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A Personal Injury Attorney Can Ensure Adequate Compensation from Injury Claims

Updated on June 3, 2012

There are times when one suffers an injury that can be directly attributed to the negligence of another person or entity. This is the time when one looks for necessary compensation for the injury, and is best served if an approach is made to a competent and experienced personal injury attorney.

Personal Injury Attornies and the Law of Torts

A personal injury attorney is one who will have extensive knowledge of the law of torts. This is common law which mainly deals with the aspect of a civil wrong, which is different from criminal law. In criminal laws, actions taken by any person which can cause harm to society in general makes him or her liable to be prosecuted under such laws. In tort or common law matters, the actions that necessitate prosecution are not illegal, but have yet caused harm to specific persons or communities. Most cases under these laws are brought about by persons so affected, whereas in criminal law, most cases are brought about by law enforcement authorities.

When Should You Approach Such Attorneys


When you are hurt physically or have even received a mental trauma because of the negligence of a third party, that is the time when you should think of preferring a claim for damages against that party, by using the services of a personal injury attorney. The most frequent of such injuries occur during automobile accidents, but there are also other situations like a poorly maintained pathway or aisle in a shopping mall, slippery sidewalks, improperly secured fixtures and a whole lot of such instances that can be directly attributed to the negligence of somebody, a company, civic authorities etc. Most of these are not deliberately caused, but does indicate some form of negligence to duties and obligations or rash actions. Once you receive an injury from such situations you can claim damages for the costs of medical attendance, loss of income from days off work and even the mental trauma caused by the accident.

Services You Can Expect from Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal injury attorneys who will give the necessary professional advice for the filing of such claims have basic qualifications as lawyers, but during their practice have preferred to concentrate on the tort law. Such laws differ from state to state, and thus, before you approach a lawyer or attorney, one must make sure that he is accredited to practice in that particular state and will therefore be aware of the tort laws and regulations in that state. Most such attorneys will also have passed ethics and bar exams and will regularly update their education to be tune with the latest laws.

It is a practice for a personal injury attorney to negotiate fees that are part of the expected compensation. If the case is deemed to be solid, the attorney may even consider waiving any consultation fees in the initial stages and agree to be compensated only on successful conclusion to the case. It is not necessary that every case has to go through the legal process, as personal injury attorneys will also negotiate with the opposite parties and seek some form of compensation before approaching the courts. This can save both parties a lot of time and costs for going through court proceedings.


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