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Create a Monster Resume Using Professional CV Templates

Updated on March 29, 2016

Why is so important to have a good looking CV ?

The good look of your CV Template is essential. Did you know that the people that are reviewing your CV only spend few seconds "reading it" ? Well, imagine that you send them a resume that looks way different than all the other CV's they will see that day? That gives you a great chance to get their attention.

Professional Resume Example


A curriculum vitae which is well designed structured will most likely help you in the process of getting your desired job. Once you make the recruiter go through your resume, if you have what it takes for the job, guess what... your chances are much much better. When you know that the employers go through hundreds of resume everyday, this is something you will probably have to consider.

Completing the content of your CV is a technique which pretty much says all about who you are. What you have to do is make your story looks stylish. That way, chances are that your potential employer will be impressed of your will to make the CV look so different, and not pay so much attention on your downsides of the resume content.

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How can i edit the template ?

Now, maybe you are wondering how to edit the template without fancy editing software on your laptop or PC ? Fortunately, there is a solution. In some cases, you will only need Microsoft Word. You will need the same Office product even if you are writing your resume on a blank page, so this way it gets even better when the template is in Word. A good way to look for a resume in Word, is WordResume Shop on Etsy.

You can also look at the GraphicRiver if you are more into Photoshop or Indesign, that is totally up to you. The price is fair in both cases, so you can own a kick-ass resume for as low as 15$.

Professional Resume Template
Professional Resume Template | Source

Be careful when choosing a template.

When choosing a template for yourself, first you need to think about the content you should add inside. See if the template has all the sections you need, and is the space big enough to fit your content. Usually all the sections inside the templates are easy to edit, you can move them up, down, right or left, so it should be no issue for anyone who have ever used Microsoft Word few times. All of this can easily be solved if you contact the seller, so as always, communication is the cure for lots of things.

About the Resume Content

If we leave the design aside, you will also need to be careful with the content of your CV. There are some things that you MUST include in your resume:

  • Your Name
  • Contact Details – Full Address, Phone Number, Email Address
  • Short description
  • Educational
  • Work Experience
  • Professional Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Cover Letter
  • References


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