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Updated on March 18, 2010

Where did they go?

Paychecks -Where did they go?

Our family was innovative in the start of the computer industry. We coded. We taught. We engineered. Then everyone else put their names on it. We are left with not only no credit but no money. We even advertised on the web for the computer business. The companies surged in profit during our advertising campaigns and never acknowledged our percentage of the earnings. We received an official letter from a foreign bank for the amount of $10.5 million. Our opinion is that the $10.5 million was part of our earnings. If the companies do not officially acknowledge our earnings, how can we possibly collect what is coming to us? If a foreign government put aside $10.5 million as a small percentage of the sales the amount sold in the United States must have surpassed the foreign government at least tenfold and that is a modest estimation. The U.S. government, its businesses, educational facilities, and scientific facilities must update to keep current. We are sure the U.S. updated during our campaign and we were instrumental. What happened to our paychecks? Are they funding political campaigns? Wars? ...? If so, the money is used against the people and we have become invisible and our voices quelled. Any time they have a glitch in their computer system they also call upon the family. No credit. No thank you. Certainly, no money.

Our family should also be acknowledged for a lot of the music in this country. Again, someone else puts their names on the music and lyrics. Our voices cannot be heard over the cacophony of the plagiarists. All they have to do is sequester the family in an unnamed scientific facility and the songs and plays of an era are composed. No credit. No thank you. Certainly, no money.

Who runs the finances for the U.S.? Who wants to bankrupt a nice percentage of the population? Who assigns the imposters to take credit for other people's works? In short, who gives out the money? Who says which people should fall by the wayside? Who is the President of Corruption? Who is the Prime Minister of Imposters and Ingrates? Who is the judge with bloodstains on his hands? No credit. No thank you. Certainly, no money. No Justice.


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