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Pop Up Trade Show Exhibit Displays

Updated on August 23, 2012

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

We offer dozens of pop up trade show displays that are lightweight, super easy to setup within seconds and very affordable. We have everything from tabletop displays to 8 and 10 foot pop up trade show displays. All of our trade show exhibit displays are very portable and very unique. People notice our trade show displays.

Pop Up Trade Show Display
Pop Up Trade Show Display

Trade Show Tips

Trade Shows Are Affordable Marketing When Worked Properly

Let's face it people attending a trade show aren't sure what they will see there so they rush through the entire exhibit as if they are in a trance. You want them to notice you but how can you get their attention? I've seen exhibitors at trade shows hire everything from magicians to models to attract attention. Although it is true that people will stop to watch the magic show or get an autographed calendar from the model the traffic generated may not be the best. If it is true that any person at the trade show is potentially a client for you then anything that gets people to your booth will be helpful. For most of us we are trying to find specific attendees at the trade show because not everyone could do business with us.

The first step in attracting the right prospects is to have a trade show display that attracts attention for you. This can be done with attractive graphics but it can also be done with an unusual, attention getting trade show display.

Portable Pop Up Trade Show Displays - Lightweight - Super Fast Setup - Portable - Pop Up

This new style of trade show display has the graphics already attached when you take it out of the bag. The entire 8 Foot Pop Up Display only weighs about 16 pounds and it can be setup by one person, without any tools in seconds. These features make it easy to use but the most important feature is that the unique styling makes everyone stop and look.

Pop Up Trade Show Displays - Old Style Trade Show Display

This is the type of pop up display that we no longer use. It takes about a minute and a half to setup and about 30 seconds to take down. For many people this was a huge step up over the older heavy pop up trade show displays. There was a time when we thought pop up displays couldn't get any better than this.

8 Foot Portable Popup Trade Show Display - Lightweight Trade Show Displays With Super Fast Setup

8 Foot Portable Popup Trade Show Display
8 Foot Portable Popup Trade Show Display

All of our trade show displays are lightweight and very portable. We only sell trade show displays that snap together with magnets. No tools are ever required to setup or take down our trade show displays. This portable popup trade show display is an 8 foot by 8 foot exhibit. We custom design the graphics for your business and sell the trade show display ready to go with a carry bag.

6 Foot Portable Popup Trade Show Display - Setup Your Trade Show Exhibit In Seconds

All of our custom designed portable popup trade show displays include custom graphic design just for you! We only sell popup displays that setup and come down in seconds. The are all lightweight and this particular one for example is under 15 pounds including the carry bag.

6 Foot Portable Popup Trade Show Displays - Save Space And Lower Your Trade Show Exhibit Costs

6 Foot Popup Trade Show Displays
6 Foot Popup Trade Show Displays

With a smaller 6 foot trade show display you'll have an extra 4 feet of space in the typical 10 foot trade show exhibit space. This allows you to have room to setup a table with product samples, a rack of apparel samples or whatever you may need. All of our trade show displays are the popup type which magnetically snap together in seconds. We include custom designed trade show graphics with all of our trade show displays. Best of all our trade show displays are priced right and affordable for all types of businesses.

Unique Trade Show Displays

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Many of our clients tell us that they'd like to use the same trade show booth or exhibit in more than one show. They are concerned about the cost and ease with which they can swap out the graphics. Our unique trade show displays are made with high resolution graphics custom designed for your business which are printed on lightweight fabrics (skins) and attached with some rubber washers. You simply pull off the rubber washer, remove the trade show graphics skin and put on the other trade show graphics you'd like to use and then put back the rubber washer.

Tabletop Trade Show Displays
Tabletop Trade Show Displays

Tabletop Trade Show Displays

Table Top Displays Are An Affordable Alternative

If your company is brand new and just can't afford an 8 foot or 10 foot portable trade show display check out the affordable tabletop displays. A tabletop display doesn't have to look cheap or homemade. Our tabletop displays make people stop and look. We offer custom designed graphics made just for your business. Unique, lightweight, easy to setup pop up tabletop displays.

10 Foot Trade Show Displays - Unique Styling Gets Attention At The Exhibit Hall

10 Foot Portable Popup Trade Show Displays
10 Foot Portable Popup Trade Show Displays

So many exhibitors at trade shows still pull out their 1980's curved popup display. Those old school display required some setup time because the graphics need to be installed carefully so that they line up with each other. Not only that but they cost about double the price of our display exhibit booths. With our modern trade show displays the graphics never get removed from the display. This means that your setup time is only going to be seconds.

Stand Out From The Crowd - Unique Trade Show Displays Attract Attention

Unique Portable Popup Trade Show Displays
Unique Portable Popup Trade Show Displays

There are many different configurations available in each of our trade show display styles. Let our graphic artists create unique trade show graphics for you which will be used on an attention getting display.

Trade Show Displays Miami Hollywood Fort Lauderdale - South Florida Trade Show Exhibit Company

Trade Show Displays
Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Exhibit Tips - Work Your Next Trade Show Like A Pro

Check out these popular books that give valuable tips on getting the most out of your next trade show.

Please Post Your BEST Trade Show Exhibit Advice Or Tip. - Give Your Advice On Successful Trade Show Marketing

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    • ruth-williams lm profile image

      ruth-williams lm 5 years ago

      Great tips and advice. I think the key to trade show marketing is proper pre-event promotion and following up on your leads. Sure, everything you do on the day has to be great but you can't sell if people don't know you're exhibiting!

    • AdEx LM profile image

      AdEx LM 6 years ago

      @floridaroofrepairs: We like it too and we are featuring it on our website along with everything else we did for you:

    • profile image

      floridaroofrepairs 6 years ago

      The trade show display that you made for me is very unique and helped me to stand out from the others at the home show. Thanks!