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No Surprise USPS is raising rates again

Updated on June 7, 2015

Service rates

Postal Service, Service?

No surprise that the post office is raising their rates again. Why? One reason could be that customers aren’t getting the services they are paying for. Talking to a postal employee, she said doesn’t matter what postal speed you pay for it’s not guaranteed the package will get there on time unless you pay for express. To be clear if you pay for priority 3 day, it might get there in 3 days or 4 days or even 5 days. No wonder customers are shipping their packages with UPS, Federal Express, or OnTrac. Now there have been problems with these companies too. Our UPS man likes to put his arms up in a “scored” fashion after dropping our packages over the fence. But at least the deliveries are on time more often than our USPS deliveries. So far we haven’t had any problems with Federal Express but that’s not to say others don’t.

People, in general, love getting mail. Whether it’s in their inbox or in the mailbox but if you live in a neighborhood where mail gets stolen you have to be able to track your mail so what do you do when the tracking says Monday by 8pm but by 8:30pm no package. You can’t call the post office their customer service department closes at 8pm CST. When you ask the postal employee where the package is, they tell you “you can track it online” when you tell them there hasn’t been any update on the package in days they tell you, “it’s on the way.” That really doesn’t sound like good service to me.

The official reason the post office is raising their rates again is the raise is gas prices. Don’t know about you but to me the gas prices seem to be holding. Yes, there is the occasional rise and fall but overall it’s about the same.

If you hired a cleaning company, a maid service, and they scheduled an appointment to clean your house but they didn’t show up. When you called they told you “we’re on our way, we will get there when we get there.” Would you be mad?

So, what is a customer to do? Well, you don’t have much of a choice. If it’s a letter send it by email or use a forever stamp. If you are sending a package, do your homework, get quotes but remember if you sign up for an account on Ups and Federal Express you can get a discount.


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