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origin of auditing and oregin of audit

Updated on November 11, 2013

Concept of Auditing

From the time of ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, the practice of auditing the accounts of public institutions existed. Checking clerks were appointed in those days to check the public accounts. To locate frauds as well as to find out whether the receipts and payments are properly recorded by the person responsible was the main objective of Auditing of those days.

Origin of Auditing.

During the 18th century industrial revolution brought in large scale production, steam power, improved facilities and better means of communication. This resulted in the origin of Joint stock form of organizations. Shareholders contribute capital of these companies but do not have control over the day to day working of the organisation. The shareholders who have invested their money would naturally be interested in knowing the financial position of the company. This originated the need of an independent person who would check the accounts and report the shareholders on the accuracy of the accounts and the safety of their investment.

The Indian Companies Act, 1913 defined the qualification, power, duties and procedure of appointment of the Auditor. The audit of Joint Stock Company made compulsory by this Act. Educational qualification certificate were issued by the central and state governments to those who undergone the prescribed course. In the year 1949, Chartered Accountants Act was passed. Companies act 1956 further elaborated the provisions related to the auditing and accounts of the companies. Now a person to do the auditing must be qualified as per the standards of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.


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      my ambition is 2b an auditor in my feature just pray 4me bcos i like d course auditing

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      my ambition is 2b an auditor in my feature just pray 4me bcos i like d course auditing

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