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Get inspired for your On the Side Project

Updated on September 29, 2014

On the Side Project explained (in Portuguese)

Books that have inspired me

To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others
To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

The point is clear. Almost, if not all, human interaction implies a sale. From the most simple product, to the most ethereal idea or even a perception of yourself. Are you ready to live in such a world? Get to know how we got here, but most important the new ABC of selling, six successor to the elevator pitch and many more that will help you become a more persuasive being.


NÃo Faço Ideia

A collection of ideas by someone who works with it everyday. A journey through the mind of several thought thinkers full of inspirational roads to follow

Read This Before Our Next Meeting
Read This Before Our Next Meeting

If you're on the side project is turning into an organization, don't let meeting kill your productivity. This manifest should be widely spread across every company.

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?
Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

A real life changer. Or at least will lead you to rethink on how to look at your work and make it your art.

Not to be missed.

It will make you question "Do I see it?" and "Do I care?", regarding every project you're involved.


Either on the books, links or the lens itself, let me know your opinion. Or you can leave you own inspiration resources.

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