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Paid Training in USA

Updated on March 1, 2013

J1 Training Cultural Exchange Programs

Programs such as the J1 Visa Cultural Exchange Program offer such opportunities. The J1 visa offers many participants each year the opportunity to achieve a non immigrant status specifically for the purpose of medical or business training. Each participant must meet or exceed certain criteria as specified in the documents. Each participant is granted an amount of time in the U.S. which is also specified. Once the J1 visitor status ends he or she will have what is commonly known as the grace period. This grace period is duration of no more than 30 days in the visitor must leave the United States.

Each participant of the J1 visa cultural exchange program enters the country under a specific category depending on their individual visa. The duration of each J1 visitor's stay varies and depends on the category in which the J1 visa is claimed under. Once the J1 Visa has expired the participant must leave the country. The individual is then required to maintain a physical presence in his or her home country for the mandatory 2 years. After the mandatory 2 year home stay the J1 participant is once again eligible for the program.

However, this 2 year mandatory home country stay can be waived. This waiver is completed only when an individual participant meets certain criteria. First of all the home country of the J1 visit must enter an "NOS" otherwise known as the No Objection Statement. Basically the home country has no objections to waiving the mandatory 2 year home stay. Another method of having the 2year mandatory home stay waived is exceptional hardship. If the J1 holder is able to demonstrate that leaving the U.S for 2 years would place his or her citizenship under an exceptional hardship, then he or she will receive the waiver. If a J1 participant can prove that he or she will be persecuted in his or her home country, this is also grounds for the waiver.

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J1 Training Inc.

J1 Training Inc.
J1 Training Inc.

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