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How To Market Your Pet Portrait Business

Updated on March 16, 2012

Marketing your pet portrait art business

Do you draw or paint wonderful dog portraits (or cats, or birds, or horses, or hey, even gerbils) and you can't get anyone to notice? You may be marketing in the wrong places, or even worse -- not marketing at all, because you don't know what to do.

The good news is that marketing your pet portrait business doesn't have to be expensive. Here are some ideas to market your pet portraiture business.

How to market and advertise dog & pet portraits

Here are some ideas about how you can market and advertise your dog & pet portrait art:

* Ask local veterinarians if you can put your business cards on their counter (many vets will have a special board or table for this)

* Ask your local pet supply store if you can put up flyers/cards - ask the store management, don't just ask the desk clerk.

* Take in some pet portrait samples to the pet supply and talk to the manager about drawing on their premises on a Saturday (good exposure!)

* Many dog rescue organizations have yearly festivals, and you can rent space. This works well because your booth rental is a donation, and the people attending are bona-fide dog owners/dog aficionados already!

* Offer your favorite dog rescue organization a percentage or dollar amount as fund raiser from portrait orders that come through them as referrals - they need a fund raiser, you need the free advertising you would get from them. They would link and share the offer on their website and on their monthly newsletter.

Contests and Promotions

to bring attention to your pet portrait business

One idea that a lot of artists have that won't cost them any money is having a raffle or giveaway of a free pencil portrait.

I want to advise you against doing this. People who might otherwise go ahead and order will wait to see if they win - and their sense of urgency to order is lost.

I feel it's better to offer an artwork of something you

have already completed, that is general and will be attractive to many people.

Contests can also attract the freebie seeker element of the Internet - these people are not going to be part of your target market. People with income to hire a portrait artist don't need to search online for freebies.

There are usually local and state laws regarding any games of chance. Make sure you are aware of your local laws before proceeding with any kind of raffle, contest, or giveaway.

Custom Pet Portraits on Ebay

Check out how other artists are marketing their work on Ebay.

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      Good ideas for the artistically talented!