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Serbia taking the lead, once agian- PayPal plays smoothly

Updated on December 24, 2014


1/3 of project is already done as promised! 2/3 will be done by end of 2015, so that by 2018 the greatest and most modern center of region get his first visitor. Investors are from UAE, and US.
1/3 of project is already done as promised! 2/3 will be done by end of 2015, so that by 2018 the greatest and most modern center of region get his first visitor. Investors are from UAE, and US. | Source

2 years ago...

Two years ago, Serbian Progressive Party ( with Mr. Vucic on head ) has absolute majority in Government making >55% of that body. Himself was one of the initiators for modernization, reforms and quick but drastic changes, very un-populistic like 10% off from all employed in Public Sector, employing young persons, opening new companies such as "Fiat", "Panasonic", "AirSerbia" with partnership with "ETIHAD" (UAE), and it will "keep being point of creative meeting of East and West." PayPal still ignores Serbia, Serbia about to start Presidency at O.S.C.E and maybe play a crucial role in lowering tensions down between USA on one side, and NATO, Ukraine, and Russia with whom Serbia has ancient good relations.

Just the opposite!

"We can't make influence on some of the e-banking service provider such as PayPal, that would be same exact thing if we would tell US Senate how the budget for 2015. should look like from Serbia" - explained Mrs. Zorana Mihaljlovic, Minister in Government. "We don't interfere into internal policy of third-party. If that is PayPal's thinking than, even after policy started applying, it's their decision will they or not operate on full feature basis in Serbia as in Slovenia or any other developed country..." - Mrs. Mihajlovic added on Business Summit on Zlatibor - great mountain in Serbia.

Just what we, free journalists, and users of various e-services are noticing is double standard game for ones, and standard game- the "they know the drill" game- separately is played with others.

- For instance, Serbia have had most investments and best lowering of Public Deficit, which along with radical and strict reforms on head with Mr. Vucic make sense now even to IMF with whom Serbia made Arrangement worth 1mlrd. "We have to fasten our belts now, and see what's absolutely necessary while, in same time, seeking for greenfield investors, going on summit with Mrs. Merkel, with vice-president/ premiere of China in Belgrade after 28 and more years again, making profitable "AirSerbia" from "JAT" ex-Yugoslavian air-transport. PayPal again keeps its steps in one point, while Serbia is climbing with unseen power and speed!


From badly moving old train.....
From badly moving old train.....

EU Neighbors: Only Romania better!

Presenting on recent meeting the results of Government, and announcing new huge investment from Canada into Bor 2, prime-minister Vucic told press that he won't stop looking for better life for Serbs in Serbia and Vojvodina ( Autonomic North Region ), nor for Kosovo*.

* Not a country under 1244 UN Security Council Resolution

Recent studies of Enlargement Department of European Commission- one of the Social Bodies of EC, told for Deutsche Welle after Mr. Vucic's meeting with Mrs. Angela Merkel (one of, if not the most, powerful lady on Earth) that Germany has no new conditions for Serbia; just opposite: "If we could get where I want to see us at 2018 at 2020 we are full EU member I guarantee with highest and fastest economy moving straight upwards except Romania that had just excellent year!

- The call of Mrs. Merkel was an honor by itself- let's be honest. But, PayPal doesn't seems to recognize the efforts done in Serbia nor on 12/24/2014 (today).

I wanted to start the hub earlier, so I can see if anything changes by the time I finish - only thing changed is stupid "canned" responses from Customer Support of PayPal and THAT IS ALL. "How can any serious company say "entering on Serbian market with full features was just seen as a pilot project at our company..." ? - That would mean that we can interpret Policy of PayPal how we want and how we might think of! ?


But, where's PayPal DUDE?

What? You can't pay with PayPal?!? 2014 ?! No way man... Well, as country that was last year presidency of UN, now of O.E.B.S at 2015 - PayPal seems to have some real issues here, and we all from Serbia are inviting them to explain to PUBLIC how come that they as Company can ruin the "Rules" that they have wrote, and we can't word? How come that Payoneer, Skrill and others have recognized the potential of Serbia, as per 1 capita comes 2 mobile devices, for instance - and came bravely here doing business successfully, and PayPal didn't even after public policy update ?!



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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      Still... Will they offer full services or not?

    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      How come? We have to respect the Policy of PayPal and they don't have to follow their own?


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