Parties

Learning The Tricks of The Trade

Online parties can be an exciting and profitable part of your business. Not only will you make extra sales, but you will also develop a new and loyal customer base for online and offline sales. Add to the fact that handled correctly, you may very well build a dynamic sales force to your organization. Getting strated , just means learning and getting organized. You never want to venture into online parties without having your act together. Otherwise you will fail immeadiatly.

The first step is to attend several online parties yourself.....Be prepared to take notes and learn from the good and the bad.

Reasons To Hold An Online Party

  • Online parties allow you to display your items as if you were there with your customers
  • It helps you increase your customer base to virtually all over the country. This is especially useful if you have an online website for your products
  • It helps you recruit new consultants

Types Of Hosting

There are many tpes of online parties. Chose the one that best suiots your need:

Hostess PartiesA hostess party works the same as a home party. You find a person that's willing to invite their friends and family, except online it's done in a chat room instead of a a home. Another idea is to find a rep from another company and set up to exchange parties. You agree to be a hostess for them and in return they host a party for you. Some groups and boards will allow you to ask for hostesses, but please be sure to follow their rules and spam laws.

Mystery Hostess Party If all else fails and you can't find another hostess, mystery hostess parties are always a great option. Mystery hostess parties can put a unique twist on the entire party itself piquing the interest of your guests. Basically, the idea behind that is that there is no "official hostess" until the end of the party. Once the party is over, take the names of all the guests and randomly pick one guest to be the "Mystery Hostess" and they receive the hostess rewards

Participating Vendor This is where you host your party alone. That is to say, you are the only vendor that is showcased.

Host Of A Multi Vendor Party You are responsible for organizing and hosting the party. That means that you must keep each vendor to his/her time slot and keep everything flowing freely.You will also introduce each vendor. Generally in this type of party, you do not pay for your time to present.

Sales Rep Exchange Party You hostone for them and they host one for you

As A Vendor For A Multi Vendor PartyYou have to be in the room and ready to go about 10 minutes before your time slot. You must let the organizer know if you are unable to attend. You must keep to your alloted time.

Host It Yourself A great way to get started

New Product Party A great way to indroduce a new product or line

Essential Online Party Tip

Before you even get started with your online party, it is essential to start or build your newsletter. You will develop a list of potential customers that will be like money in the bank

The Best Time To Hold Online Sales Parties

You need to capture your audience in a mood for buying to be profitable. The best time of year to do that is in the winter. Why? Because people are generally indoors most of the time and looking for something to do. You may very well be just the activity that they are looking for to break the boredom of winter.Give yourself one to two weeks lead time to get everything ready and promoted

Online Party Tip 1

It is important to give your guests a reason to attend your online party. Sales, gifts, prizes and special offers will keep them coming back for more!

Where To Find A Hostess

You can try to utilize your family and friends. Use your list of hosetesses who have hosted home parties for you.You can also put out ads for random hostesses online.You can host a mystery hostess paty where one of the guests will be selected to get all the goodies.And don't forget to host your own party.

Where To Host Your Online Party

You can actually host your party in a free chat room, if you need to, but your sales will not be as good as a room with a view of your products. If you use a chat room, you will need to make sure that the people that you invite have catalogs.

On line Party Checklist - Guide To Successful Online Parties

Being Organized will help you achieve success. here is a checklist to help you keep focused. Make sure that you send personalized invitations. Send reminders a week ahead and reminders the day of your event.

  1. Set your date and TimeYou can either chose a daytime party or an evening party. Try to avoid weekends or holidays. Usually Monday-Thursday is best ! Consider East and West time zones when you are deciding on a time
  2. Chose a chat room or meeting room Chat rooms are fine, but there are meeting rooms on line that will help you make a big impression with video, pictures and power presentation. You will make sales when people can see what you are saying.
  3. Thank everyone for coming Make sure that they know you are pleased that they took time from their busy day to attend. make your thanks warm and honest. Make sure to greet each person individually.
  4. Plan some Games and Specials Get everything that you need to make your event fun and profitable.Give Incemtives To Everyone Who Attends You could give discounts, free items, sale items and mention it in your invites
  5. Make up your guest list and sendout your invites Send a special email and remember to make it fun. Make a wide guest list so that you have enough people attending.Post your party in chat rooms or on message boards. Send email invites to everyone on your lists. Don't leave a stone unturned

    Send a reminder the day before and the day of the party.

