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Organizational culture: an exploration

Updated on November 19, 2012

Organizational culture: an introduction

Introduction and case

The most fundamental distinction that authors make is between organizational culture as something an organization has and if that's what an organization is. The first model places emphasis on analysis and on change, and is especially with managers and organization advisors in vogue. The second model is a synthesis and places emphasis on understanding, and is especially in vogue in academics.
Within an organization creates an own culture, which is different from the culture in other comparable organizations. Anyone who has worked in a particular organization, in this case at the DJI, can confirm this. The culture that arises is, among other things, depending on the person of the leader or founder, the kind of work done word and other factors. For example, the culture in the DJI is highly hierarchical. Abnormalities in the hierarchy allow for differences. Integrity in the DJI, which is responsible for the custodial sentences in Netherlands, paramount and that makes for a fixed line in continuity, consistency and coherence. Successful organisations are according to Steven Ten Have (2006), characterized by coherence, transparency, targeting and feedback. In practice, you come a long way with integrity.

What is organizational culture?

Organizational culture we can define as the ' collective' mental pgrogramming according to Hofstede that distinguish the members of an organization from those of another. The culture of an organization is thus not only in the minds of the employees but also in the minds of the other stakeholders: customers, suppliers, trade unions, local residents, Governments and press. the Dutch sociologist Sjo Sjoeters notes the agreement between desirability of a strong culture and that of social movements, women's emancipation and religious importance. Also in Scandinavia was the idea of an organization culture welcomed because of the emphasis on the irrational and paradoxical. The Swedish sociologist Matt used 8 ' metaphors ' or dimensions of organizational culture:

1. Warranty for compliance with an informal contract

2. Compass that indicates in which direction the priorities had to be sought.
3. Social Binder for identification with the organization.
4. Holy cow that people worship

5. Regulates emotions and their expression mechanism

6. Grab bag of conflict, ambiguity and fragmentation

7. Ingrained ideas that lead to blind spots

8. Closed system of ideas and meanings that people from critical to explore new opportunities.

Casus and solution

At DJI I can describe the culture as a procedure attribute culture. Behavioral patterns change there difficult and there is little external pressure. I therefore propose the possibilities that the organization is open to changes in the form of transparency in procedures and rules, both internally and externally, within the legal rules.
-Creating opportunities for people from outside to join the Organization, for the promotion of knowledge.
-Cooperation with partners in the chain poltiie and care, for example through regular voerleg and involve employees by means of explanation and an open dialogue.
-Explain the changes in the organisation and to data subjects involve them with the introduction.
I would like to achieve a greater level of support for creating the desired changes in DJI.


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