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why we need to protect the world biodiversity?

Updated on July 15, 2012

Biodiversity results in the multiple of life forms on earth . It is the result of genetic diversity inherent to living organisms , ecosystems , landscapes , multiple organisms and species .The biodiversity has its source at the origin of the life on earth . According Jeoffrey M.Cooper in his book "molecular cell approach" :is located the origin of the life in the close period (in the evolutionnary sense) because we found fossils of life supposed correspond to cells in geological layer dating back 3.5 billion years and that before 3.8 billions years of the primitive crust and core , is constantly changing. The most diverse ecosystems marin and forest biomes , with their many forms of the life and interaction have developped a great power of recovery and reorganization after abrupt change.So life turns outto be earliest form of sustainable development on earth.


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