  6. Invitations should be sent out a few days prior to the party and maybe send out reminders an hour or so before the start of the party. You can create these invites at for free.
  7. Give a good reason to attend the party ! Either unveiling a new porduct, special sale, new line. People will be spending their precious time and you need to tell them why
  8. Introduce yourself and your business Tell your guests who you are and what you do. Be enthusiast about your company It's important to brand yourself as an expert, so tell everyone a little about yourself
  9. Talk about your sale items and specials People always love a bargain
  10. Discuss Your products, but allow time for questions Have a list of products and their features in front of you so that your presentation will flow nicely. Allow your guests to ask questions only after your presentation is completed
  11. Break up the party periodically with a short game I suggest that you have a game between your product presentationa nd your business opportunity.
  12. Have a PayPal Account for collecting product paymentsIt's free to get an account and collecting money for your party will be seamless.
  13. Repeat your website URL, ordering instructions, and incentives several times during the party and for any late arrivals. Make sure guests understand shipping charges and expected shipping date. If you are keeping the party open for several days or longer after the online party, be sure to explain that the order won't even be placed for some time.

Online Sales Party Tip 2

Don't forget to use all your social media connections to advertise your online party ! Facebook, My Space, Twitter, ect. Make sure to personally invite every one of your friends on your social network lists., newsletter lists. Ask the to invite a friend.

Where To Advertize and Post Your Online Parties - Fill your room with these resources

The important thing to to have an advertising plan and to get it going well in advance of your party. Use every method you can including yahoo groups, newletters, emails, facebook, linked in, tweet. Use all the social media to send out invites. Your effort will pay off !

Direct Sales Resources - Become The Expert You Were Meant To Be

Like anything else, if you want to become good at something , you need to learn as much as you can. These resources will help you do just that !

Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts
Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts

An estimated 46 million people in the world are involved in direct selling, according to the Direct Selling Association. In less than ten years this number is expected to grow to an unbelievable 200 million! With more people looking for careers that offer independence, flexibility, and tremendous income potential, this book offers a one-stop source of nuts-and-bolts advice, insights, and practical sales skills. Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts addresses....


Free Business Aids For Online Parties

There are a few things that you will need to host a successful online party. here thay are and best of all, they are free to use!

Online Party Games - Essential Elements To Your Success

Doing games at your online party is essential to your success. It makes the party fun. It encourages more participation. It also keeps your guests longer. Space a couple of games into your party and make it a fun time.

  • Auctions Make a way for guests to earn pints that can be bidded for items at the end of your party.The highest points would go to those purchasing or hosting parties in the future. Pick out a few nice items. The competion will keep going throughout the party and you will get more from it than you would think.
  • Scavenger HuntPick out 5 or more words and put them in a different color on your party site. Tell your guests the words that you are looking for. The first person to find them is the winner.
  • ScramblePick 5-10 words from your site or product list.Scramble them up before the party.Email them to everyone in advance and have them email them back the day of the party.......the person with the most words is the winner
  • Have you ever ?

    Guests receive one point for each answer, the one with the lowest score wins a prize. This is a great game!

    1. Locked yourself out of the house?

    2. Lost a member of the family while out shopping?

    3. Put something unusual in the refrigerator?

    4. Turned white colors pink (or another color) in the wash?

    5. Gone away from your home and left the iron on?

    6. Put your heel through the hem of a dress?

    7. Had your zipper break in public?

    8. Gone somewhere with two different shoes or socks on?

    9. Remembered an appointment after it was too late?

    10. Called a member of the family by another name?

    11. Been ready to bathe and found no hot water?

    12. Fallen up the stairs?

    13. Gone shopping for groceries and discovered you did not bring any money

    with you?

    14. Driven away from somewhere while a member of your party was

    still out of the car?

    15. Dialed a phone number and forgot who you called?

    16. Locked the keys in your car?

    17. Got into the car to go somewhere and forgot where you were going?

    18. Put something in the oven to bake and forgot about it

Online Party Tip 3

The day after your party, send a quick email to all your guests and than them for coming.

Repeat your specials, contact information and add something personal that you learned about them at the party.

Make sure to email those who did not attend with a note that you missed them with the same info

OnLine Party Resources - Become the Online Party Expert

Here is a great collection of information that will make your online party shine !

Bargin Postage Needs - Get your party orders mailed

It's important to get your orders out as fast as you can. These terrific buys will help you do just that

Online Party Plan Tip 4

Information Request Forms should be available.Most professional party rooms have them. Use these to your advantage. One of the standard check boxes on the form is "Add me to your mailing list". This is a great way to build your customer database. Use these forms to advertise your next upcoming

© 2009 Linda F Correa

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      thanks I've never done online parties though I do most of my sales online

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      I'm adding this to the featured lenses module on my lens on online parties.


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