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The Business Benefits Of A Professional Transcription Service

Updated on January 22, 2012

Transcription At Your Service

Transcription (Latin trans-scribere) is the transfer of an audio or video recording to written form. These audio recordings could be discussions, interviews or dictations. Transcription service providers can help you with the transcription of interviews, coaching sessions, client meetings, dictation on the tape, transcript of handwritten texts, transcription of manuscripts, and video and voice files of all types.

Olympus DS5000 Digital Voice Recorder
Olympus DS5000 Digital Voice Recorder

Dictate your Thoughts, Ideas, and Notes Quickly and Easily

Discussion topics, notes on conversation content, relevant content from telephone conversations, meetings etc. on tape and a transcriptionist can quickly transcribe these to word documents.

Dictation Equipment

A professional digital dictation system saves time and is easy to use, no matter whether on PC or Mac. It is ideal for use in doctors' offices, law offices, laboratories or similar fields. In any case, voice recorders are always more expensive than regular digital recording devices because they offer additional features.

Mobile Dictation: a small handheld voice recorder - always there, whether in the car, at the hearing or on the road - and always ready to shoot by using sliders. Back to work, you simply plug the dictation device into the docking station and the dictations are automatically sent to one or more secretaries. You need to worry about anything. Even while traveling, the dictations can be easily encrypted and transmitted via the Internet.

Types Of Transcriptions

For the transcription of interviews, lectures, conferences, telephone conferences, discussions and other recordings transcriptionists can offer you the following types of transcription:

Literal transcription: the text collection of your recordings is literally, in this case be spoken utterances (uh, uh, and similar) are omitted and the text is translated to normal English.

Annotated transcription: through the acquisition of additional non-verbal events, voice characteristics, accents, pauses, loud utterances according to your requirements, the full atmosphere is translated.

Professional Transcription Ofyour interviews, Reports And More

The transcription of your interviews, reports, etc. is generally a time consuming and sometimes tedious work that can be happy to removed. Transcription services provide a solution that is reliable and professional.

Emotional elements of the discussion are given, breaks noted, word accents highlighted. Your questions will be clearly separated from the answers of your party; special requests can be catered to the minutes.

You dictate, Transcriptionists Write: You want to increase the productivity of your specialist practice? Then you need expert transcription service. Transcriptionists can transcribe medical records, reports, interviews, minutes, conference’s quickly and cost effectively.

It’s About Speed and Productivity: Speed is now a key success factor in courts and in law practice, doctor surgeries and within corporate businesses. Speed allows companies to operate much more efficiently.

Top Reasons for Outsourcing Dictations to a Transcription Service

  • You have to dictate professionally and regularly as a reviewer / consultant or journalist?
  • You require transcriptions of speeches or lectures, and have neither the time nor the inclination to type this into the computer?

Record the data easily with a digital voice recorder and leave us the rest of a transcriptionist. The texts will be available after completion as a Word file.
You will see that with this approach you are very relieved and will allow you a time-saving, cost-efficient and effective workflow!

Quality Transcription Services

Customer satisfaction is the focus all transcription service businesses. Therefore, work with a transcriptionist that not only promise quality, but guarantees it!


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    • btstranscripts profile image

      Bridie Jenner 

      6 years ago from Leschenault, Western Australia

      Dictation is even easier these days with the advent of smartphones. I highly recommend checking out the Pocket Dictate iPhone app which allows you to use your iPhone as a dictaphone and easily email your audio files to your chosen transcriptionist.


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