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procrastination should be illegal

Updated on February 14, 2013

I think it should be illegal because it is a moral clime to procrastinate. I have met many people who rather sit at home and wait for their lives to change.

Some think that God will change everything in due time. What happen to the passage 'God helps those who help themselves'?

Why should we put off for tomorrow what can be done today? What if tomorrow doesn't happen?

I focus on every aspect of life each day and really don't plan for tomorrow because I believe in a quote "Tomorrow never comes".


With all the misleading information on the subject of procrastination you could easily end up living in lack of and dreading the beginning of every new day.

Many see procrastination as the cause of their stress, failure and frustration. Most try to “treat” procrastination the same way as they treat the symptoms of a disease instead of treating the cause of the disease.

Procrastination is NOT a disease. But it is a symptom. And if you try to “treat” it, instead of the underlying cause, you’re going to be constantly frustrated and discouraged.

Have you ever tried to pick up a handful of dry sand?

No matter how hard you try to hang on to it--it just sifts through your fingers until only a few grains are left.

What you want in life, your goals and desires, are the same thing.

The tighter you clutch at them, and the more anxious you get about the outcome--the more they just seem to slip away from you.

But not anymore--not if you do THIS... Let Go and Accept


If I had the money to buy everyone a book called 'The Secret' I would hand it out personally to everyone I knew and then to everyone in need of positive thinking.

I never promote anything I don't believe in and rarely promote books because I'm not much for reading books :)

I see good people spend far too much time worrying and feeling guilty because you WANT something, or have a DESIRE for something.

When you focus on the foundation of your desires and goals--happiness, well-being, and peace of mind--and what you can DO with more prosperity in your life, something incredible happens.

You start attracting what you want TO you--almost like you've magnetized everything you want and it cannot resist YOU!

Until now, this has often been difficult to get your brain wrapped around this concept.

Magnetize Your Desires

One more thing--there is no need for you to feel apologetic for getting what you want out of life!

Your desires are a GOOD thing because you were meant for MORE...not less.

It's all about living up to your full potential and training your brain for success.

In order to move onto better things in life you have to move on and to do that you have to stop hanging onto the past.


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    • Scent profile image

      Marie Myers 5 years ago from Berwick, PA

      God waits on us

    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 5 years ago from USA

      "Some think that God will change everything in due time."

      It sounds like God is procrastinating...