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ProjectLibre Documentation

Updated on July 15, 2014

ProjectLibre Documentation Books (Electronic)

ProjectLibre is the free open source project management application. View the ProjectLibre documentation titles shown here. Available for Windows, MacOS and Linux, ProjectLibre provides project managers with an effective task tracking and work assignment tool. Several ebook ProjectLibre documentation titles are now available from Amazon. Each offers a different approach to the tool.

Many people find that after installing the free tool, they don't know what to do next. Quite a lot of time can be spent attempting to learn the basics on your own. Getting even one ProjectLibre documentation resource can greatly speed the learning process. Instead of staring at essentially blank screens, you can start building project plans with the tool.

Those using ProjectLibre can track tasks that might be needed to complete a project. Resources can be entered, such as team workers. Work assignments can be made which links tasks to individual staff members, or to teams. With tasks, resources and assignments entered, the tool can track budget costs and report active project status.

ProjectLibre documentation is now readily available through the Amazon Kindle platform. Titles can be downloaded to actual Kindle readers or moved to alternate platforms. A free application is supplied by Amazon which allows ebooks to be moved to non-Kindle devices. Amazon supplies an application which allows readers to display titles on PC or MacOS hardware. An Amazon application also supplies a free method that allows readers to use a cloud server. ProjectLibre documentation supplied by Amazon has several display options that will be useful for purchasers.

The Kindle publications may be viewed on a Kindle device as well on the custom application designed for various devices. Apps are available for PC, Android, iPhone and Mac. A free online Kindle reader is available from as well. Each of these alternate reader avenues is free. Full flexibility for the reader is the goal for Amazon when delivering ebooks.

Occasionally, Amazon Kindle titles for ProjectLibre are offered for free. When such events happen, this lens will be updated with details. Please comment below if you find similar offers and these will be shared here as well.

There is a community controlled document available at This gives an overview of available features. Use requires that you first register for a free account and that you are logged in before viewing. Check it out. The project is always in need of volunteers who will add material and revise existing content.

A Step by Step Guide

The documentation guide "How to Build a Project Plan with ProjectLibre" is available for Kindle from Amazon. Download a free reader for Android, iOS or Windows. You can also read titles you purchase in your browser by accessing and logging into your Amazon Kindle account which is free.

How to Build a Project Plan With ProjectLibre (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 4)
How to Build a Project Plan With ProjectLibre (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 4)

This is a quick guide that shows how to actually use the application. Follow along with the illustrated steps to build your own project plan. This publication is one in a series that shows how to use the tool in realistic circumstances. Other documentation is available which expands on this guide.

This is a ProjectLibre documentation title that gives students a fast introduction to the application. Readers can see exactly how to use the project management tool. A simple series of instructions leads the reader through the various features that are needed to get started. Adding tasks, team members and work assignments are covered in this book. The publication is a simple resource, designed to give readers everything they need to quickly start using ProjectLibre for their own purposes. More advanced books can be used after a basic foundation of knowledge is gained.


ProjectLibre Documentation On Amazon

This ProjectLibre documentation title is an ebook that is available from Amazon. It provides comprehensive explanations for all available functions supported by ProjectLibre. The publication is comprised of descriptions of application features. Real screen images, taken from actual working ProjectLibre session, are used to show concepts. The images have been annotated with graphics that emphasize topics that are being described. This ProjectLibre documentation title is the most advanced publication available for those who have a keen interest in managing projects.

ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual
ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual

This publication is for those who wish to gain a much more thorough knowledge of ProjectLibre via advanced documentation.


ProjectLibre Tutorial

This publication is perfect for anyone who wants to quickly learn how to use ProjectLibre. It presents a solid background, then goes into some detail about the application. A number of exercises are given, with answers. Using this documentation, readers can download their own free copy of ProjectLibre and explore its use as they read the tutorial. Real hands-on experience with the application will speed the learning process for most anyone.

ProjectLibre Tutorial
ProjectLibre Tutorial

This publication is helpful for those who want a more thorough introduction to the project tracking application. Suitable for beginning and experienced project managers alike, this ebook contains many illustrated steps where the actual use of the tool is highlighted.


A New ProjectLibre Documentation Title

Another ProjectLibre documentation item is now being written for the consideration of the application user community. This new title will be packed with helpful tips, examples and other aids. Before it is completed, all potential readers can have their input reviewed by the author. What would you like to see in a general ProjectLibre documentation handbook?

Do you want to see examples of project plans built in the tool?

Do you want to see reports?

Are you having trouble with any areas of the application?

Do you prefer to see actual screen images or would general graphics suffice?

These questions can be answered within the pages of the new book. If there are other points of discussion that you would like to see raised, feel free to add them in the comment section here.

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