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Peer Control

Updated on May 9, 2015

Gary Hamel, professor at the London Business School and owner of Strategos consulting, during an interview for the program “Conta Corrente” of GloboNews described a new way of managing companies, that he calls Management 2.0. One aspect of this newer style of management refers to the expense control of an area or of a manager. He named this format "Peer Control". His claim is that instead of establishing rules by senior management and auditors to control expenditure, a simple release of spending on the disclosure of each of them in the company's intranet, with visibility to all colleagues (peers) of the manager that realized it, ensures that the hype will not be charged due to the risk of loss of reputation and manager of employability.

But is this a really effective kind of control? Some activities going on today in the world already use this form of control:

- Scientific publications that are presented at conferences or published in journals are submitted before its approval to a peer review. A critical analysis of each article, made by three researchers and professionals of recognized standing in the article approach area, is carried out, and some questions, such as relevance of the topic or the way to present the content and value of the text proposal are scored; if the average grade of the questions does not reach a minimum count the scientific paper is rejected by Congress or magazine.

- The Peer-to-Peer systems have a distributed computing form where each participant acts as client and resources server and exercises control of the network and activities of their peers.

- In the accounting area, the external review of quality is called Peer Review. It is a monitoring process and quality control activity mandatory in works by independent auditors. In this process the procedures of the independent auditor and audit firm are reviewed by another auditor in order to ensure the quality of the work.

- In the public construction area of ​​New Zealand, the law requires that a Peer Review is performed in order to avoid the overpriced or poorly made projects. This review assesses whether the project complies with the relevant regulations, consent requirements and legislation. The verification must cover the complete design, including the assessment of the project objectives, its development process, assumptions and realization method.

So, the reviewing or controlling by peer is not something utopian or ineffectiveness. Some academic and professional activities already practice this form of successful control. It can be imagined that, with this way of controlling public spending on infrastructure projects carried out in Brazil to the World Cup 2014 and the Olympics in 2016, many exaggerations and absurdities could be avoided even in the design phase, since it is understood that, in this case, the controller peers are not political institutions, but business owners and professionals in the construction that were not involved directly or indirectly with the realization of these events.


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