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I Suggest Professional-Sounding Usernames as Well as Professional-Sounding Email Addresses in Online Writing

Updated on October 7, 2012

There are reasons why professional sounding email addresses can make you successful at landing a career, or if laid off or rejected, at least a decent-paying job. Using initials or whole parts of your real name, like, makes the employer (or if applying for secondary education, dean) know who you really are. Secondly, it leaves a good impression and makes you more reputable.

Well, it's a benefit to those partaking in online writing gigs, either just for pocket money, extra income, or for a living. Once you’ve registered to join a program, such as HubPages or other site, your email address that consists of initials or full names has more potential to earn more from your content (as long as you make it unique and informative) than a cheesy one.

Well, the same thing can be said by registering and logging in with professional-sounding usernames. Getting yourself known to the readers, even if your nickname incorporates parts of your full name (and numbers or words that are very meaningful and professional) gives them an impression that you are a worthy writer.

A good username that has initials of your own name or, if you are rave enough, your full name, brands you as a writer more likely to succeed!
A good username that has initials of your own name or, if you are rave enough, your full name, brands you as a writer more likely to succeed! | Source

The Fear of Using "Professional" Screen Names and Why it Actually Benefits

People are really skeptical of changing their usernames (if the site allows them to) because they fear that doing so violates their internet privacy rights. They have that fear of identity theft because they are using their full names.

Well, there's no need to use that as a username, especially if sites only want one-word logins like JohnBrown or RheaAmes. It actually gives readers an effective first impression and it makes you sound like a worthy writer. Even if you submit content that fits standards of SEO, writing mechanics, originality, and so on, a "fun" name such as "moneydreamer" or "futuremillionaire" would be less likely to earn revenue than "FayeS."

Replace "anything" with a phrase consisting of parts of your name to be more profitable.
Replace "anything" with a phrase consisting of parts of your name to be more profitable. | Source

Don't Forget that Professional Email Is A Benefit

As I said before, email addresses are part of the first impression.

I know, they will not be visible to the public. But to the website administrator (or administrators) they prove to them that you are hungry for revenue and worthy of producing informative, unique content. You want them to know you and value you as a good writer. They want that address to reflect how well-written and optimized your articles are.

It's just like showing the email address to the employer or university dean. Besides effective interviews and passed drug tests, addresses that combine initials and parts of names make them believe that you sound good for employment or for enrollment.

Admins of freelance writing sites too, often feel that email addresses that consist of full names or parts or initials of them are likely to be more profitable than silly sounding ones such as or

Helpful Tips on Creating Professional Email Addresses and Screennames

  • Use a domain host website that you can comfortably afford to use as an email address. As opposed to addresses from AOL, Hotlink, Yahoo! Y!Mail, and the like, site admins would more likely to register in addresses from your own domains. (Ditto for human resource management because having an email address hosted by your own domain is more likely to sound polished.)
  • Again, don't think that you have to use your full name each time as screename and/or email address. They can be parts or initials of it. Screenames like DFoley or xeniab can get you know on the web without worrying about identity theft as does email addresses like
  • If the username is already taken, you can add words, letters, or numbers that sound professional. For instance, if BerthaB is used by someone else, you can change it to BerthaBRN (the RN meaning that she is working as registered nurse).

I suggest saving the "cute," "fun," or "catchy" screenames for "just for fun" sites like forums that suit your hobbies or fun Web videos. Why? Those in the lines of GGarcia or PhilF are more likely to earn considerably more. (It's really OK if you are using those names now, but keep in mind those things.)

This also works in blogging for profit or business.


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    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 

      6 years ago from Canada

      well put, I think I have most of my professional based emails with professional sounding names, but there is one email which I still use for personal emails which wouldn't be as professional in terms of how people might look at it. (it's a highschool nickname)

    • talfonso profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Thanks for reading! It's OK to not agree with me on the usernames. I have been earning $20-25 dollars each month recently due to not only SEO-sound content, commenting, posting in forums, and such. My username says it all as well.

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 

      6 years ago from Manila

      Great read, although I do not completely agree with the possible curtailment of revenue potential due to usernames. I see very successful hubbers who have fun usernames here in Hubpages, so I guess the impact will be just minimal.

      But certainly, I agree with having professional looking email addresses. It certainly helps in giving great impression on the person.

      Anyway, I enjoyed reading this hub. :)


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